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    The sun shone brightly.


    When was the last time she ate a light breakfast? Her maid Siri knocked on her door as she was reading a book.


    “Count Maient has arrived, Lady.” When she spoke, she had a really dark expression on her face.


    Serdel stood up, closed the book aloud, and raised her finger. “I’m just asking, you’re not trying to attack him with the fork in your apron pocket, are you?”


    She was startled. “Uh, uh, how did you know there was a fork in there?”


    Siri is the child who came from the slum before to the possession of ‘Serdel.’ Perhaps she was loyal enough to slit his throat without hesitation for her master because she had been saved by her. She knows since she used to hide her fork in the same way.


    Despite the fact that she couldn’t stab him. Knowing how her actions would affect Serdel, she instead grabbed Count Maient’s trouser leg, keeping her fork behind her and crying.


    She clicked her tongue as she remembered that moment.


    “Ck. What’s the deal with that fork? This fork will not work. If you’re going to do something, be sure you have the right weapon.”


    “Are you okay with that, L-Lady?” Her eyes grew red once again.


    “As you can see, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” She shrugged and left the bedroom.


    As she was walking down the staircase, she ran into a young woman with her dark brown hair nicely pulled back.


    She lifted her cold eyes ferociously. Addis Robbesta is the eldest and first daughter.


    She was her own—no, she was the body’s older sister. She was the Count’s heir, as well as the Imperial Knights’ vice-captain. She was also famous as a genius Knight.


    “It’s good to see you after such a long time.”


    “…Is Father in the office?”


    ‘She’s a tough person.’


    “No, Father is in the living room. Count Maient has brought a letter of broken engagement.”

    “What the hell is that…”


    Even before hearing the answer, the living room door was opened wide. Inside the room, they can see Cartal, Redan, and Count Maient.


    The eyes of the three gathered.


    “Young Lady Serdel..” Count Maient rose to his feet and gave her a fake smile.


    ‘Anyone who sees it will believe he is sorry.’


    “See you again today. Count Maient. I’m sure you’ve prepared well for the breakup you wanted?” Serdel said with a sarcastic smile, “I hope there are no problems with the documents.”


    He seemed to have an intuition that things weren’t going to go the way he wanted them to. His face grew darker.




    “Didn’t you ask for a broken engagement first?”


    Cartal asked casually as he sipped the tea brought by the maid. Even the same Count has different years of age and experience. Furthermore, the atmosphere was tense because he didn’t even glance at him.


    For Count Maient, it’s very nerve-racking.


    ‘You want to cancel your engagement, but you also want to maintain your business.’


    This selfish b*stard.


    “May I ask the reason?”




    He found it difficult to open his mouth.


    ‘It’s difficult to say you have someone you love in a place like this.’


    Hm. Serdel snorted and picked up the teacup.


    “Serdel mentioned yesterday. You betrayed the trust. Is that, after all, a woman’s problem? ”




    In an instant, Addis and Redan’s eyes turned cold.


    “I suppose I’m correct because you don’t deny it. Just give me the papers you’ve prepared.” Cartal’s face is also stiff.


    He carefully pushed out the paper bag after a moment’s hesitation in the cold atmosphere.


    “This is the letter of broken engagement.”


    “Other than that?”




    “I’m sure Serdel told you to organize the Elbash forest’s development rights and bring them back.”


    “……a broken engagement is a broken engagement, and a business is still a business.”


    “Do you mean we should treat it as a separate issue and proceed separately?” Only then did Cartal’s eyes turn to Count Maient.




    “You’re really shameless.”


    It seemed to be hard to listen to anymore. Addis, who hit the table with her palm, tried to kill Count Maient.


    “Most marriages between nobles are political marriages. So it is written off as part of the business itself. You’ve already cracked your business, and you can’t let go of Elbash Forest Development?”


    The more she spoke, the more exhilarated she became, the more her lips rose.


    “You must have taken Count Robbesta pretty easily, huh? Or funny. I can’t believe you’re going to humiliate her and take care of them separately. Do you think this makes sense?”




    “Or do you consider Serdel as a person who could be treated so rudely?” Addis’ voice was getting lower.


    As a result, Count Maient’s face became darker.


    “There is a limit to being polite, Count. Don’t be a fool and get rid of the Elbash forest development rights.”


    Her words emitted a vicious energy. Redan, who had been watching the situation silently, took a step forward.


    “Let’s wrap it up here. I don’t think I’ll be able to let it go because I still have a lot of feelings about development rights. I’m sick of dragging my feet with only one—”


    The butler took the paper and fountain pen from his arms and placed them on the table in response to Redan’s hand gesture.


    He cast a glance at Count Maient.


    “I will voluntarily give up the right to develop the Elbash forest beginning with the broken engagement; please mention it. Please also include a statement stating that you will not discuss it with anyone outside of the Count’s residence and that you will organize all documents and send them to the Count’s residence within a few days.”


    “……Would you like me to write you a memorandum, Count?”


    “We should only use it when it is necessary. You shouldn’t be offended because one Count has now insulted our entire Count family.”


    Redan’s mouth corners raised. Redan’s mouth was unstoppable once he started being sarcastic.


    “You’re not aware that a one-sided annulment of marriage can result in alimony claims, are you? However, going there makes things too complicated, so you should stop here. Please follow me quietly when this side is patient, and please be considerate.”


    Count Maient clenched his teeth.


    “Write it down.”


    Cartal, too, tucked it away rather than discouraging Redan. Addis also put pressure on him.


    The butler, maid, and maids from behind all looked at the paper and fountain pen.


    Count Maient’s gaze was drawn to Serdel, who was sipping tea leisurely in the midst of all of this.


    “Young Lady—”


    “Oh, what are you doing when you’re not writing?” Serdel smiled. Like a poisonous rose, the smile was creepy.




    “I know who you have feelings for. You don’t want to humiliate her for no reason, do you?”


    The careless words became a trigger.


    They used to think it was a woman’s problem, but when no one else heard the truth, the atmosphere in the living room became tense, as if it was about to explode.


    In embarrassment, Serdel struck the paper in front of him with the back of her hand.


    “Hurry up and write. Didn’t I tell you yesterday? Don’t be so pathetic.”


    Count Maient’s eyes shook violently. Eventually he picked up the fountain pen.




    Count Maient had been gone for ten minutes, but no one had gone up. How long has it been?




    Redan smacked the table with his rolled fist.


    “You! Did you figure out who the Count had in mind?”




    “What if he didn’t request that you break up first? You knew that, but you tried to put up with it and get married? Don’t you have any pride?”


    Serdel didn’t bother to answer his fierce question.


    “Ha! Is that why you were so direct yesterday? This idiotic thing! The Count’s entire humiliation!”


    “How come you didn’t tell me?”


    With a stiff face, Addis cut off Redan’s words and asked.


    “I’m glad it’s settled here, but what if we start developing the forest and the breakup story comes up?”


    ‘And Count Maient would have been more shameless than he is now.’


    It must have been difficult for this person to change the partner who had already put their hands and feet together in this way.


    “In your marriage, you are not alone. You should have said everything if you were aware that it was directly related to the family.”


    “I haven’t seen you in a long time, but you’re still the same.”




    “Even though I seem calm, I’m the one who broke my engagement today.”




    Her lips were pursed, but Addis kept her mouth shut as she gazed at Serdel, who was not smiling. “Shouldn’t you, as a family member, ask if I’m okay with that instead of criticizing me?” The excitement that had filled the corners of Redan’s eyes soon faded.


    “Anyway, it’s done well, isn’t it? I hope we don’t offend anyone by assuming something that didn’t happen. On a day like today.”


    It’s pathetic.


    “I’ll get up first.”


    “……Are you okay?”


    Serdel lowered her head in response to Adis’ bluntness.


    “No, I’m not okay.”


    She was about to say it’s fine, but she became grumpy.


    Only then did Serdel once again forcefully speak to Addis, who raised her head, with a blank face.


    “I’m not okay.”




    “I said I’m not okay.”


    The brows of a beautiful and strong sister who captivated both men and women were distorted.


    “I’ll go.”


    Serdel, who had lost her gaze, left the room, as if she didn’t want to hear anything else.


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