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    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Genie


    “What’s your name?” 


    Her question stopped the moving tail. 


    [I don’t have a name— We often die shortly after birth, therefore we can get our names from our parents after three months. But when I was three months old, my mother and father were being hunted, so everyone simply called me No. 5.]




    [My father was a warrior of the clan, but he died at the hands of the challengers. Because a warrior is in a position that only the strongest beasts can climb, there are frequent fights.]


    His eyes became gloomy. 


    [The village chief said that if you are weak, you will fall behind. If you are not strong, you can’t survive in the group. So he grabbed my neck and told me to look straight ahead. I didn’t want to see it because I was scared—]


    As expected. As she might have guessed, after being pushed out of the group, it seemed that he was trapped in such a place. 


    Serdel wiped away the tears around his eyes. He’s still a kid. It was sad to see him like this.


    “Do you want me to give you a name?”


    He raised his head immediately. 


    [My name! I want a name, too!]


    ‘What will be okay? I’m also worried about my naming sense.’ 


    However, she couldn’t continue to call him a beast child. Most of all, she didn’t want to pretend that she didn’t know, even after hearing his pain. 


    Uhm. After thinking for a while, his eyes gradually twinkled as expected. 


    “Dell. How about Dell?”


    In the end, she took off the last character of her name and pasted it. This was the best for her poor sense theory. 


    [Dell, Dell—]


    She felt a little guilty at his look of curiosity, like he was asking about what it meant.


    “Because my name is Serdel you know—”


    [Wow! Then, did I get my sister’s name?]


    She was worried that he might be disappointed, but he was rather happy. His tail also kept moving like it had a motor on it. 


    It was then. 


    {You have a chance to become the owner by distributing part of your name to the Tawl Wolf baby beast}


    {Will you make an imprint on your souls?}


    {→ To make an imprint, press the baby Beast’s forehead and call his name.}


    Serdel’s mouth slightly opened. It was also the first time encountering this type of status window. When she woke up after losing consciousness for a week before, she saw something similar to this status window.


    ‘It disappeared so quickly that I couldn’t check the contents.’


    Despite being stuck in the game. 


    Perhaps because she possessed a low leveled extra character, there has never been a system prompt like this before.


    But if she looked at the status window again there it was, ‘As expected, is it different because it’s the second round?’


    No. She doesn’t feel she should think that way anymore.


    ‘It’s not that I’m lucky enough to have this happen.’ 


    Looking at it closely, she did nothing in the past. Except for being dragged around by Count Maient, she didn’t even think about making new connections or twisting her original path. 


    ‘There was nothing special enough to bring up the status window—.’ 


    So it’s only natural that she had no buffs. Her tongue was cold for a little moment. 


    ‘There’s no time to space out.’


    The status window could have disappeared unexpectedly like last time. In a hurry, she gently swept the child’s forehead with her thumb and pressed down. 


    “Dell. From now on, your name is Dell.” 


    At the same time, the energy emanating from the status window flowed between Dell and herself. 


    {Share your name with the young beast of the Tawl Wolf tribe. The two souls are imprinted on each other and the minds are connected.}


    As the content of the status window changed, Dell’s past memories and emotional state flowed into her mind. The child’s life was more heartbreaking than what she heard from him earlier.


    [I’m glad Sister found me. I’m really glad that Sister is a good person. Hehe.]


    Her mouth was dry.  


    The boy hugged Serdel’s neck with his short furred arms. 


    [Dell won’t be lonely anymore. Sister feels the same way, right? Ehe. I feel like I’ve gotten really close to Sister.]


    She gently rubbed the little boy’s back. Dell, who had buried his head in the nape of her neck for a while, lifted his body even more into Serdel’s lap. 


    [Uh-huh, please wait two years. When I’m 3 years old, I’ll be much bigger than I am now, right? Then I will keep you safe. Sister— um, so that you don’t get sick!]


    I will protect you even now! 


    With his nose raised high and his chest sticking out, his bold aspiration was more cute than cool. 


    [Trust me!]


    “Yeah. Thank you.”






    As soon as the laughter was about to grow, his expression became sullen as a loud sound came from his stomach. 


    “—Dell is hungry—”


    The boy who squatted around and looked up at Serdel with a pitiful expression on his vulpine face. 


    [I haven’t had a sip of water for a few days— I’m very hungry—.]


    Dell hesitated and licked the back of Serdel’s hand with his rough tongue.


    [Please give me food, Sister]


    As soon as she pulled the rope, a maid who was waiting came in.


    “Yes, lady. Shall I prepare some water for you to wash?” 


    “Rather than that, I’d rather you bring this child’s food first.” 


    “Uh, um. Is dog food enough?” 


    [Fool. I’m not a puppy. I like meat more—.]


    The maid glanced at Dell, who was whining. In the form of an animal, other people could not understand the language of the beast unless the owner or the subject permitted it. 


    So, to her ears, the sound of Dell’s words will just be heard as an animal’s cry. 


    “Ah— you must not like that. I’ll prepare meat.”


    Nevertheless, the quick-witted maid noticed Dell’s dissatisfaction at once. Dell gently wagged his tail as a sign of thanks. 


    “Oh my, so cute! Lady, can I touch him just once?”


    At Serdel’s lack of reaction either way the maid stretched out her hand, swallowing saliva. Just as she was about to touch the boy’s head, swish! 


    Dell avoided it.




    [Hng!] The boy with his butt raised proudly jumped into Serdel’s arms.


    He then poked her hand with his nose and lifted it above his head. In Serdel’s still palm, the guy shook his head vigorously. As if to show that the only person who can touch him is his owner.


    “I guess he knows the Lady saved him! He follows you very well. Oh! Look at me, I should prepare it right away. Lady, are you going to eat too?”


    “Hmm. Prepare it together.”


    “Yes. I understand.”


    [Give me a lot of meat. A lot.]


    “Get plenty ready.”




    Chop, chop, chop, chop.


    “Wow— he eats a lot. He’s as small as a baby, but it’s like a bear jumping out of a mountain is eating.” 


    The maid burst into exclamations as she watched Dell eat the food in a hectic way. Serdel even put her own food in front of Dell. Somehow, she felt more sorry for him because he’s eating so well. 


    “—Oh my God. That’s enough meat for ten people— what’s in that little tummy?” 


    Suddenly, the maid bowed to the side and looked at Dell’s belly. 


    “Lady, I think we should stop feeding him now. I’m worried that his stomach might pop out so much that it might explode.”


    Awng, awng! 


    Dell’s inhalation speed has become faster. 


    “There’s not much left anyway, so let it go.” 


    The digestibility of the beast’s tribe was not comparable to that of ordinary beasts. It will probably be digested before he even gets an upset stomach. 


    Serdel sat down at the desk, wiping her mouth lightly with a napkin. Looking out the window, the sun was shining bright enough to be blinding. 


    She pulled out a piece of paper and a bottle of high level ink from a drawer, gathered her thoughts, and picked up a quill. 




    In the meantime, after he had finished eating Dell, who couldn’t control his stomach which had had too much, was laying flat on his back. 


    “Oh, are you okay? Your stomach got bigger like a mountain. I don’t think you need to eat for a few days.”


    Smiling, the maid stretched out her finger.




    Dell hit it right away. Of course, he didn’t put his nails out or use much strength in fear of being scolded by Serdel.


    Chuckling at his weak rebellion, the maid took a small apple out of her apron. 


    “You ate like that, but you have no energy. Where did everything you ate go— Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I won’t make fun of you. Eat this.” 


    While Dell quietly chewed an apple, she piled up the many empty plates on the trolley. 


    “Lady, I’ll get going now.”


    “Can you call Terra on your way back?”


    “Yes, I will, Lady.”


    About 10 minutes have passed since then. 


    As she was putting the finished letter in an envelope and sealing it with sealing wax, Terra rushed in. 

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