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    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Genie


    “Moreover, I hear that the one who will be your husband—”


    “His name is Edwan.”


    “Yes. They said that Edwan was pushed out of the competition and had to quit working for the mercenaries. It was said that the relationship was so bad that he could no longer work with the other person in the same space.” 


    Rudella’s complexion turned dark. 


    “Even if he left on good terms, it wouldn’t be enough, but since he came out like that, will he be able to make it?” 


    They had no idea what kind of sabotage would take place. Being a human being was definitely dirty, so even if he had won, the losing opponent would have colluded with the mercenary guild owner to twist the results. 


    Even if the scale is small. 


    “—I think that is something we must bear. And Edwan said that he had learned about someone who can help for the money he lacked while working at the mercenary, so if he explains the situation and requests for help—”


    “So you make a dangerous choice without fear.” 


    Since it is a place where people live, of course, there was a loan agency in this world, and it was popular. 


    This was also a part of the shadow business, and the interest was huge. 


    The property will be taken away from them after paying interest on a loan for an unspecified period of time; in another case, they risked working unpaid till death.


    This would be the so-called legal slavery. 


    ‘The funny thing is, the more vicious people are, the more they pay their taxes.’


    Because they were completely divided, there were no institutions or people to save anybody who became stuck in their territory, no matter how bitterly they complained about unfairness.


    Only the victim dies. 


    “He’s a nice person who owns a few buildings—” 


    In order to get them to borrow money, there were people who had been close friends for a long time, or even approached them under the guise of successful commoners and wealthy merchants.


    “Where do you see good people in front of money? I saw you well, but you’re surprisingly naive.”


    Tsk, she was about to reach out for the teacup again with a clicked tongue, but suddenly Rudella jumped up. 


    “The aftertaste of cold tea is not good, so I will make a new one.”


    “Oh, will you do that for me?”


    Bringing a new teacup, she immediately boiled the water. 


    Somehow, the process of adding tea leaves and brewing them heavily was more sincere than before. 


    She could see that she was taking time to organize her thoughts.


    And why did Serdel come here today?


    What does this excessive interference mean? All Rudella could do was think hard to figure out Serdel’s intentions. 


    And when she sat down again, her eyes were quite different. 


    “I guess you must be ready to listen.”


    Serdel straightened her shoulders. 


    “I’ll help you set up the mercenary guild that you two want, so be the sub-leader there instead.”




    Rudella was greatly surprised by the straightforward proposal. 


    “Did you know that the expedition to Elbash Forest will start soon?” 


    She nodded her head. 


    “As soon as the exploration is over, we will start subjugation, and we will get minerals through development. We need someone to take care of the deal.” 


    In the past, Cartal wanted to delegate the sales rights to the largest and oldest mercenary group in the County. 


    It wasn’t a bad choice, except for them being bought away by Count Maient. 


    “Lady. I’m an ordinary person who has worked as a maid since I was a child. Even if a mercenary guild is given to me, all I can do is clean up and organize things.” 


    She refused at first. 


    “There’s no way I can play such a big role properly. That would be too much for Edwan, who has worked in management for a long time as well. We won’t be of any help to what you’re trying to do.” 


    “How did you come up with the idea of setting up the mercenary with that in mind?” 


    “The guild we’re trying to set up is not very large. To the point where it can’t be called a guild—and I, I—.” 


    “You know. Big or small, if you’ve made up your mind, wouldn’t it be better to play in the big leagues? The amount of experience you have is the same as others. Of course, it would be better if you had done it before. But just because you did something well once doesn’t mean you’re good at everything all the time.” 




    “On the contrary, just because you don’t have experience doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Surprisingly, you never know if a big role will suit your aptitude until you try. Don’t get scared and step back before you even step in.” 


    Serdel put her hand on the back of Rudella’s hand, which was clasped tightly in her lap.


    “I don’t want you to underestimate yourself. There is no way that you, who has endured for more than a decade in a noble family without much gossip, cannot afford that much. What if I trust you and you don’t trust yourself?” 


    “—What if it doesn’t work out?”


    “No way. I’ll always be standing behind you. There’s no way you can’t do it. Even if it doesn’t work, you can start over. Because I have money and power.” 


    Instead, I lack people. 


    Rudella didn’t readily answer. 


    “If you want to find someone else, you can. But I want you to do it for me.” 


    In order to help him with his work, they must be somewhat aware of the internal circumstances of the Count. 


    She wasn’t just trying to persuade her to do business.


    “You kept shaking every time I said it. That means you’re anxious about your future, too. Don’t you think so?” 


    Is it really okay to proceed like this? She had stopped working as a maid.


    She would have been impatient and anxious because she couldn’t say for sure what would happen if they went bankrupt. 


    “I will bear the burden that the two of you have to bear, so I hope you will trust me and follow me.”


    Rudella lowered her head. 


    Serdel didn’t say anymore and waited to give her some time to think. By the time the tea in her teacup hits the bottom. Meanwhile Rudella was still in her chair thinking as she rubbed her knees. Her blue eyes looking at Serdel were slowly warming up with passion.  


    Somehow it felt good.


    She was strongly convinced that she could do better than she expected. 


    “First of all, thank you for the opportunity. Do you have time for dinner tonight, Lady?” 


    Serdel nodded. 


    “Then I’ll bring Edwan here. Please see for yourself and make a decision.”


    “Okay, I’ll do that, so let’s stop and get up now.” 


    Serdel reached out to her. After hesitating for a while, Rudella gently grabbed her hand and raised herself.


    “I’ll be in your care.”


    “Not yet, Lady. Me and Edwan may fall short of the standards you set.”


    Rudella’s expression softened slightly. 




    And so the night came.


    Edwan, who entered the indoor garden with Rudella — was two heads smaller than her. The short, seashore blonde hair seems to have been trimmed and touched. 


    It was an accurate 5 to 5 part that was not biased to either side, and his face was round. His dark brown eyes stiffened slightly with tension. He even wore glasses because his eyesight was bad,  what is it? 


    ‘You look like a nerd.’


    Besides, it was quite a while. 


    ‘I think I know why he was behind in the competition.’


    Rather than winning because the one who won is the brother of the leader, Edwan lacked the visuals of the role.


    She thought he might have been pushed out because of his appearance that didn’t suit the position. 


    Serdel, who raised her eyes, took turns looking at the two people standing side by side. 


    It was like a sister and a brother, not lovers. 


    “Lady, this is Edwan.”


    The cheeks of Rudella who introduced him were red.


    “It’s nice to meet, Ack—!”


    Edwan stepped forward and bit his tongue to say hello. A short silence fell. Tears formed in his eyes as if he was hurt.


    Serdel pretended not to see, and Rudella smiled awkwardly and looked around.


    Edwan only bowed his head. She was concerned about the blood that peeped out through his lips.


    ‘How hard did you bite it?’


    “Ugh, I apologize.”


    It wasn’t until he calmed down a little that he opened his mouth. 


    “I was a little nervous. It’s nice to meet you.”


    The low-pitch voice, which sank low, was quite good to hear.


    “Yes, nice to meet you.”


    “First of all, thank you very much for giving us the opportunity. What should I do from now on, Master?” (T/n : he actually call her 상단주님 like mercenary owner, but I will just put it as master.) 


    Unlike Rudella, he had made up his mind and came in with a determined look. 


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