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    “And I have an urgent matter to attend to, so I’m afraid I’ll have to leave.”




    “It was a pleasure to see you here for a short moment. Then.”


    “There’s nothing I can do about you being busy. I’m sorry, but I won’t hold you. We’ll see each other soon anyway.”


    His tone of voice lowered slightly. The atmosphere shifted as the tone changed, even if it was the same informal speech. Palden moved to the side. Serdel passed him with as casual a look as possible. The back of her head stung a lot.


    ‘Let’s not look back. Let’s not look back.’


    If their eyes met again, she felt like she’d be caught. Serdel’s steps became quicker.


    As she walked away, Palden lifted his chin and stared through the back of her.


    “Is that how she looks? Or has something changed? What a unique and interesting move following the breakup with Count Maient.”


    He thought he had heard something wrong when he learned of her participation in the expedition through his aides not long ago. It was completely ridiculous. What is Count Robbesta thinking in allowing her to participate when she isn’t a great swordsman like Addis or has been trained from a young age like Redan?


    He was irritated because he couldn’t figure out what the point was. He’d heard she approached Damon first, brought in the Marquis of Spendar, and provided numerous ideas about Elbash Forest, but he couldn’t believe it. Except for the title of brilliant Knight’s younger sister or Count Maient’s fiancee—.


    To be honest, she was nothing special. She broke the marriage even after that, so she became a person full of rumors. He couldn’t possibly expect her to assist in any way. So, sooner or later, he should meet and speak with Count Robbesta or Addis individually, and try to stop Serdel’s interest.


    That is, until he saw her enter the gladiatorial arena alone, with only one servant and maid. For a brief moment, curiosity sparked. He had to do something, yet he turned around and followed her without hesitation. Because it was a VIP seat, the only thing he could see was the back of the seat. It was enough to sense the mood. He focused on her like that, sitting as slanted as he could.


    ‘It was unique.’ 


    She was the only one in the gladiator who remained still when the entire audience enjoyed the fight passionately. When she put money on it, she was really relaxed. Even when she paid for the bet, she was different from the servant and maid who were making a fuss. She acted as though she knew what was going to happen next. She was very calm.


    ‘Maybe she has a good feeling. Or a good eye.’


    Maybe both. 


    ‘The distribution was good.’ 


    The bigger the game, the more people will be forced to abandon their instincts in such a hot environment. The thrill of touching a fortune. Only the strange idea that one’s eyes aren’t deceiving one. On the other hand, they are terrified of what will happen if they lose. Nobody knows, but there’s a fear that the high winning rate tower they’ve created will come crashing down with just one wrong bet.


    ‘You usually get more cautious and concerned about earning money as time passes.’


    It was rare to see a type of person who remained calm until the end without a moment of hesitation, such as Serdel, without a gambler’s temperament. That alone could tell she was quite bold. That piqued his interest even more.


    It was only a few months ago.


    Wasn’t she the one that debuted with a really unsteady figure?


    It was so different from the time when she looked dark as if she was about to die at the moment when she was supposed to shine beautifully. She seems to be a completely different person.


    ‘I’m sure the broken engagement triggered it.’


    “Anyway, she didn’t end up on the expedition for no reason.”


    His displeasure turned to curiosity, and he shifted his sight to Serdel’s seat. She called the servant in a quiet voice as soon as the battle was finished.


    ‘After that, she didn’t even answer my questions, and even made a gap to send the servant away first.’


    It must have been some order given in advance. Perhaps that order is another reason for coming here today. 


    “Find out what the Young Lady’s servant went to do. Oh, and the silver hair that came out at the end. Learn more about him. He’s the only one who’s not bad at the arena.”


    Regardless of his status, if he believed he was worth it, he would accept it right away. Because such figures are not permitted to enter the palace, they are managed in private.


    Palden turned around after seeing the aide who had received the order move away.




    ‘It’s not too late, is it?’


    She observed two people in a fight when she entered the gladiator waiting room with the help of a staff member she met along the way.


    “Lady, you’re here.”


    Terra’s expression, on the other hand, which had fully vanished when talking with Siri, remained a little longer. Sweat ran down from his forehead, indicating that he was exceedingly nervous.




    A bewildered fight between the two. Serdel kept her eye on him, afraid that Blenn would assume something bad would happen.  After beckoning such an employee out, Serdel also blinked at Terra and Siri.


    “You two stay out, too.” 




    “You can’t do that!”


    “Get out. It’s an order.”




    The fierce eyes of Serdel stiffened their expressions. Siri trembled all over her body, just thinking about what might happen to Serdel.




    “Don’t be worried. He would realize I’m a noble if he had his eyes fixed correctly. In the area, where a penny isn’t enough, he won’t be able to act freely.”




    This time, Blenn’s shoulders shook. Siri and Terra eventually left, leaving him alone in the waiting room.


    “—What exactly is it?”


    The low-pitched voice was tense and alert. Her body shivered as she felt the chill from the dark eyes. Serdel, on the other hand, smiled instead of shivering or feeling threatened. She threw her money from her pocket towards him at the same time. In the freezing cold, he caught it from the air and focused his gaze on the large sum of money.


    “I was so lucky today that I won quite a lot of money.”


    ‘He’s a man who doesn’t work with a straightforward method.’


    ‘Be my man’, she wants to get straight to the point. 


    Rather than that, it was a priority to suppress the vigilant mind that was standing there and draw interest from it first. 


    “So I’ll give it to you. Money, you need it, don’t you?” 


    “Why do you think I need money?”


    “Oh, well, you don’t need it then?”




    “I’m sure there’s a lot more money in here than the money you’re getting from fighting here, right? I won’t be making any money for a while.” 


    Ugh, while grinding his teeth, Blenn could not easily let go of the heaviness of the money pocket. 


    “You’re not just giving it away. You will tell me what you want, don’t you?” 


    “Oh I’ll just give you the money.”




    “Shall we trade something else instead?”


    “What are you—”


    “Your sister. I can find it for you.”


    His eyes widened when he suddenly jumped in.


    “Don’t pull the sword out.” 


    Her voice, which had sunk low, had an incredible dignity. His entire body paused.


    Serdel held several magical scrolls in her fingers, saying, “If you don’t want to get hurt.” Artifact is a deadly detection magic with explosive magic inside, which she lately ordered Terra to get this and that. Protection magic and ice magic were built in and as soon as he comes at it, it will be activated naturally without tearing it up. 


    “You, what are you—”


    “Who am I? I’m Serdel Robbesta. The daughter of Count Robbesta. I have a power that no one but my family knows about. Would you believe me if I told you that that power guided me to you?” 




    “It may sound futile, but how else would I have come to you? How do I know you’re looking for your sister? So you’d better believe it. That ability can help us figure out where your sister is.” 


    His eyes began to shake.


    “There’s nothing hard to think about. It’s just a deal. If you’re interested, hold my hand.”

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