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    “—What should I do?”


    “I can’t explain in detail right now, but I hope you can help me with the power you have. If you do, I’ll find your sister within 20 days. If I can’t find her within the promised period, this transaction will be null and void.”




    “As a reward for saving your precious time, I’ll give you twice as much money as you have now. What do you think, I don’t believe it’s a lose-lose situation for you? “




    “Instead, I have a condition: first, don’t be curious about my abilities, and second, don’t mention it carelessly.” 


    If he could think, he would have realized what type of ability she was talking to. Nonetheless, the reason she put such a condition was to earn more trust by throwing something that could be considered her own weakness.


    “—Are you, Are you sure you can find my sister?”


    “I promise. I can give you a new identity if you want. If you want to leave with your younger sister, you can leave. As long as you take care of my business clearly.”


    “Until now— there were many people who wanted me.”


    ‘I’m sure it is.’ 


    “There were noble women who grabbed my hand and said they’d do anything for me.” He came a step closer. “However, no one has ever made a proposal like the Lady. My sister is my only blood relative. I must find her. I don’t need money. Please find her unconditionally. Otherwise— I’m not sure what I’ll do with my eyes fixed on the Lady who touched me.”


    Serdel smiled widely at him, who reacted with caution to the threat.


    “So, should I give you time to think about it?”




    He bowed his head with an answer.


    “I’ll take the Lady’s suggestion, and if you can find my younger sister, I’ll do anything.”


    “Okay, great. So, shall we start by writing a contract as a token of our trust in each other?” 


    She wrote down what she just said in the magic contract she had prepared. After hesitating for a while, he signed his autograph only after reconfirming that there was nothing disadvantageous to him. 


    “I will be in your care.”


    “Please— take good care of me. And my name is Blenn.”


    She already knew that.


    “Yes, follow me, Blenn.”




    Before going back to the family, they stopped by the clothing store. 


    “Will you choose, or will I choose?”


    “What are you—”


    “Your clothes. I can’t take you like that.”


    He looked at his conditions. 


    “You’re not going to say, ‘I’m comfortable with this,’ are you?”


    “….it’s not comfortable.” 


    Well. Until a few years ago, he was also the Young Master of a noble family. He has no choice but to adapt and live in the situation he finds himself in.


    “Then pick one.”




    He stepped up and couldn’t pick his clothes.


    “…Okay— Please choose by yourself.”


    ‘I don’t mean to say no, but won’t you go first?’


    It seemed like it was crashing against the wall. He didn’t even try to hide it.It’s as if he doesn’t need a reason to fight this opponent. At first glance, it seems to have been ignored, yet it wasn’t. On the contrary, the level of vigilance was lower than it had been before the contract was written.




    It wasn’t bad.


    ‘I would have been more wary of him on my side if his behavior had suddenly changed.’


    “Okay, I’ll pick for you.”


    Serdel, with her fingers stretched out, chose a spot. “From there,” she said as her long-drawn finger came to a halt near one side. “Until you get there.”




    “I’m going to buy them all, so I’d like them wrapped up in the carriage.”


    “Thank you, Lady! Please wait for a moment, I’ll get it ready quickly!”  The staff moved busily with joy. Siri and Terra looked at Serdel with flustered eyes. The same goes for Blenn. 


    Serdel shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know much about men’s clothes.” And she wanted to try it. Like this. 




    “Oh, should I buy some shoes?” 






    “I’ll choose—”


    Blenn came quickly with a pair of leather boots, afraid that Serdel would shout from there to there again.


    “Do you need anything else?”


    “No, I don’t.”


    “Okay, then. Shall we go?”


    The luggage compartment was suddenly full of his clothes.


    “Thank you so much, Lady!” 


    Serdel got on the carriage first after receiving polite greetings from the staff. Blenn, who had hesitated, followed her and Terra muttered as Siri was about to get on.


    “Is that the value of a person who says that if a person is good— then I envy him, the value of the person.” 


    Siri looked at him pitifully. As if not noticing it, Terra’s shoulders gradually dropped down. 


    “Damn it, I’m envious… the person’s value.” All the good-looking b*stards get it all out in the trash. Siri turned away from him after the final murmur.




    She went to report to Cartal, the house’s owner, as outsiders were brought in. But he only looks at Blenn for a while. He didn’t ask for anything.


    A question like where are you from and what you’ve been doing so far?


    He’s not curious, instead—.


    “Serdel, I’m sure you have a good reason for doing something you don’t do.” 


    He appears to believe it’s because of precognitive dreams.


    “You just don’t have to do it.”


    “To me, it will never harm the family.”


    Cartal gave him permission to stay in the family with a nod. It surprised her because she had not expected it to be so easy to accept. Addis and Redan are the only ones left. How loud would they be together?




    After two days, Addis arrived at the Count and stared at Blenn the same way Cartal did. Her mouth opened after a few moments of staring at him.


    “Is it the silver hair that used to be active in that gladiator? You picked it up well.”


    How does she know that? No way—.


    “His Highness Palden said he saw you there. He didn’t forget that you took the silver hair that you had been watching with interest.”


    Her spine went cold. 


    “We’ll have to compete to understand what’s going on, but I believe you have a lot more talent than I’ve heard, and do you think it would help with the Elbash forest?” 


    Serdel nodded, capturing the spirit of being distracted for a brief moment.


    “Yeah, you’ve seen it as well— so you must have followed your own plan. I’m not against keeping him close, but—”




    Addis, who pulled out a sword, brought it to Blenn’s neck. 


    “You’d better keep in mind that if you do any harm to this child and our family, you could be decapitated.”


    “—There will be no harm.”


    “We’ll see about it in the future.”


    Addis carried the sword and the arsenic with him. The doctor, who accepted it but was not overly concerned, spread it out. It was only natural for her to be a knight and the family’s heir. It was enough for Serdel to thank her for crossing the line.


    “And one more.”


    As she reached Blenn’s nose, she growled slowly.


    “If you don’t want to ruin your handsome face, never smile in front of my sister.”




    She’s canceling to say thank you. 


    “Don’t even blink. You’d better not give off a weird vibe.”


    Blenn remained silent. He didn’t even make any expressions on his face. If he had reacted, it would have been better. She felt even more ashamed of herself just by looking at Addis on the dull day.


    Serdel dragged Siri forward so she wouldn’t say any more strange things. “I know you’re tired, but I’d like to ask you a favor.”


    “Favor? Like what?” Addis’ eyes sparkled.


    It was the first time she heard her sister say the word “favor.” Her earlobes became a little redder, as if fluttering.


    “Look at this kid. She started practicing swordsmanship a few days ago to follow me to the Elbash Forest, and I think her talent is extraordinary.”


    “Training? To whom? I didn’t hear that from the knights.”


    “Ah—! I couldn’t bother the Knights, so I learned from Terra, who was a little close.”


    Siri patted her finger in nervousness. 


    “Terra? That Terra? That mouth-watering bastard? What did you learn from him?”


    “The basic swordsmanship of the Empire.”


    “She learnt it in half a day, and she had a fight with him, which she won in just two tries. Of course, I know Terra’s skills are not that great, but even if we put that aside, Siri’s movements weren’t great.”


    Suddenly, a different look appeared in Addis’s eyes.


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