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    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Genie


    “Is he an escort?” 


    Of course, he didn’t recognize that Blenn was the man who took her. 


    ‘Because the fire was so strong.’ 


    Instead, Count Maient’s eyes turned to Laura, who was in Blenn’s arms. His eyes narrowed. He didn’t remember seeing her there, but she must have been a slave from her appearance. Did she pick her up in the meantime? 


    He’s too nosy. She pushed his hand away. 


    Mumbling to himself, he asked slyly.


    “Since when have you been going to such a place? Have you ever liked such a thing?” 


    “I guess that’s what the Count really liked, right?”


    Serdel’s voice became cold.


    “I didn’t go there today to enjoy those ugly scenes! There’s something I needed to find out—”


    As he continued to speak, she bit her lips. She didn’t want to face Count Maient again, who was looking for something else to say trying to explain himself further.


    “Thank you so much for saving me earlier. If it wasn’t for the Count, I’d probably be hurt more than I am now. You’ve seen that I’m safe, so please stop and go now.”


    “Young Lady—.”


    “Please go.”


    “—Okay. Instead.”


    After releasing his hand on Serdel’s shoulder, he pulled out a higher potion.


    “I want to keep the promise I made earlier.”


    As soon as she left, she remembered him saying that he would treat her.


    “I don’t need—”


    He suddenly pulled her hand and poured the potion onto the wound after opening the bottle, all without giving her a chance to refuse. Her teeth grinded at his rough attitude that had no consideration for her.


    She couldn’t rebel much because she was afraid of dropping the beast child. Her hand, which was ugly with blood and pus, quickly regenerated. Her chills, headaches, and dizziness also subsided.


    After a while, her hands and stamina returned to their original state without leaving a trace of her earlier exhaustion, but she was not at ease. 


    Because of who was treating her. 


    “I should get going.”


    Count Maient got on his horse again and turned around with a polite farewell. 


    “Giddy up!”


    As quickly as he came, he left. 


    “—Are you okay?”


    “No. I’m not okay.”


    Serdel’s eyes became dark. Blenn, who was looking at her still, muttered at the end.


    “Things get worse if you accidentally kill a noble, so should we disguise it as a horse accident and get rid of him?”


    She almost doubted her ears for unexpected words.


    “You saved me and my sister. If you give me an order, I’ll do anything.”


    Blenn’s eyes were dangerously shiny. She could see that he was serious, not joking at all.


    “It’s very tempting, but I don’t want to make a big deal right before important family business. I’m more tired than angry, so I hope we can go home and rest soon. Lay Laura down in my bedroom and come out.” 


    “—Yes, please wait a moment.”


    After flying away and disappearing, Blenn reappeared a few minutes later and carried her into the Count’s House. 


    Serdel, who turned on the light in the dark bedroom, pulled the rope. The maid, who came in after hearing the sound, looked at Serdel’s outfit, Blenn standing close, and Laura lying on the bed, and then blinked blankly.


    “Call Monem quietly.”


    “Ah, yes. I understand, Lady.”


    Serdel put the beast child down on the sofa first. She took off her coat, hung it on a chair, and carefully sprayed the child with a high-level potion taken out of the drawer.


    His back, which had been bent from severe abuse, was softened and the wound healed. 




    The unstable shaking breath also calmed down. The distorted expression also changed comfortably, and the tip of the child’s mouth went up. 


    Knock, knock. 


    Monem came at the right time. She did not panic when she saw the situation in front of her. 


    “Give me an order, Lady.”


    Instead, she bowed her head and waited for her mouth to open. Serdel pointed to Laura with her hands.


    “Give the child a guest room, and prepare meals as soon as she wakes up. I’d like you to help with the bath too.” 


    “I understand.”


    “Blenn. Take your sister to the place Monem guides you.”


    He holds Laura again.


    “—Thank you so much for today. I’ll give you a formal greeting again in the morning.” 


    The three left, and the door was closed. 




    As if to indicate that the long night’s schedule was over, silence wrapped her up alone.




    Blenn opened his eyes as usual and raised his head. As if it was already bright, the sunlight pouring through the large window was warm. 


    He was only sitting on a chair for a little while, but that short break was very nice. Thanks to this, the exhausted body, feeling, and even mind were clear.


    ‘It’s been a while since I felt this.”


    The nerves that always stood there for him were released, and the hard corners of his eyes and lips also softened. 


    Whoosh, he turned his eyes. Her sister was sleeping on the bed. She was no longer in rags, as the old  maid named Monem had changed her into white pajamas. The younger sister, who looked clean with no scars, seemed very peaceful. 


    Sweet enough to create the illusion of going back in time to before when they lost everything. 


    “I thought it was a sight I would never see again—” 


    It was all thanks to Serdel. As he thought about it, he stroked Laura’s small hand. What if he coudln’t find his sister after following Serdel all the way to the slavery market? 


    Then what would he have done? All sorts of thoughts came to mind. On the other hand, the aspects of the place they arrived at was so different from the slavery market he had been searching for. 


    The desire to not see her here and the feeling of wanting to see each other crossed. 


    Frankly, he was afraid when he walked through a magical maze-like situation. Then he got emotional when he saw Laura through the bars. His eyes, which were always full of confidence, were shaken severely by anxiety, so he couldn’t even look straight ahead.


    Just as his feelings gradually dried up, his younger sister also completely lost her former appearance. Perhaps he was terribly heartbroken by the obvious fact.


    He wanted to save her right away. In an instant, his mind became so simple that he forgot Serdel’s position and his promises to her. 


    If Serdel hadn’t covered him with her body, he’d be caught crying by the mouse masked guide. And he would have probably lost his rationality too. 


    ‘She was determined.’ 


    Where did such determination come from with such a small body?


    Even though she was quietly angry, she was very calm. Is that all? 


    After helping him save his sister safely, she even saved another while in the middle of all of that chaos. He had a gut feeling from the first time he met her that she was different from an ordinary Young Lady.


    Even though she was doing something that might put her and her family in danger, he didn’t feel even the slightest bit of fear from her. The strength of her determination was dazzling.


    Even when asked if she really believed in him, Serdel didn’t hesitate to answer. 


    “I trust you. Blenn, I believe in you.”


    It was the first time since the death of his parents and older brother that he had heard such a confident answer from anyone.


    He was wandering on the street for a long time. It’s so pathetic that he couldn’t find his sister, even he lost faith in himself. 


    How can she say that? Her eyes, voice, expression, and atmosphere were engraved in his mind. He almost shed tears at the sight of her unwavering gaze.


    For her to be like that— perhaps she told a lie that she shouldn’t have told. 


    As soon as his fist was about to gain strength, “B.. Brother?”


    Perhaps she opened her eyes before he knew it, but Laura was staring blankly at him. 


    “Are you awake! How’s your body? No pain anywhere?” 


    “Ack—! I, is it not a dream? T, this is really brother? Ha, Haha— I, I was scared that everyone would disappear like a mirage when I opened my eyes—.”


    She, who raised her body, stroked Blenn’s face as if she were trying to confirm it was reality. Through the warmth of his cheek she felt her feelings surge. 


    “I, I can’t believe it—”


    Her gaze turned this time to the silver hair dyed with magic. 


    “T, the original hair color was prettier but—”


    The not-so-soft silver hair slipped through between her thin fingers. She touched it and stroked it for a while. 


    “—I, I can’t believe it— B, brother too— I, I thought it was wrong then. I, I thought I was the only survivor, and it was so painful and so lonely.”


    Blenn lowered his head. He had to say something, but his mouth didn’t open well. When he saw his sister stuttering in the slave market, he thought she was just surprised by the sudden situation—.


    But since when—.


    He clenched his teeth so as not to cry out from the pain.


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