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    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Genie


    Tears flowed down from Laura’s eyes. 


    “—Hik, hiik.”


    Numerous emotional sobs leaked from between the distorted lips. She couldn’t say anything and just cried. 


    “—Uh, hiik.”


    Knock, knock. 


    “Lady, this is Blenn. Can I come in?”


    “Come in.”


    He opened the door in a hurry, looking at her and Laura, who were crying endlessly with her face covered with both hands. 


    “B, brother— Hiik.”


    “Laura. You—”


    “Oh, Lady— she destroyed the s, slave documents— Hiik.”


    Her pronunciation suddenly improved. 


    It’s not that she doesn’t stutter at all, but the tightly pressed voice has become a tone brighter and much easier to understand. 


    ‘No way, isn’t that one of the prohibitions on the slave documents?’


    If that’s the case, it’s a mild habit for now, just a little stuttering, but it will gradually get better as time goes on. 


    “M, my legs are not hurting too—”


    Ah. She was limping earlier, so it wasn’t a habit. 


    It seems that the slave document was putting her under pressure in order to tame her, who was once a noblewoman. 


    Serdel tasted bitterness in her mouth. 


    Laura cried like a child in Blenn’s arms.


    Tears also flowed from Blenn’s eyes. 


    Serdel waited until the two calmed down. 


    When she turned her attention to the sound of a sniffling nose she heard from somewhere, Dell was also squeezing tears out of his big eyes and had a runny nose. 




    He suddenly came to her. 


    Serdel, who suddenly needed to soothe even Dell, let out a low sigh and patted him on the back. 


    Thirty minutes later, Blenn and Laura, who had managed to calm down, looked at themselves with embarrassment. 


    “I’m sorry.”


    Blenn apologized first. 


    “What’s there to be sorry about?”


    It was very beautiful to watch the handsome man cry. The two red eyes that had stopped crying were also quite attractive.  


    ‘If the maids saw it, they would have gone crazy.’


    “L, Lady. T, thank you so much.”


    Laura, who stepped forward, bowed her head over and over again. And then she hesitated for a moment, 


    “I, if you want to accept it, I want to repay you for the favor by staying at Lady’s side—. Will it be okay?”


    How can siblings be so alike?


    Serdel looked at Blenn. As if the conversation had already ended, he only calmed down at Laura’s words. 


    She tried to say if they’re doing this because they’re grateful, they don’t have to. But she thought it would hurt the decision they made. 


    Serdel pulled the rope. 


    “Did you call me?”


    Until before, there was only a maid in the hallway.


    ‘Did you come and wait in the meantime?’


    Monem came in. 


    “She’s going to work from today. I’d like Monem to educate her.” 


    “Yes, I understand. Follow me.”


    Despite the sudden order, Monem was not surprised. 


    When the stern-faced woman turned her back first, Laura followed after her with determined eyes. 


    “Thank you for accepting my sister, Lady.”


    “Thank you for vowing loyalty. I feel reassured because of you.”


    “But— Is it okay?”


    “About what?”


    “If they find out that Laura— is a child bought from a slave market—.” 


    It was something Serdel had already thought of when she brought Laura into the Count’s House.


    Even if all the slave market employees were killed, there would be a number of nobles who saw Laura because of the slave list they obtained in advance, like Count Solette. 


    “Just in case, I’ll dye her hair first.” 


    “No. You don’t have to do that.”


    Rather, if she disguised herself vaguely, she might only face strange suspicions when she was found out later.


    “I’ll gain power by then, so don’t worry.” 


    It is not known publicly that the slave market was burned, and in fact, there weren’t even many rumors about it . 


    The only one they really needed to be wary of was Count Maient, who saw both Dell and Laura up close, and knew Serdel was at the slave market.


    She forced herself to swallow her anxiety.


    However, Blenn’s eyes darkened as if there was no choice. 


    “—I’m sorry, Lady.”


    “No, there’s nothing you should be sorry about. I’ve said this over and over again, but you did your best. So stop being sorry and be happy now.”


    She smiled, but Blenn couldn’t smile.


    He gently avoided Serdel’s gaze.


    Not noticing this, she stretched a bit and got up from her seat.


    “Would you like to go out in the hallway for a moment?”


    Serdel, who brought in a maid, took off her dress and changed it into a shirt and pants. 


    She also tied her hair. 


    Serdel pointed with her chin to Blenn, who was waiting.


    “There’s a place I want to go. Follow me.”




    The place where Serdel took Blenn was the military training ground. 


    The knights who were training stopped moving when they saw her. Some knights smile broadly saying they are glad to see her or greeted her first.


    Since Siri became a disciple of the vice captain, Serdel also paid more attention to them, and it was thanks to this fact that they became quite close. 


    “Lady, it’s nice to see you.”


    Everyone welcomed the two’s entry with a loud welcome. 


    Siri’s face is also bright. 


    It’s been a while since Serdel saw her, and she looked quite skilful even among the well trained knights. 


    Perhaps due to the hard training, she lost a lot of baby fat, but her body looked healthier thanks to her muscles.


    “That maid, I think she put a lot of effort into her training. Her body shape has completely changed to one that can hold a sword compared to before.” 


    Blenn muttered lowly when he saw Siri.


    “Mana is also building up well in her body. I don’t think you need to worry.” He also added.


    Even though she didn’t ask, Blenn calmed down her mind that had been worrying about Siri with a few words.


    There was more consideration in his actions compared to before when he was more indifferent. 


    On the other hand, Siri hardened her forehead when she saw Blenn standing next to Serdel.


    As if she didn’t like it a lot. It was the same with other knights. 


    “What brought you here today, Lady?” 


    The vice-captain approached her. 


    “I think I need to build up some stamina before going on an expedition. But I can’t just go for a walk in the garden.”


    Hearing Serdel’s words, the vice-captain nodded with a laugh.


    “That’s a good idea. You know, the Master was very worried. But—” 


    Glancing, his gaze turned to Blenn, who stood next to her.


    “Why did you bring this guy?”


    His eyes also gradually changed.


    “It was only when I was testing Siri that it was allowed and also because Sir Addis didn’t stop it, but originally the training ground is like a sanctuary where only the Count’s people can enter.” The vice captain explained pointedly. 


    It wasn’t that she didn’t know.


    Therefore, Blenn stood outside on his own even when he followed her in and out of the training ground. 


    “Please get him out.”


    With a stern face, the vice-captain refused Blenn. 


    “I’ll be outside, Lady.”


    Blenn also didn’t want to make the knights uncomfortable, so he took a step back. 


    “Stop, Blenn.”


    Her lowered voice stopped Blenn in a second.


    “Vice-captain Hasid. It’s not that I don’t understand what you’re saying. But he’s my man, and he’ll soon become the Count’s people. Even if that’s not the case, don’t you know that he’ll go on an expedition with me? Shouldn’t he slowly warm-up? To keep me safe.” 


    “Lady. Speaking of which, there are many knights here that want to protect you.” 


    “But you can’t just protect me. Don’t you think so?”


    On this day, including the vice-captain, more than half of the knights remain in this place. 


    It’s because they have to protect Cartal and the mansion. Instead, there were knights in the territory, so they were going to take them to the forest. 


    Whether it’s a knight in the mansion or a knight in the territory. 


    They had clear priorities.


    The head of the family and his successor were the beings that had to be protected at all costs. 


    However, Addis was strong, so the first person the knights had to protect was Redan. 


    Because if something happens to Addis Redan has to be the successor. 


    In a moment of crisis, she had no choice but to be pushed aside. 


    The vice captain’s mouth was closed. 


    “Oh, I hope you don’t feel bad about it. Don’t think about it sadly.” She attempted to comfort them.


    “I’m not offended, but I’m a little upset that I can’t refute it. But Lady. For us, you’re also a precious master that must be protected too. Just know that our heart for you is never shallow.” 


    Saying that he glanced up and down Blenn for a moment. 


    As if he was checking to see if Blenn was qualified to protect her as if he could see Blenn’s skills.


    In response, Blenn showed a little of the energy that he had been capturing until now. 


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