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    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Genie




    “U, ugh—”


    Her eyes opened wide to the sound of groaning. 


    ‘When did I fall asleep?’


    She pulled herself up from the sofa, rubbing her dazed eyes, and approached the bed. 




    Redan was tossing and turning in his sleep, groaning in pain. His face and top were drenched in sweat.


    Confused, Serdel reached out and touched his forehead. 


    It was cold. 


    ‘Should I give him another bottle of potion?’


    If he was sick with a simple illness in the first place, he should have been better after he drank the potion. 


    It was more likely a mental issue rather than a physical one. So pouring another bottle down his throat won’t make him feel any better.


    What the hell happened outside—.


    Serdel began to feel afraid and turned to call for the butler.






    “…It’s dangerous… Don’t go… Please don’t go… Mother…”


    Redan’s hand floundered in the air. His fingertips were desperate to grab onto something, his face distorting as he suffered from his deep trauma. 


    “Please… Please…”


    HIs pleading voice grew louder and louder. 


    In response, a shallow vibration occurred in the pendant, and a status window appeared. 


    [The Red Hawk Eyes resonate with the intensity of the emotion.]


    A red shadow escaped from Redan’s body. 


    It had the same form as Redan and after wandering around distraught for a while, it squatted on the floor helplessly with a face full of disappointment and tears. 


    The figure stared up at the ceiling blankly like he was possessed. 


    Haaaa, with a stuffy sigh, the shadow began to sweep its face dry of tears. Then he began to tear his own hair out. The two eyes that flew wildly upwards glistened with madness that had been hidden deeply for so long. 


    It was so bloody that even though he paid no attention to her, or threatened her in the slightest, her whole body trembled. 


    She was able to instinctively feel it. He is in a very dangerous state. 


    I couldn’t find it again this time. 


    How can we not find a single clue for such a long time? 


    Am I lacking in some way!?!?


    Why, why—!


    I can’t find anything!


    Emotions filled with deep agony flowed into her with such an intensity that it felt like it was pressing her chest tightly. As the amount of self-hatred and guilt that the shadow vomited increased, her breathing became rougher. 




    The hairs all over her body stood up. 


    Her nerves also became sensitive. 


    The mass of emotions that had been pushed against her for a while disappeared along with the tightness in her chest and the shadows, as if time had run out. 


    Her uncomfortable breathing returned to normal. Only then did she look again at the bed. 


    Redan’s hands that had stirred in the air were now  calm, but instead, he was openly crying now. He shed tears endlessly through his closed eyes.


    It was a shocking scene for Serdel. She can’t believe Redan is crying. Then she turned her back because she felt like she saw something she shouldn’t have seen.


    Should I go out? 


    Should I leave?


    Thinking about it, she eventually sat on the sofa. 


    ‘Because I don’t know if he’ll have another seizure.’


    It was uncomfortable, but it seemed that being with him would somehow be reassuring for him…probably. 




    Her complicated mind became more messed up as she considered what to do.


    He cried looking for his mother.


    His bitter feelings she learned through his shadow.


    Now she knows what it all means.


    ‘It wasn’t just an accident.”


    She doesn’t remember it herself but, when the Countess died, Redan was also young. If he had seen the body of his mother who’s body had been returned to the family, he would have been greatly traumatized.


    ‘Is that why?’


    He abandoned the position of the heir and left the family. 


    ‘He was looking for clues about the Countess’s death.’


    It’s been a long time since he’s been looking. 


    It seemed like he wouldn’t stop until his spine was severed, his heart was broken, and his will burned to ashes. 


    For the first time, she felt sorry for him, he has spent all this time searching for answers and never finding them.  Perhaps this time again, while chasing phantoms, he ran into another dead end and reached this point.


    It was Redan’s nature. 


    ‘He wouldn’t have done anything extreme so far.’ 


    Nevertheless, not finding a clue is not because of his lack of ability. It could been seen that the skills of those who killed the Countess and cleaned up the mess were simply that good. 


    ‘Those people were not hired through normal means.’ 


    They will be raised separately for that purpose in the first place. 


    ‘It costs quite a bit of money to train and raise one knight.’ 


    Training an assassin was even more demanding. 


    ‘The culprit is someone with tons of power, plenty of money, and deep feelings against Count Robbesta.’ 


    Or maybe it was someone who was offended by the Countess directly and not Robbesta as a whole.


    Serdel got up and sat down at the desk. She took out some paper and held a fountain pen, once again calmly organizing her thoughts.


    First of all, she wrote down people who might hate the Count. Then, the people who were associated with the Countess—.


    ‘There’s no way I could know about all of them.’


    Serdel relaxed her body into the backrest and turned the chair to see out the window. 


    The sun, that had just begun to peak out, was slowly lightening the dark sky.




    It was three hours after dawn that Redan came to his senses. 


    He got up from the bed and quietly admonished himself for acting like a fool and then he hardened his eyes. Serdel just quietly watched this from the couch where she was waiting for him to wake up.


    The awkward and tense atmosphere of the room was broken for a while as the breakfast ordered by Serdel came in with good timing. 


    “Let’s eat together.”


    “Ah, well—”


    Scratching the back of his head, he sat opposite her. 


    “—Hey, where did you sleep?”


    “On the sofa. Thanks to my brother, I had a great experience. I’m dying of a sore body. Why is my dress so tight today? Is my back aching right now because I slept the wrong way?”




    Unconsciously, Redan groaned and coughed dryly in embarrassment. 


    “—I’ve been tired lately, so I was a little out of my mind yesterday. Why didn’t you wake me up and send me out?” 


    “The person who ignored me even though I asked him to leave the room is so shameless.”


    “Are you being sarcastic?”


    “Is your food good?” 


    For a while, the two focused only on eating quietly.






    Redan’s forehead crumpled from Serdel’s blunt response. 


    “That’s how you answer?”


    “Is that the only way brother can call me? If someone hears it, they’ll think my name is ‘Hey’. Am I ‘Hey’?” 




    Redan, who was trying to refute her, lowered his eyes first. Instead, he looked around for a while, then opened his mouth carefully. 


    “That’s— Did I sleep talk or do something weird—?”


    It seems that he had a seizure like this in his sleep whenever he returned home without finding any traces of the culprits who killed the Countess.


    Serdel thought for a moment about what to say.


    If she pretends not to know, he would probably feel more comfortable right away, but he will still have to carry the burden alone. 


    She had too much work to do. She couldn’t afford to look into the Countess’s death right now. 


    ‘There are not enough people to handle it.’ 


    It was better to leave it to Redan.


    “You didn’t.”


    Nevertheless, she heard only a little bit. 


    She’ll give him the list she made earlier, hopefully he’ll focus on those people. She may have to ask who the Countess was acquainted with during her lifetime, but even then he might not doubt them. 


    For some reason, the moment she said this, it seemed that Redan could not believe it. 


    Seeing him standing in front of the border of darkness and shaking so anxiously, she thought she would regret it if she didn’t protect him. 


    She didn’t want him to succumb to his inner madness, like the shadow she had seen through the eyes of the Red Hawk.


    “You just snored while sleeping. It was so loud that I almost died of annoyance.”


    “Ah— Really?”


    “I saw you grind your teeth. Do you have bad sleeping habits?” 


    “Because I’m tired—”


    Feeling embarrassed, he continued the meal he had stopped. 


    “Oh, but what the hell was that last night? What did you do with that jerk?”






    “It’s not ‘that jerk’, it’s Blenn.”


    Redan’s mouth opened. 


    “What kind of relationship is this! I-it can’t be like what I’m thinking—!”


    “It used to be an employment relationship, but now it’s a master-servant relationship because he swore his loyalty to me. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s not like a romantic relationship, so please don’t misunderstand me. It’s uncomfortable.” 


    “It’s not true, is it?”


    “It’s not.”


    She answered firmly.


    “By the way. I don’t know if it’s for a short time, but it’s dangerous to accept someone whose origin is unknown—” 


    “Now, why are you asking such a thing? It doesn’t matter where he’s come from. It’s because he has good abilities. He’s also a talent that the the 2nd Prince coveted—” 


    “Did you meet the 2nd Prince? When and where? How? Why?” 


    Wiping her lips with a napkin, Serdel pointed to the door. 


    “If you’re done eating, please leave.”


    “I’m not done yet!”


    “I think it’s okay to stop eating? It seems like all the food that’s been prepared has run out, so get up.” 


    Redan, who turned his head to the side, pointed his fingers at the trolley full of food. 


    “Did you sleep with your eyes open? Can’t you see anymore?” 


    “That’s not for brother.” 


    He was trying to refute more, but he lowered his eyes at something heavy on the back of his hand. 


    Before he knew it, Dell, who came up to the table, was staring at him with a look full of dissatisfaction.


    With one hand, Dell gently grasped Redan’s wrist. 


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