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    “Hey, are you all right?” Redan asked her as soon as she walked into the dining room. “How does your body feel?”


    “It’s all right.”


    “Oh, I enjoyed the cake and tea. You said you bought it at Monranche? There should be almost nothing left in the afternoon, did you buy it well?”


    “Do you like cakes there? You know it well?”


    “The Young Lady often gives them as gifts.”


    ‘Oh, yeah. I see.’


    Well, it’s because of the spotlight on the male characters, but Redan was just as good as them.


    “But it’s my first time eating orange toppings. It was very delicious.”


    “That’s a relief.”


    Just as she was standing in her seat, Cartal and Addis came in.


    “…Thank you for the cake you sent me. It was delicious.”


    Startled. Addis, who was following Cartal, flinched when he said it was delicious with an indifferent face and tone. She had no idea such words would come from Cartal’s mouth. She swallowed nothing but saliva, surprised.


    She seemed to be in a strange state of shock after losing an initiative.


    “Sister, did you get the cake as well? But you probably wouldn’t eat it because you don’t like sweets. Hey, is Sister also getting orange topping?”


    “Blueberry. It’s the least sweet in Monranche. She bought it because she thought it was the least sweet of the desserts available at a nearby dessert shop—”


    “Sister would not have been able to eat it. I haven’t even tried blueberries yet—why didn’t you just give them to me all at once?”


    Addis glared at Redan again as if she was about to kill him when he said it was a pity. Then, when Serdel’s gaze met hers, she stiffened.




    “She really enjoyed the cake!”


    It was then. Siri, who was standing in the back, yelled. The butler and maid’s eyes grew fierce. Despite the harsh look on their face, Siri did not give in and spoke for Addis.


    “I saw her eat. She said it was really good!”


    “That’s a big deal. My sister ate all the cake.”


    “No matter how delicious it was, she even licked the fork—”




    Siri’s mouth closed in the middle, perhaps because she thought she went out too much. After a short silence. The butler and maid were busy preparing the food.


    And so the silent dinner began.


    The maids became increasingly rigid in this terrible silence, the butler began to sweat profusely to see if the food didn’t fit in their mouths, and the chef, who came out late to check the reaction, was afraid to make eye contact. He quickly went back to the kitchen.


    “Delicious. “


    “It’s delicious.”


    “Ah, it was delicious.”


    “Thank you for the meal.”


    Each of them spit out a word after a well-prepared meal. This was the overall review of the meal. The butler took out a handkerchief and wiped his tears away. The maid wipes her eyes with her sleeve as well.


    It didn’t take long for the tableware to be removed and tea to be served.


    By the time the tea has moderately cooled. “Today, I met Sir Damon Spendar.” She began to speak. The three of them focused their attention on Serdel. “I told you before. I’ll introduce you to the right person for Elbash forest development.”




    “Father, you’re not going to tell me not to do this right now, are you? As I mentioned earlier, I am also a member of the Count. I believe I have every right to enter the family business.”


    She must first strike him.




    Siri, responding to her call, held out a paper envelope in front of Cartal, which she had been hiding with her hands behind her back. “It’s a document that we obtained from Count Maient. We’ve exchanged a lot of information in the past, so even if you don’t look at it, you’ll be aware of all the details.”




    “Most of the documents I saw were messed up. Father, what did you think?”


    Cartal remained silent. The furrowing of his brows also indicated that he was dissatisfied with something.


    “The nature of Elbash’s forest, the anticipation of possible damage to nearby villages, the Count’s current situation, and the development of the town were not even remotely considerate of the father’s position to accept responsibility for all of this.”


    “Think about it for business— it’s emotional.”


    “It’s not emotional; it’s realistic. Do you think the construction will be completed soon, Father? It’s not over just because you brought in the Imperial family’s power. The Imperial family’s patience will most likely be tested before we have a firm grasp on the forest.”


    Other mines can be developed as soon as they are discovered, but they are not Elbash forests. There were so many moving parts to take care of. Knights belonging to the lands were also treasured, much less Imperial knights, who were the Emperor’s property.


    How long will the Emperor allow the property to die in front of the monster?


    It is not a matter of national significance. According to the Emperor’s standards, it’s only a matter of one Lord’s land. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t do it, and how serious can the fact that if he does, the knights might be hurt be?


    ‘Perhaps the Imperial family’s withdrawal from the past is due to the planned work from the start, rather than a lack of patience.’


    Count Robbesta is a member of the Imperialists. It would have been difficult to reject the issues of a Count who followed the Imperial family from the start. The Emperor didn’t even think about the eyes of the aristocracy. 


    ‘Did you carefully play out all the situations in the end?


    Ha—! She almost burst out laughing in vain. This is how politics works. Conspiracies arose when mutual interests were at stake, even when they were on the same side. She clicked her tongue and turned to look at Cartal and Addis.


    The faces of the two lost in thought were also dark. She did not believe in the Imperial promise from the start, despite the fact that she did not think as deeply as she knew the past.


    ‘I’m glad I did.’


    Cartal returned his gaze to the papers. His gaze moved over the parts that had been added with a fountain pen.


    “When I showed it to Sir Damon without saying anything, he wrote in detail that there was something that needed to be fixed immediately.”


    “…Butler, bring my things from the office.”


    The butler, who was ordered, handed out the documents that came in a while later.


    “It was supposed to be a document for Count Maient— read it.


    She went through it quickly. It was almost like the parts Damon arranged.


    “Among other things, Count Maient was so eager to see immediate results that he ignored the Elbash Forest’s characteristics entirely. As a result, I struggled a lot with this section. This isn’t too bad. No, it’s better. Did you know the Marquis once owned a mine?”


    It’s the first time she’s heard it. It was a story she had never heard before in the game or in her life.


    “Although it was closed decades ago due to mining volume limitations. That would be useful in any case because it would be an experience.”


    Cerdel nodded her head.


    “You can tie this up with marriage if you want.”




    Addis, who had been quietly listening up until this point, slammed into the table. The butler’s and maid’s shoulders shook in surprise.


    “No! She hasn’t even fully recovered from the trauma of the failed engagement. And it’s Sir Damon of all people! There’s nothing wrong with him, but she’s the one who gets twisted even if she stays still due to his stunning appearance.”


    “Did I ask you? Serdel has the right to respond.”


    “Father, I am the heir to the family. I have the authority to speak about Serdel’s marriage. But not Sir Damon! A man with a good character is worth his salt. I’ll never give him my sister!”


    Addis’ eyes were completely on fire. On the neck, there were also blood vessels.


    “Didn’t Hershe end up living up to his character? I was able to resist my desire to bury him in the ground. If you marry Sir Damon and the same thing happens again—I’m not sure what will happen!”


    “Why don’t you calm down?”


    Redan gritted his teeth and clicked his tongue when she grinded this far.


    “But I don’t like Sir Damon either. I’m not sure what he’s thinking with a smile on his face, but he’s always nice to the girls. I don’t think he has a specific woman in mind, but it makes me even angrier.”


    As if the conversation had become unpleasant, Redan’s expression grew colder. “Hey, just in case, you don’t like him right?”


    Serdel was the target of the arrow now. 


    Everyone’s attention was drawn to the dining room, including the butler and maid. Siri, in particular, had a fork in her hand.


    She was about to stab Damon in the neck.


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