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    “I, is my brother also in pain and lonely? D, did you tried to find me? H, haven’t you forgotten me?” 


    A vein popped over the back of the hand. 


    “I, I’ve always missed you. I, I never forgot you, even in my dreams—!”


    “I’ve been— looking for you for a long time. I’ve never forgotten you for a moment.”


    Regret filled his suppressed voice, which he barely squeezed. The expression on his face, which had raised his head with courage, collapsed in an instant. This time, he reached out and wiped the tears from his sister’s eyes. 


    Last night, there was no time to even share their feelings with each other. The somewhat dazed mind has vanished, and they are now properly facing each other. The chest has become tightened due to a variety of emotions. Laura closed her lips once and opened it again, letting out a grudge.


    “B, but why are you finding me so late? I, I thought I was going to die. I,  I was so lonely—”


    He didn’t realize it wasn’t a true grudge, but rather a complaint mixed with loneliness. Blenn hugged his younger sister. 


    “Heuk— I,  I missed you. I,  I missed you so much. I , I missed you so much. My brother didn’t die back then. I’m really glad that you’re safe— Heuk.”


    “—Thank you for surviving.”


    For holding out without dying.


    Tears eventually flowed from Blenn’s eyes. He’s not strangely alone, unlike when he endured hoping to find his family somewhere. His sister was standing in front of him, and when he realized he wasn’t truly alone, his heart, which had been empty like a dry well, began to fill up. 


    Blenn continued to rub her back until Laura calmed down. After that, he explained the situation. On the other hand, Laura didn’t even talk deeply. Even though he had vomited up what he had done and the humiliation he had through, it is obvious that both the speaker and the listener suffer from each other. It was comforting only to know that Blenn missed her every day and found her. 


    Knock, knock. 


    After a long conversation, they were looking at each other once again, and then the maids came in. 


    “I thought that you’re awake, so I’ve prepared a meal.”


    Blenn hurriedly turned around to take a look.


    “I’ll be waiting outside, so if you need anything, please let me know.” 


    A table was set up, and the maids gently stepped away so that the two of them didn’t feel uncomfortable. 




    Looking at Blenn, who covered half of his face with his hand, Laura grabbed his collar. 


    “B, brother. T, The food looks so delicious. I, I’m hungry.”


    Laura smiled brightly, trying to break the subdued atmosphere. 


    “B, brother. E, eat quickly before it cools down. I, It’s been a long time since we ate while looking at our faces.” 


    Laura, who got out of bed, grabbed Blenn and dragged him. As soon as she sat down, she looked around and picked up her spoon carefully. 


    “I, it’s good! I, it’s really good!”


    With a gentle shudder, she forcibly put the spoon in Blenn’s hand. At some point, the speed increased greatly. She went more than what she used to do to calm her cries, and she fell in love with the food. At one time, there was no etiquette that had been learned in the body as the Young Lady of the noble family. 


    She grabbed the bowl and drank the soup, and finally she started to tear the meat with her hands. 


    “B, brother. Y, you have to eat quickly. If you don’t eat it when you can, you might lose it—”


    She stopped. Her movement, which had been pushing her cheeks into fullness, stopped. With her head up, she looked at her dirty hands and the current situation. Laura’s eyes were soon stained with pain. 


    What does this mean? 


    In front of her brother, she show something he shouldn’t see.  


    She has lost even the most modest appearance to protect because she has lived a life of abuse to the point where receiving a proper slice of bread is sometimes a luxury.


    “I, I’m sorry—”


    With embarrassment and shame, she was about to burst into tears again. Blenn moved his spoon away, wiping her oily lips with his hand. Then he also picked up the plate and drank the soup. He picked up the bread and meat with his hands and ate them with excitement.


    Usually, he didn’t feel the taste no matter what he ate. But it was different now. The soup was soft, the bread was savory, and the meat was juicy, so the tongue was pleasant. 


    “It’s delicious. Very much.” 


    Because he had his younger sister, his appetite seemed to have been revived. 




    Blenn’s smile was like a painting, and Laura’s mouth, which had stopped, moved slowly. 


    Although they are two people who have completely moved away from the life of the nobility. Although it has lost its value. That doesn’t mean that this moment is disappointing or not precious.


    Whatever they look like, whatever they do.


    For Blenn, Laura was the only family he had to protect, even at the risk of his life. 


    He put the food on her empty plate. 


    “Eat a lot.” 


    “—T, thank you, b, brother—”




    The answer to the indifferent voice was short, but it was not unusual, so the anxiety subsided. Her mind gradually became comfortable. The speed of eating also naturally decreased, and when she had more time, she could see the surroundings. 


    A sparkling chandelier. A soft carpet that wraps around your toes. Fancy beds and furniture. Even a large window full of warm sunlight. There was nothing that wasn’t beautiful. It was peaceful outside, so all the dirty days are now a thing of the past. 


    She doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. It seemed to tell her carefully. 


    Ah, this is a safe place.


    Her eyes sparkle like a child. One person’s touch quickly changed her life, which was a mess. 


    “—B, brother. I, I want to say something to Lady. I, I want to say thank you for saving me. I, I want to say it.”




    He wanted to say it himself. 


    Thank you for saving his sister and himself in hell that seemed to be impossible to escape forever.


    “A, and I want to repay the favor. There’s nothing I can do, so it won’t be of much use— but if you allow it, I definitely want to repay the favor.” 


    Blenn nodded.  


    “Uh— Well, but if you don’t need it—.”


    Laura’s shoulders, which were fiddling with his fingers, lost strength. 


    “Don’t worry. She’s a good person, so she’ll accept your heart.” 


    “R, really? H, hehehe—”


    Laura’s cheeks turned red. 


    “Y, you know, Brother. M, maybe God was wise when the anxious Lady hugged me there. T, that’s what I thought for a moment. It was very warm.  T, to the point where I don’t want to fall.” 


    Of course, being a slave is dirty. Rather than scolding her, she asked for her name, and she was the first person to take off her clothes she was wearing for her. She was also the only one who wiped her face with a clean towel. 


    Her hand was very soft, and she could feel the unwavering calmness in her strong eyes looking at her. 


    “I, I’m so glad that my brother met the Lady.”


    Blenn must have received her warmth too. 


    An awkward line was drawn on Laura’s lips. The muscles of the face, which had been stiff because there was nothing to show, trembled. 


    She raised her hand and touched it to see if it was strange, but she was worried because she couldn’t figure it out. 


    And for a moment. 


    In Blenn’s beautiful smile that imitates herself, she stopped losing her mind. At the same time, she was relieved. 


    Because he was smiling properly. 


    Because her brother doesn’t lose his smile. 


    She was happy. 


    1. It’s hot but furious. 


    Lick, lick, lick. (할짝, 할짝, 할짝) 


    ‘It tickles—’


    Her eyes opened automatically due to the wetness that touched her cheek. 


    ‘Uh, when did I fall asleep.’


    When she lifted her heavy head while pressing down her eyes, the baby beast turned into a pink fox and stared at her. 


    [I didn’t mean to wake you up— but I’m so happy hehehe.]


    “Looking at you smiling brightly, it looks like it’s worth living for now. It’s a relief.”


    She patted the boy’s head with one hand. The fur was soft and glossy even though he couldn’t wash at all because he was trapped. It didn’t smell either. 


    Serdel’s touch turned his cheeks red because he was happy. 


    It’s not even a cat. 


    Softly. It was cute to wag her tail leisurely. 


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