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    Was it because of that relief that Count Maient’s work had gone after she had been pulled back and forth in the past? The tension was released as soon as she entered the bedroom, and when she opened her eyes again…


    “Lady…” Siri was crying.


    She’s not sure if she’s really awake, but her vision is blurry. And, judging by her voice, it had to have been because her face was covered with tears and a runny nose.




    Her mind was blank. There seemed to be something flashed in the space between.


    What is it? 


    The text in the square window… It couldn’t be the status window, can it? It has never appeared before, except when she first possessed it and when it announced the failure of the ending.


    Ugh. What it says there.


    ‘I can’t really see the letters.’


    It was then that she became aware of the strangeness and struggled to come to her senses. It’s hazy now, but it’s gone. The status window was also moved away at the same time.


    Just for a little while. Her vision became clear as light began to shine in her eyes.




    Serdel only blinked blankly while breathing heavily. When she turned her head, she saw Siri standing nearby, followed by Cartal, Addis, and Redan.


    Even so, Siri, why are those three people here—?




    “What, are you awake?” Redan pushed Siri aside and pushed his face toward her. “Huh? Are you awake?” His eyes were bright red. His skin was swollen, and his beard had grown slightly.


    What exactly is going on?


    She had never seen him so disorganized before, so she stared at him for a long time without realizing it.


    “Hey! Are you awake!”


    She awoke and blinked her eyes open. She’s not sure why he keeps asking the same question, but she’s getting annoyed.


    “L-lady! Ugh, for a week—! You haven’t been up in a week!”


    Siri quickly explained the situation after noticing the change in her expression. The brow was tensely contorted.


    “Lady… couldn’t wake up, so I assumed something big was about to happen, ugh—”




    There’s no way. 


    ‘In the past, I was definitely sick for a day or two, but not a week.’


    Furthermore, there was no such thing as the status window flashing or disappearing in front of her eyes at the time, as there is now.


    ‘Is it a result of resetting?’


    Indeed. In her possessed state, she even went back to the past of the same person—. There is no way there will be no issue. She stood up after biting her lower lip.


    It’s a shame she didn’t see the status window because she thought it was a penalty.


    She can’t do anything about it.


    Let’s take what she has already missed seriously. She realized from previous experience that worrying will not solve anything.


    The reality in front of her comes first. She had to hurry because she had already wasted a week because she had to move so quickly.


    ‘I need to get in touch with Damon first.’


    She’s certain he’s looking for her. Redan suddenly grabbed her shoulder as she was about to get out of bed.


    “What are you doing?”




    “You just woke up!”






    “I just woke up, so what do you want me to do?”


    He seemed to be at a loss for words in the face of that stare. Redan clenched his teeth.


    Was this Serdel’s personality?


    What exactly is this sense of distance and wall that he has been experiencing for some time?


    They had never been friendly, but he didn’t expect to hear such a thing even in this situation, so the back of his head tingled.


    He felt like he’d been punched.


    “The doctor was here. The doctor said that you are unstable as a result of the shock.” Addis stepped forward as Redan was choosing his words. “You should get some rest.”


    “I’d say I’d gotten enough rest if I slept well for a week.”




    “Will you all leave now if you don’t have anything to say?”


    Addis, who was speechless, also shut her mouth. She pondered whether she should tell her younger sister. She, like Redan, was looking for something to say.


    “….Please take a break.”


    Cartal was the first to leave, as if it didn’t matter as long as she was awake. Serdel called out to the remaining Redan and Addis.


    What? Are you not going?




    Siri was the only one left after two people left without saying anything else. “Uh-huh! Lady! Are you alright? I had a feeling something was wrong with Lady, and—”


    Serdel patted Siri’s back, who was sobbing like a child.


    “Are you all okay now? Huhu—”


    “It’s okay. I’m fine. Can you calm down and call the butler?”


    “Huhu— Butler? Yes, I understand..”


    Whoa. Serdel, who was finally alone, stretched out. It felt strangely revived despite the fact that she had been lying in bed for a long time. She sat at her desk and pulled out a piece of paper and a fountain pen.


    ‘First, write down your apology.’


    Brush brush. 


    The butler had arrived by the time she had finished writing the letter. “Deliver this letter to Sir Damon, Marquis of Spendar, and wait for a response.”


    “All right, Lady.”


    She buried herself in her back when she was alone once more. Then, all of a sudden, she turned her head and noticed the scenery outside the terrace.


    The weather was very nice.


    “Side effects—”






    “If you’re a family member, shouldn’t you ask if you’re okay with it rather than being reprimanded?”


    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! 


    “I’m not okay!”


    “I said I’m not okay!”






    It’s a sword used to calm a troubled mind, and the attitude was thrown off by the constant thought. Addis, who had come to a halt, cast a quick glance at the edge of the sword.


    “Will you all leave now if you don’t have anything to say?”


    Her younger sister’s uninterested gaze continued to confuse her. Her tone was icy, and she had never witnessed anything like it before.


    ‘You didn’t even look at me back then.’


    Of course, she rarely looked Serdel in the eyes. Her lips are tense.


    The age difference is also the reason, but it has been difficult for Serdel to approach her. She had no time to look into the situation as she was appointed as the successor when she had just lost her mother. 


    As a result, she was always pushing her.


    She was especially irritated when she showed signs of lack of confidence or gave up easily. If she lacks talent, she must make an effort, but Serdel continues to turn around.


    It irritated her. She must protect her own rights because she was born as a noble. It was pitiful that she couldn’t do it.


    However, Serdel has changed.


    Whatever had happened in the meantime, she didn’t avoid her eyes, which she hadn’t seen in a long time, and proudly said what she needed to say.


    ‘And she’s been completely out of her mind for a week.’


    It’s not something that has changed.


    She simply pretended to be aware of her surroundings.


    ‘When are you going to be able to spit it out so calmly?’


    When she saw her sleeping like a dead person, she thought her heart was pounding inside. Even the sound of her breathing was deafeningly quiet. Without realizing it, she checked to see if she was breathing.


    After a long time, she was finally able to look closely at her younger sister’s face. She was still as lovely as a doll when she was younger. When she looked at it, she began to notice what she didn’t know one by one.


    It was embarrassing.


    Why isn’t there a growing up process going on in her head?


    She had a lot of memories with Redan, whom she saw a lot, but all she did was scold her about Serdel.


    It was only then that she realized how apathetic she was.


    ‘It’s my fault; I drove her to the cliff’s edge.’


    So she must have pretended to be strong in order to avoid sounding like a weak child. Even she was aware of who her fiancé had in mind. The inside of her heart had to be rotting before the engagement ended.


    Instead, she said to her, “Why didn’t you tell me?” and “If you were thinking about the family, you should have told me sooner.”


    ‘It’s not that she didn’t say anything, but that she couldn’t say anything!’


    Because it’s difficult for her.


    Because she isn’t at ease.


    It couldn’t have been said easily. 


    She didn’t even come into the house properly because she was so busy. How could she say that when they’ve never even met? Her nails dug into her flesh as she clenched her fist.


    ‘Hershe Maient!’ 


    Her eyes sank before she knew it.


    She put the sword back into its sheath, left the family alone, and ran to Count Maient. Even though it wasn’t close, her movement was as fast as the wild wind.


    The gate swung open just in time, and a carriage appeared.


    Addis stood in his way.

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