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    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Genie


    When he saw the child in Serdel’s arms, his eyes became cold. 


    “Mom, does it hurt a lot?”


    “I’m not your mom.” She said quickly, glancing at Blenn’s stern expression.


    “Nuna, does it hurt a lot? Hngg.” (t/n: 누나 (Nuna) means sister. But I will use sister in the next dialogue) 


    Tears flowed down from the child’s eyes. Blenn reached out for a moment and grabbed the child’s back.


    “Hueeee— Kyaaaa!”


    When he tried to pull him from Serdel, the crying child screamed violently and swung his sharpened claws relentlessly. The back of Blenn’s hand was totally scarred as a result of the speed.




    Then he burst into tears as if he had suddenly become sad.


    “Where did you find this child? After the shield was lifted, I looked all over the place. If I didn’t find him with the others, it seems that he was locked up alone. Usually, slave traders sell expensive or slaves for other purposes. I know what they’re like.” 


    Blenn’s forehead stiffened as he scowled deeper. 


    “Furthermore, it is not like a normal slave trader. I have no idea why this child was imprisoned. It’s possible that the slave list has already been circulated against nobles who only want beast tribe slaves. Lady, you should not take him.”




    “If they happen to find out that this child is in the Count’s mansion, you may be suspected of being involved in this matter.” 




    Perhaps because of anxiety that it might be abandoned, the child began to look severely scared and clung onto Serdel. Even his nails that had been out being put away as he held onto her.


    “I—will listen carefully.”


    The face full of tears and runny nose was very pitiful.


    “Even though he’s a child, he’s a beast. As long as he grows quickly—” 


    “I-I’ll just eat a little bit of food. I’ll only eat as much as my pinky nail. You don’t even have to give it to me, I’ll pick out grass and eat it.”


    “We don’t have time, Lady. Shouldn’t you hurry back to your family and heal your hands?” 


    Cough. Hiccup. 


    “—It’s scary to be alone— I’ll be good. I’ll listen to your words well— don’t throw me away, sister—”


    Blenn sighed in vain at the words “be well-behaved.” His hands were now soaked with blood. The wound itself seemed swollen as if it had been poisoned.


    “I can transform well, too.” 


    He wriggled in her arms, eventually transforming into a baby wolf with soft black fur. She thought his fur would be the same color as his hair because it was golden, but this wolf form was all black. The color of his eyes changed as well.


    [I can transform into other races well, too]


    Whoosh, this time it turned into a pink fox with a red belly. 


    [I’ve never been transformed inside. I felt like I would be dragged to a more terrifying place if my abilities were discovered— I didn’t transform even after being beaten.] 


    The child’s voice flowed into her mind. It was a characteristic of imprinting. The child nodded again and shifted to a human form. Unlike before, he had neither ears nor tails. Even this time, he had blue hair and a dot around his eyes. 


    The child gently poked the mole with his hand and even performed the tricks of moving it to his nose. It was easy to hide his identity, so he showed that he would not be found out by anyone. 


    ‘You are a species that transforms freely.’


    “Are you a Tawl Wolf?” (I’m not sure is this right but the Korean is 타웰 울프, if you have any suggestion feel free to comment xD) 


    Blenn’s eyes grew bigger at Serdel’s question. He looked at the child again. The child nodded widely in Serdel’s arms, ignoring Blenn’s gaze.


    ‘I was going to take him in when I decided to save him.’


    Unlike other slaves who would have gone out together and lived well under Blenn’s direction, this child would have to go through everything alone the moment she let go of his hand. No matter how fast the beast tribe people matured, they did not become adults in a few days. 


    Moreover, beast people sold for a high price. With him being a child, anyone could easily catch him, so there was a high possibility that he would get in trouble. 


    Even if it was a normal beast they would be awful like that but if they knew it was a Tawl Wolf they’d be vicious. 


    ‘I didn’t know I’d be this lucky.’


    The Tawl Wolfs was also considered a symbol of the forest. 


    They are very weak when they are young, but when they become adults, they become so strong that most races couldn’t even stand next to them. Especially in the forest. Therefore, they were also called the rulers of the forest. 


    ‘It’s a species that’s hard to see in places like this. Did he get caught by hunters after entering the wrong territory?’


    Or maybe he was in this situation after being pushed out of the group because they had a strong tendency to be exclusive even between their own kind. As she thought of the hardships that the child must have suffered in the past, strength came into her arms. 




    “Blenn. I’m responsible for all decisions and consequences, so move quietly.” 


    “—I understand.”


    His mouth gradually closed. He hasn’t watched her for a long time, but Serdel doesn’t listen to anyone when she comes out so decisively. It was Blenn, who had already figured that out.


    He could no longer say anything, and he jumped sharply between buildings as if he were leaving his body to the wind. Thanks to this, it didn’t take long to arrive at the alley where the carriage was parked. 




    Suddenly, when a person fell from the sky, Terra, who was looking around in surprise, pulled out a sword. 


    “Terra, calm down.”


    “Lady!” He sheathed his sword at the sound of her voice.


    “How about Laura?”


    “She’s in the carriage. She has been restless for a while, but I guess she has relaxed a bit, and now she’s asleep. Why are you so late—” 




    Terra’s gaze, which was pouring out words, headed to the child in Serdel’s arms and her bloody hands surrounding the child. 




    His eyes were distorted in an instant. 


    “Terra, I think it’s better to start leaving without saying anything.” 


    Ugh. Biting his lips, he searched his arms and hurriedly pulled out a bottle of potion. It was a low-level potion she had given him the other day, and it seemed that he didn’t give it to Siri as he went to a dangerous place, but kept it aside. 


    One lower level could fill the fallen physical strength, but it was too little magic to treat a wound like this. Even though he may have known that, Terra hurriedly poured it onto Serdel’s hands, just in case. 




    Naturally, there was no effect.


    “P-please excuse me.”


    Leaning down, he opened Serdel’s waist bag and looked inside. Terra’s face, which confirmed that there was nothing, gradually became angry. 


    “Why didn’t you leave a full bottle of potion left, Lady—!”


    He groaned and vented his upset heart. It was a strange appearance she had never seen before. The usual feather-like lightness was nowhere to be found.


    Whoosh! Turning his head, he glared at Blenn as if he were going to kill him with his expression alone. 


    “What did you do? What did you do while my Lady was getting hurt? She took a risk and saved your sister—!”


    But he couldn’t throw out any more angry words. Not because he was scared by Blenn, but because he didn’t help Serdel either. Terra’s face gradually became distorted with self-blame. 




    As she was about to call Terra. He turned around first and took a seat on the coach seat. 


    “Hurry up and get in, Lady. We have to hurry to heal the wound.” 


    Then he didn’t see Serdel anymore. He felt quite angry about the whole situation. 




    Breaking the desolate atmosphere, Blenn opened the door of the carriage. Laura was asleep on the chair, as Terra said. 




    Her cheeks were reddish and plump. For some reason, her dry lips, which had been blue as well as her frizzy tangled hair, were shiny and smooth. Even the damaged toenails on her bare feet were also clean, and the sound of breathing was also stable and soft. If it weren’t for her outfit, she wouldn’t look like someone who was just rescued from such a place.


    He blanked for a while. Blenn got into the carriage first, lifted the coat that Laura had been covered with, and carefully checked her back through the torn rags. There were no wounds or deep scars or even bruises. Serdel’s head turned to the coachman seat again.




    Not only did he carry Laura all the way here, but he also gave her the two bottles of potions that he had been saving for an emergency. For a brief time, she imagined how Terra would have felt after suppressing his anger while glaring at Blenn.


    Although Terra didn’t like Blenn, he must have believed that Blenn would come back with Serdel safely and used the emergency potion on Laura. How desperate he must have been to see her condition on her return and knowing he didn’t have the other potions anymore—. 


    Her heart felt heavy when she thought of him, who must have blamed himself for having used the precious and advanced potion on someone other than his master—.




    Blenn, who had put Laura in his arms and arranged the seat, reached out his hand. She had her eyes fixed on the back of Terra’s head, so she couldn’t see his hand, and instead grabbed the door and climbed up.




    The shriveled, blistered skin on her palm screamed in return. The terrible sensation spread across her entire body, numbing the nape of her neck. Terra slowly began to drive the carriage as she closed the door, suppressing her groans. Serdel leaned her head back, unable to deal with her throbbing palms.


    “—Make sure to say thank you to Terra for treating your sister. Blenn.”


    “Yes, I understand.”



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