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    “Phantom Monster Battle? What exactly is it?”


    Terra, who was bending his back and looking around with his eyes, inquired quietly.


    “Are phantom monsters monsters created by magic? They fight each other. Just like players fighting each other in a gladiator.”


    “Ah—I see, huh? But isn’t it illegal to trade or handle living monsters under imperial law? No matter how fake it is, monsters are monsters.”


    “So this place belongs to the darkest part of the dark places, right?”


    ‘I see’, Terra, who nodded, turned to the stage where the light was not turned on.


    “Is it the same as a real monster? I’m curious.”


    He looked around once. It was quiet with no one making any noise, but somehow there was a strangely hot feeling.


    “Did they like it because it’s illegal—”


    Paah! The lights on the stage were turned on and the show unfolded.




    There were a lot of twisted people among the aristocrats who had to deal with the pressure of surviving in a system that felt like a war every day. They needed a new stimulus as much as they needed to get rid of the stress, and this was the place to get it.


    The quiet heat was broken in an instant as the phantom goblins appeared. The nobles quickly touched the screen similar to the status window that appeared in front of them. After choosing a goblin to invest in, they paid the money and bought the ability to get used to it. 


    Some people invested in intellectual strength, while others focused on muscle strength or defense.


    [5 minutes are left before the battle begins]


    The hands of the nobles became busier. In line with that, the condition of the skinny phantom goblin changed rapidly. There were some guys who grew taller and bigger than an adult male, and there were some guys whose body balance was strange because only muscles had grown. 


    She didn’t know what they did, but she saw the guy with only his head or soles of his feet getting bigger. 




    Terra held back his laughter from behind. In addition, the costumes worn by the phantom goblins were also different, so they were full of characteristics. From a guy wearing leather armor, a guy wearing only a robe, a guy wearing full plate armour, and a guy wearing a funny nobleman’s clothes.


    ‘They’re spending a lot of money.’


    Of course, she was spending money like water too. To save Blenn’s sister. 


    [10, 9, 8— 2, 1, 0!] 




    [The investment time is over!]


    At the same time, the light on the screen that they had been working hard on until just before was turned off. 




    “I should’ve invested a little more!” 


    Sighs mixed with regret came out here and there. As if the opportunity was up to here, the light on the screen did not come back in. The crowded phantom Goblin on the stage also disappeared with only three left to duel first. 


    [The battle begins!]




    A thunderous shout came out, and the money bet began. 


    Even if it was not Goblin who they invested in, the nobles enjoyed this moment by betting money on someone who looked strong. There were also people who couldn’t hold back their excitement and stepped up and waved their hands. 


    “Ah! You can’t move there like that! That’s it! Whew.”


    “Ah! You can’t move there like that!” Me! Me! Whew.” 


    It was unbelievably noisy like a marketplace where only nobles gathered. Serdel glanced at Blenn. She couldn’t see the detailed expression because of the veil, but his jaw was full of strength.


    Now this situation would be quite uncomfortable. Standing in a place where he thought his younger sister would be there, seeing only random scenes unfolding would make him feel confused but also somewhat anxious. As if her prediction was correct, he bent down and put his mouth close to Serdel’s ear.




    As soon as Blenn was about to say something, Serdel spit it out first. 


    “I told you so. It’s different from ordinary slaves. So wait.” 


    “—I understand.”


    At the same time he looked at her and straightened his posture. Finally, the phantom Goblin she invested in appeared. She spent her money generously to raise his ability, and the weapons to him were also very diverse.


    Long sword, dagger, bow and arrow, and magic scroll. 


    ‘But has it been properly invested in intelligence?’ 


    Serdel, who narrowed her eyes, looked through him. It was the same with the guys who came out earlier, but this guy, too, could not see a single light in his squinted eyes, as if he was caught in a ban and had his mind engulfed. 


    Considering that she was worried about one thing, his movements were overwhelmingly excellent. He avoided the opponent’s attack one step faster and predicted the attack that would follow in advance.


    “Wow, it looks amazing?”


    Terra also burst out in admiration. 


    “Maybe because of his maximum ability, his movements are natural, not like a monster, just like a human.” 




    At the end of that, he even cut down two of them at once with a long sword. Since they were nothing more than illusions, the two disappeared with a white smoke. 


    ‘It’s a good thing I spent money.’


    “Damn it!”


    The nobles who invested in the dead burst into anger. But even for a while, they were once again deprived of their gaze in the ongoing battle. 




    As a result, the one that Serdel invested in won the final victory. 


    [It’s the Monster who won the first round! Please give him a round of applause!]


    The aristocrats who bet money on him even blew a whistle that they would never have done outside. The nobles in this space were free-spirited, and at the same time, they were unruly and vulgar. 


    How long has it been? 


    As soon as the goblin was recovered, half of the invested money was returned to her as a reward. It was also able to obtain the right to acquire slave priority, a “winning privilege.”


    Now she can save Blenn’s sister with this. Seeing a piece of paper coming from the screen, she was caught in a strange feeling for a moment. 


    “Damn it! How much did I invest!”


    A man who stood up after kicking a chair gave off a runny nose and grinded his teeth. She couldn’t recognize her face because of the half-mask, but she instinctively noticed. 


    That he was Count Sollete. 


    “Who is it! Come out! The one who has the right to win, come out!” 


    He uses a lot of bad things.


    “Give it to me! Then I’ll give you twice the amount you invested in this monster. Damn it! There was a slave I wanted!”


    Serdel’s eyes got cold. The slave he wants is probably Blenn’s younger sister. Like himself, he seems to have obtained a list of slaves in advance. 


    “Come out!” 


    Unable to beat her, he even kicked the floor.


    [Before this excitement subsides, the second round will begin!]


    The nobles cheered at the notification from the air. 




    No one was interested in Count Sollete’s actions. In a place like this, this doesn’t happen once or twice, so they’re already used to it. His anger was buried under the shouts of everyone. 


    When a number of phantom Goblins appeared on the stage, the nobles’ nerves were all focused on buying their abilities. Count Sollete turned his gaze away and invested the money. 


    “Let’s go.”


    On the other hand, Serdel, who had no more business to do, finally got up and moved quietly.




    He approached the mouse mask that was guarding the entrance and showed him the right to acquire it. 


    “I will guide you to a place where there are useful slaves.” 


    She followed him and walked down the hallway. Then, around the middle, when he opened the door, a staircase that led directly down appeared. The mouse mask that took the lead mumbled down. 


    ‘What are you counting? Why?’


    She wondered, but she had no choice but to follow. How much did it go down? 




    He turned his body sideways. Then a road was created where there was nothing.


    ‘It’s hidden with illusion magic.’


    Between the moderately wide corridors, both sides were made of steel bars, and the inside was overflowing with people. The atmosphere was different from the ones they saw near the entrance. 


    It can be seen that it is a place where only those with relatively good characters, that is, those who can trade at a certain price, are gathered. 


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