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    Side Character Survival Guidelines

    Side Character Survival Guidelines (Web Novel)


    Author: 神田洛
    Rank 99
    12 Releases 2.4K Views 3 Bookmarked Completed Status
    Last Update 1 month ago

    Short little interesting story. It's a fun read when you've got nothing to do but want to consume something light.


    Author: 神田洛 (Chinese)

    In the world of a novel, each character has laws guiding how each character lives. They know that they’re characters in a novel, and their personalities are not always in line with their character setting.

    This is a story of the male deuteragonist in such a world.

    Point of note: It is not a transmigration story. The second male lead is born the second male lead [serious face]
    Though this description is messy this is a novel written for dissing itself.
    The story is full of bugs so don’t mind. The author also does not have sufficient brain capacity to remember the initial setting at over 10 chapters. There might be many inconsistencies during which feel free to diss the author. Let the characters be, they have a tough life just living as well. _(:з」∠)_


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