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    Even so, this was not the case. He actually possessed far greater power. The Duke of Beltus, who had heard rumors of his winning consecutive games, happened to see his battle and coveted the hidden power. He offered him the position of subordinate.


    ‘He refused.’


    He didn’t even bother with the idea of giving him a proper identity. It’s because he witnessed his father being betrayed by a close friend, and he was deeply distrustful of other people’s kindness. He found his sister after a long struggle after leaving the gladiatorial field without regret, but it was too late.


    He wandered aimlessly for a while before joining the Elbash Forest Monster expedition as a private mercenary out of desperation. It crumbled, leaving only a great performance.


    It was a quick exit. 


    ‘But I left an illustration of the original book on the extra.’


    In some ways, he was more impactful than the Serdel she possessed. It was quite impressive to see his eyes glistening with madness due to his loss of willpower in life, while holding a bloody sword.




    “Yes, Lady.”


    “Remember the person in this portrait.” 


    Terra narrowed his eyes. 


    “After the match, go straight to the waiting room and bring him to me.”


    “—Ah. Yes. I understand Lady.”


    She doesn’t intend to spend 10 days watching this. She didn’t want to expose his abilities to too many people.


    ‘He died young in the original and in the past, but not this time.’ 


    He was not the type to die in vain unless it was his sister’s death.


    ‘Damn the original— yeah, let’s twist it around.’


    She crossed her legs and smirked.


    [Ladies and gentlemen! You’ve been waiting for a long time. Now, let’s start the match!]




    At the same time as the host shouted, thunderous shouts rang out from the magical loudspeaker. The gates of the iron slaying were soon opened, and two gladiators entered the battlefield. The man on the right had a clunky haircut, and the man on the other side was relatively thin.


    Two people turned to face the audience and bowed their heads.


    It was referred to as “fan service.”


    At the same time, the money bet, the gladiatorial field’s flower, began.


    Of course, Serdel also participated. 


    “20 gold for skinny people.”


    “Lady, I don’t think he can use his strength if he’s that skinny. Look at the other person’s muscles. Is that a human muscle? Orc muscles. I’m sure he’ll win.”


    Where did he die in the meantime?


    Excited by the heat, Terra snorted and discouraged Serdel’s choice.


    “Siri, what do you think?”


    “I’m not sure if that’s the case. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, won’t we? But that skinny guy appears to be quite strong. On the other hand, that muscular guy appears to be a little slow?”


    “Right? That’s exactly what I’m saying. I was thinking exactly the same thing!” Terra even applauded, as if he had quickly changed his mind and convinced her otherwise.


    When Serdel handed the approaching money player the 20 gold, Siri took out 5 silver, which was cheap money, from her arms. Terra, on the other hand, rolled his eyes and took a deep breath after taking out 1 gold.


    “He’s just, uh, putting on muscle, right? Haha. He can’t possibly win, can he? So, Lady, I’ll bet on the same person you are!”


    His hand was shaking so much when he offered the money. He even sweated a lot on his forehead. 


    “Ah! Here we go, here we go!”


    He clenched his fists tightly. Siri is also intensely focused. The thin man easily avoided the big man’s sword when he drew it and swung it.




    The dagger, which was about 15 centimeters long and held in both hands, then flew into the air. The thin man’s movements were quick for a moment. The skinny man dashed to the big man’s backbone and jumped on his knees, turning half a turn in the air and wrapping his opponent’s neck around his legs.




    He stabbed the forearms of the large man who stretched out his hands to loosen his legs without hesitation, using the blade of the sword that had fallen into his grasp at the right time.




    A piercing scream rang out across the gladiatorial arena.


    “Ack!! Stop right there! Stop! Stop!”


    Even if it wasn’t a real blade stabbing, it would be terribly painful. With a quick surrender by a big man, the victory fell into the hands of a skinny man.




    The audience erupted in applause.


    “Kyaaaaa! We won! We won!”


    “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I won! Ah, I was counting on him to win from the start! I was counting on you!”


    Siri and Terra jumped as well. The double dividend made both of their faces light up. Serdel, on the other hand, was calm despite the fact that she already knew the outcome of the match. Two gladiators left the stage amid cheers and jeers from the audience. Soon after, others came up to the stage. 


    Serdel had 40 golds, Siri had 10 silvers, and Terra had 4 more golds hidden beneath shoe insoles, putting a total of 6 golds on the line.


    In just 20 minutes.


    Serdel’s choice won the match after a more intense battle than the first. 






    The third match began, and this time the money was raised.


    “Lady is my God from now on!” Terra’s scream was loud.


    In the fourth and fifth rounds. Serdel never lost it and continued to pay. The same could be said for the two people who followed her on the bet.


    “Lady, I think I’ll get rich soon. When I get rich, I’ll make  a wedding dress for Lady!”


    Tera mumbled ‘dress’ and burst out laughing as Siri innocently cried as she looked at the money in her hand. Serdel shook her head. She said that gambling was only for a short period of time and that she was concerned that they would lose everything in the future.


    “Listen, you win money because you have me with a good sense, and if I’m not there, you’ll only lose it. I won’t be here any longer than today, so don’t waste your time. Don’t even think about coming here without telling me.”


    “Can’t we come tomorrow as well? I really want to get a dress for Lady.”


    “You don’t have to buy it for me.”


    Siri drooped her shoulders. Terra, on the other hand, appeared to be distracted solely by his imagination. Serdel snatched Terra’s ear and drew it toward her.




    “If you step in here after today, I won’t let you see Siri.” 


    Terra turned pale as she whispered quietly so she wouldn’t have to listen.


    “I’ll be keeping an eye on you, so keep that in mind.”


    “Y-yes! I understand!”


    Only then did she let go of his ear, which she had grasped. She immediately takes a moment to stare at him.


    [Now, this is the last match of the day!]


    The long-awaited figure made his way onto the battlefield. The atmosphere had calmed down at this point. It was difficult to describe due to his light walk and slender figure. Silver dyed with magical items flashed slightly in the wind to conceal his identity.


    The tanned skin wasn’t white, nor was it very dark. The dark brows and calm brown eyes are so dim that depth is impossible to discern. She felt as if she were looking through a dark tunnel. As he looked indifferently at the audience, the women’s faces flushed. The clicking sound rang out loudly, as if it had been quiet. Men, on the other hand, booed and booed.


    ‘Edward Blaine.’ 


    Serdel clicked her tongue in the face of his appearance, which appeared far more dangerous than when she encountered it in a game. It wasn’t like Damon, the beauty dealer. Damon, on the other hand, spit out the same color tone when calculated. It’s clear that he has no idea what he looks like. The look on his face that lost vitality did not look like a living breathing person.


    The brilliance at the border. It even gave off a creepy vibe in some ways.


    Maybe that’s why?


    A strange magical power touched human instincts. Both fatal and beautiful. The line was not thin, so it looked like a wild beast in the field.


    ‘How is this an extra look?’


    Addis and Redan will be so loud when she take him to the family.


    The goal was already burning.


    “Lady. Sir Addis and Young Master Redan did that.”


    She was pressing down on her temple, and suddenly Siri, who suddenly hardened her face, muttered. 


    “People with a character pay for their character.”


    “That’s right!”


    She doesn’t know why she’s interested in that person, but Terra nodded eagerly next to Siri, who gave the eyes that he didn’t want him to get close to her. 


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