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    A White Lotus Host Who Does Not Want To Be a White Moonlight is Not a Good Host

    A White Lotus Host Who Does Not Want To Be a White Moonlight is Not a Good Host (Web Novel)


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    I think it's fine to treat our protagonist as a bottom in this one. At least I completely forgot he was a top before looking at this summary again to translate it.


    Author: 慕韶七 (Chinese)

    Bai Lianhua looks just like his namesake, a white lotus. (TL: The Chinese pinyin for white lotus is exactly the same as his name)
    So it’s probably inevitable that a system came for him.
    System: come, my dear host Bai Lianhua, please live up to your name, and with your white lotus aura that is dazzlingly divine, save those antagonists who have led tragic lives and who are to stand against the world in the future.
    Bai Lianhua: …Wait, it isn’t my fault my name is like that.

    Before, Bai Lianhua thought this would have been the most excruciating thing to happen to his life, until all his missions were completed, and he’s happy and excited to go home. His system which had always been acting cute wipes his face handsomely, and then gives him a mystifying smile, “in fact, my real name is Return System of White Moonlight.”
    #Apparently, white lotus and white moonlight are great as a combo#
    So, this was actually an all-in-one service featuring white lotus + white moonlight? The missions he thought he had completed were just the preludes to his missions to follow?

    And so, after having acted as a white lotus waving brilliantly in the wind, Bai Lianhua will have to return to his previous worlds, as that white moonlight that never went away in each of the antagonists’ minds, and resave the world from their clutches.
    Bai Lianhua: Wait! System, come back! Explain to me why all my missions failed after I left, and why all those guys who I had painstakingly dragged back into the righteous path still went awry!
    Mr. Antagonist: Hm? What’s the problem? I’m really happy with this——Now I finally have the power to take this white lotus from the pond, and nurture it well within a vase [takes a fresh white●lotus in his hand, playing with it gently]
    Bai Lianhua: …! [Like the small white lotus, shaking pitifully in the wind]_(:з」∠)_If the system lied to you, don’t despair, don’t cry, please stay as quiet as a flower, and be a stretch of pure white moonlight 🙂

    1. 1v1, HE, all the antagonists in the worlds are one person.
    2. Protagonist is top. The little white lotus is top. The setting is, in a sense, weak top/strong bottom + beautiful top/strong bottom.
    3. Our top is naturally scummy; is Gary Stu throughout.
    4. Our bottom is extremely dedicated romantically, always the one more fallen in love than our top. Please don’t dislike this for that, thanks_(:з」∠)_


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