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    Unworthy Rich Girl

    Unworthy Rich Girl (Web Novel)

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    Before she died, Du YouWei, the daughter of the Du Family and a little spoiled rich girl, experienced what it was like to be poor. She will no longer play the part of a cruel female supporting character in Pan Jing and Zhang ShengZe’s love story when she is reincarnated. She only wants to protect her family and their wealth and live a normal life.

    When the evil friend discovered that she couldn’t get into Du YouWei’s ear no matter how hard she tried, she said angrily, “Du YouWei, why are you so worthless!”

    During the numerous nights of suffering from severe headaches, Zhang ShaoYan relied on listening to the same music to soothe his discomfort. Later, he tracked down the singer of the song, the infamous Du YouWei, the Du family’s least promising daughter.

    When he became ill again, he encircled Du YouWei in his arms and pressed his ear to her, saying, “Sing a song.” Zhang ShaoYan is sick, and Du YouWei is the only person who can help him.


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