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    This time, she got closer first. Serdel, who reached out, raised his chin. 


    “I think you’re misunderstanding, Blenn. I’m worried that your sister and you will be in danger rather than my position and family.”


    It was a soft voice and slow tone. She brought the atmosphere so that she didn’t look too calculating. Blenn’s eyes, which were covered with deep anxiety, fluttered.


    “I’m afraid you’ll miss the opportunity to save your sister because of your wrong judgment. I’m afraid you’ll get caught up. That’s the scariest thing, and I’m afraid.”


    She moved her hand and swept his cheek.


    “Blenn. I will save your sister for sure. Trust me. Hm? I told you not too long ago. I need you.” 




    “Help me.” 


    Perhaps it was hard to keep looking at her, but he lowered his eyes. 


    How long has it been? 


    “—I trust you. I will trust Lady and follow your will, Lady.”


    Fortunately, he curled his tail first. The sullen look like before was gone, and a serious attitude was revealed. 


    “Yeah. So will you take me outside now?” 


    He stood up and held her. Serdel’s slender arms wrapped around Blenn’s neck. At that moment, his neck and shoulder muscles became stiff. The long eyelashes were also a little shaky. 


    “Hurry up.” 


    Blenn, who moved his body before he could even put the name in his mouth, easily jumped over the terrace and the family wall. It was a fast movement even with one person in his arms. 


    “Where should I go? Tell me the directions.”


    “Why don’t you drop me off first?”


    Serdel, who got out of his arms, took the lead. Blenn followed closely behind. How long did it take? Terra, who was waiting at the entrance of the alley, came out. 


    “Why are you so late, Lady! This way.” 


    Behind him stood a white-roofed luxury carriage that had been prepared in advance. 


    “Come on up.”


    Terra, who is in the horseman seat, said to Serdel and Blenn.


    “Then, let’s go!”




    After 30 minutes


    As she entered the 8th street of Amelga, the largest entertainment district in the system, the sweet smell of fruit and the smell of alcohol leaked through the gap between the carriage doors. 


    This was because bars from all over the place sprayed alcohol at the entrance to attract customers. There are bars that receive alcohol from breweries, but they are often made by themselves for the characteristics of the store, so they promote it in this way.


    ‘I don’t think this smell and that smell will blend in and can promote it very well.’


    Nevertheless, the noses of the drinkers seemed to be different, fluttering their nostrils and finding the place they wanted. 


    “Whoo— whoo—”


    The carriage stopped when she was looking at it because it was a little interesting.




    Terra approached and opened the door. Blenn, who got down first, reached out to Serdel before came forward. Terra’s eyes instantly became fierce and then subsided when she came out. The smell of alcohol poked her nose. 


    Putting on her coat first, she pressed down on a gentleman’s hat, and then tapped her chin. 


    “Go ahead.”


    “Yes. Lady.”


    Covering her nose and mouth with her long sleeves, she followed Terra and entered a narrow alleyway in a remote place. 


    Soon there was a dead end. 


    Knock, knock, knock knock. 


    Terra lightly tapped the wall to the sound of a playful knock, and then passed without any hesitation. Tera lightly tapped the wall to the sound of a playful knock, and then passed without any hesitation. 


    Serdel also naturally went inside, followed by Blen quietly. 


    It was a wide passage.


    And a dead end wall that blocks them again. 


    Serdel took out the half mask and put it on. 


    “Cover your face with this.” 


    She also handed the veil she had prepared beforehand to Blenn. Even if it was black, it would have been difficult if his sister recognized him and made a fuss.




    Terra, who had been swallowing his saliva, reached out to the wall. 




    They no need to knock this time, hands wearing white gloves popped out from both walls that they were waiting for. 


    “Tell us the purpose of your visit.”


    “I brought my master because I heard there was something interesting to see. I came to make a reservation a few days ago. Do you not remember me?”


    Terra replied in a nervous voice on purpose. 


    “Can you please confirm your identity?”


    This time, Serdel stepped forward, clicked her tongue annoyingly.


    “You’re going to check our ID card even though we’re wearing it on the face? You’re not just picky, you’re even rude!”


    “Please forgive my disrespect. This is to check exactly if the person who made the reservation is correct.”


    Even in front of the noble, she couldn’t feel even a single emotion in the calm voice. 


    When she took out her ID card and handed it over, the white gloves disappeared for a while and popped out of the wall again. 


    “I have made a big mistake with an important person. We ask for your generosity and welcome your first visit.”


    At the same time as the plaque was returned, the wall was distorted, and soon a steel door appeared.


    Beyond that was darkness. She couldn’t see anything. 




    The door opened automatically. When they walked inside for about five minutes, the light began to spread and another world unfolded. 


    A long and spacious hallway. 


    A large cage on one side of the wall.


    Inside, from humans to other races that are banned from the system. Slaves of various genders and ages were imprisoned. Some people were relatively fine. There were some who were quite rebellious but became a prodigy.


    With a gloomy energy from them wearing rags! A bloody smell and a thick shadow of death have come. It felt like her heart was stuffed up.  


    It was hard to breathe. 


    “Things like trash.” 


    The nobles who entered earlier pointed their fingers at them. Her stomach churned at the ridicule and relentless ridicule. Wearing the same mask as her. 


    ‘I’m disgusted—’


    At the same time, thinking of pretending to be noble outside, her hands were naturally tense. She didn’t feel very good even though she expected some of these scenes. 


    However, this was not revealed. If she is shaken, Terra will be anxious, and Blenn will—.


    ‘I can’t see well because of the veil.’ 


    When she looked down, his tightly rolled fists were full of blood. That alone showed how much emotion he was holding back. 


    When she opened her eyes once, she turned her attention away from the cage. No matter how sad it is, it was not the time to be in a daze of sympathy. A rabbit mask man wearing white gloves stood in front of the door after walking for a long time.


    “Welcome. As it’s the first show in two months, we’ve prepared a lot, so I hope you have a good time here.”


    Opening the door, he bowed down. It was so polite that she almost mistook this place for a luxury restaurant. 


    As she went inside swallowing a smile, there was a wide space similar to a gladiatorial field.


    “This way.”


    Each seat was reserved. Temporary walls of a suitable height were installed on both sides of each other so that they did not look into each other’s eyes. Terra and Blenn stood behind Serdel when she sat down.


    Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo.


    “I’m nervous even after making a reservation. It’s my first time coming into a place like this— what is the show? What kind of show did they prepare? I don’t think it’ll be normal—”


    “Calm down.” 


    On the other hand, nobles covering their faces came in one by one and began to settle down. Soon after, all the seats were full. The warmth of covering the space seemed to make her sweat.


    [Sorry for making you wait so long. In the meantime, the supply and demand was not smooth, so we could not provide a proper sight. So today! The ‘Phantom Monster Battle’, requested by many people, will start soon, so please focus on the stage!] 


    An announcement flowed out of the air. 


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