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    Female with Fairy Bell

    Female with Fairy Bell (Web Novel)

    Author: 慕流苏
    Rank 105
    10 Releases 1.6K Views 0 Bookmarked Ongoing Status
    Last Update 7 hours ago


    The moon is hazy, as if to attract immortal Qi. When Su ZiShuang opened her eyes, she turned out to be an eleven-year-old peasant girl, and was facing the crisis of being forced to be a child bride. What’s more, this is a world in the fairy cultivating books, and the peasant girl she possessed will be a cannon fodder of the HuanXi Sect in the future.

    This female cannon fodder endured hardships at a young age. Despite the possibility of future chances, she became the stereotypical giver of money and magical treasures after meeting the actual heroine.

    She was ruthlessly killed after being squeezed out by the actual heroine. Su ZiShuang had a difficult time avoiding the oppression of Heaven’s unseen hand. She struggled down the road, step by step, with a magical immortal bell, to alter the tragic fate…


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