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    Translated by Tam
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    “I don’t know if they will leave the estate. But it will be more difficult for two people who have been in one place for a long time to settle in another place.” 


    It requires more initial cash, and if they are in a hurry, they may simply forget about the money and leave. Furthermore, Rudella has been working as a maid in the County for quite some time. People will approach her in order to obtain information in some way.


    ‘She’s going to sign an agreement and leave, so she’ll keep her mouth shut at first.’


    However, if the situation was difficult, it was impossible to guarantee her silence. This was not a matter of loyalty, but a matter of survival.


    ‘How much does the maid know about anything important?’ 


    The inner layout of the mansion, where documents are collected, or who does what and when.


    Just by exposing things unknown to the outside, it was dangerous now that she was about to start a big business. 


    She has been thinking about it for a while. 


    “Then, shall we put the resignation of Rudella on hold for a while?” 


    “Just proceed with it.”


    “Yes, I understand.”


    How long has it been since she left? 


    ‘Maybe this is an opportunity for me to surround myself with the allies I clearly lack.’ 


    Furthermore, it may be the perfect time to build a foundation outside. Serdel, who had cleared her complicated head, looked at her maid still waiting on her and asked.


    “What about Monem? Is she outside?” 


    “No. She has gone to the Master. Is there anything I need to do quietly, Lady?” 


    As if she had been aware of the strange air current between Monem and Serdel, the maid immediately lowered her voice. 


    “Do you know where Rudella is?” 


    “Rudella? Well—. She’s probably in the indoor garden at this hour.”  




    Serdel immediately left the bedroom led by the maid. 


    “What does she do in the indoor garden? Is that where she usually works?” 


    “Oh, Ru is good at raising plants and works as a kitchen assistant for about an hour or two in the morning, and works in the annexes, warehouses, and indoor gardens in the afternoon.” 




    “Strangely, even the dying flowers come back to life with just the touch of Ru’s hand. Besides, she has great senses and makes pretty good ornaments. Sometimes she works in the tailor’s office on the days when the Knights have a lot of repairs.”


    Since a maid’s work is quite subdivided, they usually only work within a set area, but Rudella seemed to be called here and there since she had good talent. 


    “This headband that I’m wearing was also given to me by Ru. When she gets scraps of cloth, she always makes something and gives it to the maids around her.”


    “She must have a good personality.”


    “She likes to take care of people, she’s loyal, and she’s a good friend that I rely on.”


    The maid’s face was full of pride for her colleague. 


    “But it’s too bad that she’s quitting.”


    “Do you know why she really wants to quit? I don’t think it’s because of marriage.” 


    “She said she wanted to take a break and do other things. I’m not sure what she’s going to do. But, since she’s good with her hands, wouldn’t she work in a workshop or a flower shop?” 


    ‘It seems that she knows how to build a reputation and is very careful.’ 


    “Ah, we’ve arrived.”


    “Wait here.”


    “If there is no Ru inside, please tell me, and I will go to the annex.” 


    Serdel, who entered the indoor garden, closed the door tightly to block noise from the outside. 


    “It’s been a while since I’ve been here, too.”


    She muttered without realizing it. Raising her head, she took a quick look at the indoor garden. 


    A glass ceiling in the shape of a dome that almost reaches the sky. The sun, moon, and winged baby angels are depicted in stained glass. The leaves were tinted by the colorful lights scattered beneath it.


    It was just as mysterious and beautiful as it was in the past around this time. 


    The scent of wet grass and fragrant flowers increased her longing for nothing. It seemed like she was standing in the middle of a field of grass when she arrived here, so it was great.


    ‘I used to come here very often when I just took possession of Serdel.’ 


    Siri often took her here, saying that it would make her feel more comfortable since she couldn’t get out of her bedroom for a while. 


    Perhaps it was because of Siri’s caring words that she felt stable only when she got here. However, it had to be because her caretaker had changed or the atmosphere of the garden had changed at some point because at some point it was really uncomfortable and she didn’t like it—.


    ‘She was the one who made this place warm.’ 



    Serdel smiled and took one slow step at a time. The coolness that came from the plants was refreshing. 




    A tall maid in the distance was watering the tree in the middle of the garden. In the sunshine that penetrated the glass ceiling, her curly blue hair glistened like the sea. Her face was freckled and her skin was white.  While the corner of her eyes were quite droopy, her eyes felt quite strong.


    “Oh my! Lady?”


    She immediately closed the magic hose, as if she had just noticed Serdel while she was turning to water the tree next to her.


    The cold stream of water was cut off, and in its place, a glittering rainbow arose.


    “I should have noticed sooner, I’m sorry.”


    Serdel had a bland reaction to the girl who rushed and bowed so deeply. 


    “Don’t do that. Too much politeness will make the other person uncomfortable. I’m not a guest.”


    The maid straightened her posture. Her quick and precise reaction caught Serdel’s eye. 


    ‘She understands what I’m saying .’ 


    If it were someone else, they would have bowed their heads again, saying they were sorry. It wasn’t because they looked down on or overlooked Serdel’s words, but because of their habit as a maid. 


    Not being influenced by long-term familiarity meant she had good flexibility.


    “I heard you’re getting married. Congratulations.” 


    “Ah— thank you, Lady. Did you stop by while taking a walk? If you don’t mind, would you like a cup of tea?” 


    Perhaps it was burdensome to receive congratulations from someone who had just broken up, Rudella reached out and pointed to a seat. The way she changed the topic was really natural, like flowing water.


    “That’s good.”


    Even so, Serdel was thirsty because she couldn’t drink that much tea earlier. While she went to the tea table, the blue haired maid skillfully boiled water and brewed tea. 


    Her movement was clean and uncluttered. Her fingertips that were concentrating on it were definitely skilled. 


    Gently, Serdel looked up and down taking in all of Rudella.


    The patterns on her sleeves and apron ribbons were amazing. It wasn’t a flashy pattern, but it was clean and stylish.


    ‘You have good taste.’


    “Lady, please drink it.”


    Her nose was overwhelmed with flavorful scents the moment she raised the teacup Rudella had given her. The first flavor was soft, the last taste was somewhat bitter, and the texture was unique.


    The lingering refreshing feeling made her smile.


    “Is it all right?” Rudella asked, nervously awaiting the lady’s opinion.


    “Doesn’t it seem that your talent is quite good?”


    It was as good as Monem. 


    “Thank you, Lady. I’m so happy.”


    Her ears turned red, perhaps embarrassed by the compliment. 


    “Don’t stand like that, you should come sit down too.” 


    “Can I do that?”


    “Yes. I didn’t stop by just for a while.” Serdel’s tone cooled and became slightly more serious.


    The smile slowly disappeared from her face.


    With a nervous expression on her face at Serdel’s changed tone, Rudella carefully sat across from Serdel, and as expected, she was also tall. 


    “Why don’t you pour tea for yourself as well?” 


    “I drank some earlier— so it’s okay.”


    Her lips, which had dried up, trembled slightly. Yeah, with a low-key response, Serdel cleared her throat lightly a couple times. 


    “Before coming here, I approved your retirement process.”




    “I heard your husband worked for a group of mercenaries for a long time.”




    “If you quit your maid’s job, are you planning to do business with him?”


    Rudella’s eyes shifted back and forth in anxiety and confusion. She never expected to be asked this question. Serdel continued to question her, who was perplexed.


    “Where are you going to start?” 


    “—We’re going to look for a place.”


    “Shop? Stall?” 


    “First of all, I’m looking for a place to shop. But, um—.” 


    “You can’t afford the place you want because it’s too expensive. But you don’t like it when you consider how much money you’d have to spend for a smaller or worse place. It’s not going to be easy. You may be offended by how direct my statements are…”


    “No, Lady. That’s not true at all.” 


    As she waved her hand, Serdel pointed out the harsh reality she already knew. 


    “I don’t know how much money the two of you have saved, but it’s going to be difficult. It’s not the end of expenses just getting a shop.” 




    Signboards had to be attached, interiors had to be paid attention to, and items to be sold had to be selected and purchased beforehand. 


    In addition, it was better to secure a monthly rent for several months in advance to avoid being kicked out because of the whims of their landlord. Since there is no lease protection law here, they would be over as soon as they couldn’t pay the rent. 


    “I hope the business will go well as soon as it opens, but there are already many large and small stores in this place.”


    “—That’s right.”


    It will take quite a long time to settle down. In the meantime, it would be fortunate if they can maintain their lifestyles. 


    But it was highly likely to fail. 


    No matter how long he had worked for the mercenaries was a different matter. 


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