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    Count Cartal Robbesta, who had returned to the family following the Imperial conference, was greeted by Serdel. “Are you back, Father?”


    The footsteps that had been going by indifferently had come to a halt. He turned his head to look at her smile.


    “…Where… Are you not feeling well?”




    That’s right.


    Serdel smiled as she clicked her tongue inside.


    Since the death of her mother, the Countess, 10 years ago, there has been no conversation in her family. In this mansion, Serdel, whom she possessed, was very eccentric. With a blunt father and no particular talents between an older sister and an older brother, she was nothing more than an ugly duckling.


    As a result, it was natural that even the most casual and ordinary greetings were unfamiliar to each other.


    ‘There was nothing to see face to face.’


    “Whoa, I’m tired.”


    Just then, someone came in.


    The eldest son of the family, Redan Robbesta, Serdel’s brother, loosened the cravat and unbuttoned the shirt that was tied around his neck.


    “You’re back, Brother.” Serdel smiled softly once again.


    “….Are you sick anywhere?”




    Again, it is.


    “You haven’t eaten yet, have you? Why don’t we do it in the dining room together instead of separately today? I’ve already prepared everything, so just change your clothes and come.”




    Two people remained silent.


    “I have something to say after dinner.”


    “…You’re not putting poison in the food, are you? Or did you make it yourself? Has she been in and out of the kitchen since she was a kid? I don’t think your abilities have improved as much as when you have your nails done.”


    It’s embarrassing for her to do something she’s never done before. With a serious expression, Redan muttered.


    “Please change your clothes and come out.”


    Cartal went inside first.


    Redan followed behind him, murmuring quietly. “…What are you going to say, even make you cook a meal? By the way, did she really make it? She didn’t cook soup out of sand, did she?”


    Serdel couldn’t help but smile when she saw him like that.


    “I’m going to eat and have a stomach ache…”







    “It’s a little sad that Lady Addis isn’t here, but it’s great to see everyone eating together after a long time.


    “That’s right.”




    Despite the butler’s and maid’s efforts, no words were said between the three of them. The only sound in the quiet was the clatter of plates. By the time the maids in the back had their complexion turned blue by this suffocating atmosphere.


    Serdel put the fork and knife down. Now that they’ve eaten a little, it’s time for her to do her business. “I broke my engagement with Count Maient.”






    Redan, who was on the point of pulling out the wine, hastily covered his lips with a napkin. Cartal’s gaze was drawn to her only then. His brow began to drop.


    “I thought he was asking for a date, but he told me to break up.”


    “What are you.. so calm about it?” Redan asked, tossing down the napkin that had been used to wipe his mouth.


    “So what if I am?”




    “Should I cry and scream instead?”


    If so, will he accept it?


    ‘It’s not even funny.’


    Except for her maid Siri, no one took care of her struggles in the past. Not a single word was said. Rather, he spits out only harsh words with his pitiful gaze.


    To her who was hurt.


    Far from being considerate, he brutally stabbed her heart with a knife. It was only natural that they didn’t get along. But she had no intention of arguing with them now.


    She didn’t want to be tired now, revealing her emotions in the face of a specific goal.


    ‘As long as I’m not expecting it.’


    Just another member of this body’s family. They were just as good to her as everyone else. It is good enough to take only what she needs and ignore the rest.


    Serdel, who had taken her gaze away from Redan, spoke to Cartal with the same bluntness.


    “He’ll most likely drop by tomorrow early afternoon with a letter of cancellation. I requested that you sort out the development rights related to the Elbash forest—”


    “Did you have the right to speak in relation to the family business?”


    The mouth, which had been tightly shut even when the breakup was announced, was only opened when the conversation turned to business.


    Even the face became fierce.


    “I haven’t, but I’d like to request it because I’m directly involved.”


    “How and in what capacity?”


    “As Count Cartal Robbesta’s daughter.” Serdel said without avoid the glare.


    “I’m a member of the family. I believe I have the right to speak.”




    “After all, marriage is a family business. Is there any reason to keep the already fractured business from marriage?”




    He nodded, as if he wanted her to continue.


    “I don’t believe Count Maient has a strong enough reason to accept that much. There’s no reason why Count Robbesta should be taken away from a disrespectful man.”


    Cartal remained silent.


    She is the youngest daughter, and she has never argued like this before. What a daring look she has.


    “Many people are still fighting for the right to develop the Elbash Forest. There are many families with the skills and abilities to assist us as much as Count Maient.”


    Serdel’s tone had changed before he realized it. If there had previously been a soft tone of persuasion, there was now a firm tone of determination.




    He was deep in thought.


    Elbash Forest is a large forest located west of Count Robbesta that was previously classified as a dangerous area due to monster territory. Except for professional hunters registered on the estate, he also forbidden them from entering.


    A few months ago.


    An incident occurred when the monster cubs, who had not yet left the realm, entered the hunters’ territory. Because they were afraid that the cubs that followed them would attack the village, the hunters who were trying to escape were forced to become baits.


    They went into monster territory to send them back.


    It was an inducement in and of itself. They had no choice but to pass through the monster’s territory.


    Then they discovered a Mana stone mine. As soon as they made the Elbash forest known, it became a hot potato. Cartal made the decision to drive the monsters away and seize control of the forest.


    It was absurd to think that the Mana stone mine had not been developed because of the monster area, so he had no choice but to make a risky choice.


    After all, even if they are found in the territory, Mana stone mines are not completely owned by the lord. Some rights had to be given to the Emperor, the country’s owner.


    Instead, as part of his owner’s responsibilities, the Emperor assisted in the development of the mine. There was no reason to retreat. In the end, he successfully drew Imperial support. Furthermore, in order to fill in the gaps, they set out to find someone to work with on the development of Elbash Forest.


    Many people approached, but it was Count Maient who was chosen in the end. Serdel’s fiancée and his estate were close with Count Robbesta.


    It was the most important factor in receiving assistance.


    On the contrary, if it wasn’t for those two reasons, there was no reason to stick to Serdel’s words.


    “Is there anyone in particular you have in mind? I’m not sure if you’re aware, but we’ve already had numerous discussions with Count Maient.”


    “But this is just a discussion, and no exploration or development has yet begun. How fortunate is this? It would have been more difficult if the engagement had ended in the middle of the day.”




    “Please give me some time. I’ll recommend the right person, not the self-centered individual who easily betrays trust.”


    It was the first time he’d seen Serdel look so confident.


    Even though the breakup was significant, he couldn’t take his gaze away from the way she acted confidently rather than heartbroken.


    “—When Count Maient arrives, I will accept the letter called off engagement and reclaim the right to develop Elbash Forest.”


    “Thank you very much, Father.”


    “—There is no need to bow down as a result of this type of incident. Take a rest.” Cartal, who was the first to rise from his seat, left the dining room. He was followed by the butler and the maid.


    Redan spoke to Serdel, who was holding a glass of wine, with an inward sigh.


    “What exactly are you doing?”




    “No, you said the engagement had ended. How did you manage to be so carefree?”


    “You’ve been saying the same thing for a long time. What am I supposed to show you, brother?”




    Redan’s mouth was closed as he prepared to say something.


    Serdel stood up with a glass of wine in her hand, leaving him unsatisfied. “I’m tired, so I’ll go and rest first. Brother, take a rest.”




    He tried to reach out to her, but Redan, who raised his hand, scratched his head.


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