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    Unworthy Rich Girl

    Chapter 51

    Translated by RHope
    Edited by RHope


    Du YouWei has been with Zhang ShaoYan for so long, and she has slept with him several times. But each time is covered with quilt sleep, so Du YouWei gradually have nothing to guard against.


    Wei Rui once asked her where she and Zhang ShaoYan relationship had developed. After listening to Du YouWei’s description, Wei Rui firmly believed that QiYe was .


    “Wait until you are completely defenseless against him, he will eat you up in one bite!”


    Du YouWei didn’t agree very much after hearing this: “Even if he wants to eat me in one bite now, I won’t resist that much.”


    Wei Rui: “…” Okay. 🙂


    Thinking of Wei Rui, Du YouWei sent her a message: “Rui, have you prepared a Christmas gift for Gao Ye?”


    Wei Rui: Why should I prepare a Christmas gift for an online friend?


    You Weiwei: Hahahahahahahahaha


    A while ago, Wei Rui just complained to her that she and Gao Ye had been flirting online, but they didn’t have the chance to meet at all – because Gao Ye was busy. So, Wei Rui categorized him as an online friend.


    You Weiwei: So, you’re in an online relationship now?


    Wei Rui: Why do I need to find him for online dating? I’m already awake.


    Wei Rui admits that she had thought about developing a relationship with Gao Ye before, after all, they chatted quite well online, but the fact that Gao Ye kept living in her phone made her come to her senses.


    Wei Rui: Special Assistant has no right to fall in love.


    Yu Weiwei: How about I give Zhang ShaoYan a word, let him give Gao Ye a day off, so that you two online friends could meet?


    Gao Ye is not completely without leaves, except that the phone has to available 24 hours a day. Zhang ShaoYan needs to find him if he has something to do, and he has to be at his beck and call.


    It’s really miserable to think about it.


    Wei Rui: No need.


    Weiwei: Oh, it’s so cold today. Today’s is Christmas, right?


    Wei Rui: Let’s have dinner at Yu’s Western restaurant tonight.


    You Weiwei: But I’ve already had a date with Zhang ShaoYan.


    Wei Rui: …Bye bye, I don’t have you as a friend.


    Yu Weiwei: You should have a date with Gao Ye! I’ll go tell Zhang ShaoYan!


    Du YouWei really went to tell Zhang ShaoYan and asked him to take care of the love life of his subordinates.


    Zhang ShaoYan’s comprehension is very high: “Gao Ye and Wei Rui?”


    Du YouWei: Yes, Wei Rui has taken him as an online friend. Hahahaha.


    Du YouWei: I think the two of them seem to have some interest with each other, but there is no opportunity to develop, you should give Gao Ye a day off!


    Zhang ShaoYan: Okay.


    Du YouWei told Wei Rui the news and asked Wei Rui to ask someone out. Wei Rui pretended not to care, but her hand was still honest enough to click on Gao Ye’s number. Just as she was about to dial out, Gao Ye’s call came in one step ahead of her.


    Wei Rui froze for a moment, then picked up the phone with a normal expression: “What is it?”


    Gao Ye coughed on the other side of the phone and said to her: “Today, the boss is going out with Miss Du for Christmas and gave me a day off. Do you …… have an appointment?”


    Wei Rui said, “You want to ask me out?”


    Gao Ye gave a laugh and didn’t deny it: “Last time I said I’d invite you to dinner, but I never found the opportunity, so I’ll make up for it today.”


    Wei Rui thought for a moment and said, “Okay then, let’s meet at Yu’s western restaurant. I’m wearing a camel-colored coat today, knee-high black leather boots, and a dark blue bag in my hand. How about you? How about you bring a rose, so I can recognize you at a glance.”


    Gao Ye: “…” Du YouWei was right, he really should go and meet with this online friend.


    Gao Ye explained the company’s business to Secretary Hu and left first. Secretary Hu heard that because Special Assistant Gao was going to fall in love, the boss specially gave him a day off today.


    Secretary Hu is upset. Why, in the eyes of the boss, she doesn’t need to fall in love anymore or what?


    After Gao Ye left, Du YouWei sent a follow-up message to Zhang ShaoYan, saying that Wei Rui and Gao Ye had made an appointment and were going to have western food in the evening.


    “I want to bake my own cake tonight, something I recently learned from the housekeeper. Do you have the ingredients at home?”


    Zhang ShaoYan thought about it, he typically doesn’t enjoy sweets, and the housekeeper basically doesn’t know how to make them, so he probably doesn’t have any at home: “Probably not, I’ll call over later and ask the housekeeper to prepare some.”


    Du YouWei originally wanted to say that there is no need to bother, and later the two of them could buy some in the supermarket on the way back. But thinking of Zhang ShaoYan’s debut today, he might not be able to get out when he walks to the supermarket.


    “Okay then, I’ll send you all the things I need later.”




    After talking to Zhang ShaoYan on the phone, Du YouWei went to review her homework. It’s really not easy for her to be on the hot search while still not forgetting to study. Please make sure not to let her fail her classes again.


    Thinking about this, Du YouWei went to post a koi on her Moments again. After a while, she saw her mother post in her Moments with the title “The main way for contemporary young people to work hard is to forward koi.”


    … Du YouWei silently set the Koi to be visible only to herself.


    When she read the book and her head was about to be bald, Zhang ShaoYan finally came to pick her up. Du YouWei now has bodyguards and is no longer afraid of reporters blocking the company’s door. Zhang Shaoyan’s car was very eye-catching, and the reporters immediately recognized it, but no one dared to surround him like a star.


    If you offend the person in the car, maybe the magazine will be gone tomorrow. 🙂


    When Du YouWei came down, everyone was particularly orderly, even when asking questions, they politely asked Du YouWei first: “Boss Du, can you give us an interview?”


    So, Du YouWei also answered him especially politely, “No. ”


    Reporter: ” …… ”


    Sitting in Zhang Shaoyan’s car, the reporters were completely isolated. No one dared to follow Zhang Shaoyan’s car, except for a small traffic jam on the road for a while, the driver drove the car smoothly all the way back to Zhang Shaoyan’s villa.


    The raw materials Du YouWei listed for Zhang ShaoYan were all sent to the housekeeper. The prepared materials were neatly placed in the kitchen. After Du YouWei arrived, she ran over to check the materials.


    Zhang ShaoYan took off his coat and bent down to give her a kiss on the lips: “Take your time, I’ll go up and take a shower first.”


    “…Ok.” Du YouWei’s neck is red, Zhang ShaoYan is doing these intimate actions more and more shamelessly.


    Du YouWei silently glanced at the housekeeper standing at the door. The housekeeper , as if he didn’t even know there were people there.


    The housekeeper has already prepared dinner and it will be ready to eat when Zhang ShaoYan comes down. Du YouWei took advantage of this time to bake the cake in the kitchen. After putting the cakes in the oven, she finally sat down to rest for a while. She felt that she was too virtuous.


    Today is Christmas, and there are all kinds of gifts and dinners in her Moments. Du YouWei scrolled for a while but did not see Wei Rui’s Moment so she wants to ask her, how her dinner with Gao Ye.


    But Tian SiTong suddenly sent her a message.


    The two of them have been friends for a long time, but they have not been in contact with each other. After the last Weibo incident, the two did not delete each other, which is to maintain the superficial harmony to the maximum.


    Tian SiTong was slapped in the face like that. Although she didn’t say a word, Du YouWei knew that she must be very angry. So now she sent a message to her, she must not have good intentions.


    Du YouWei took a look at what she sent over, an interview with Zhang ShaoYan from several years ago.

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