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    Her brows were strangely distorted, unknowingly.


    “I’m currently undergoing sword training. I told you! I’ll accompany you to the Elbash Forest. To do so, I need to be a little stronger!” Her expression was so intense that the goal was on fire.


    ‘How strong can you be with training from now on!’


    So Siri doesn’t get hurt. It was complicated just thinking about where to begin and how to say it. Whether she realizes it or not. Siri chatters excitedly.


    “I couldn’t bother the Knights, so I asked Terra, the servant, and he gladly listened.”


    Oh, if it was him, it had to be good.


    ‘Perhaps he liked Siri?’


    Maybe he thought it was an opportunity to stick around.


    “Did he do a good job teaching you?”


    “Yes, but I’m only telling Lady; I don’t think Terra will be appointed as a knight easily.”




    “As I was learning, I noticed that his abilities were quite poor.”


    It can’t be a harsh evaluation.


    “I can’t entrust the Lady’s escort to such a person.”


    “……how much have you learned in the last few days to judge him so harshly?”


    “In half a day, I learned the basic posture?”




    Serdel’s mouth dropped open in surprise at the unexpected response. Siri put the rest of the cake in between.


    “Are you curious? Do you want me to show you something?”


    Siri grabbed her arm and pulled her out as she nodded blankly. Just when she followed her out to the backyard, Terra was there first.


    “See you, Lady!”


    With a cheerful greeting full of spirits, his gaze fixed at Siri.  Seeing that even his ears were red, she remembered Siri’s cold evaluation of him just before and felt a little pitiful.


    “Lady. Watch from here!”


    Siri, who was holding a wooden sword, began to reveal an imperial swordsmanship position after having spread out the chair too much under the shade.


    “…!” Siri’s movements were sharp and accurate beyond imagination, which surprised her because she was expecting a ridiculous dance.


    ‘There’s no way!’


    Siri has a talent for swordsmanship!


    “Terra. Do you want to fight me?”


    Siri made an immediate suggestion after finishing the basic posture without affecting her breathing. Siri immediately straightened her position as he nodded awkwardly with a smile.


    “No, wait..”


    What does she mean, when she’s just taken off the basic posture and is so fearless? It’s too early, no matter how good you are!


    Siri shouted, “I’ll go first!” even before Serdel, who was afraid about her getting hurt, even stopped.


    She moves with a ferocious shout.






    Siri’s wooden sword was drawn from Terra’s right shoulder to her chest, a furious spirit spreading.




    He was able to dodge her first move, but the power of the wooden sword appeared to be quite strong based on Terra’s eyes trembling violently.


    “Ugh!” Terra drew her wooden sword, his teeth clenched. Siri’s wooden sword, which quickly approached a short distance, cut through the air and stretched out coolly after a few steps back and before he regained his posture.






    Her wooden sword came to a complete stop around Terra’s neck. Before he could do anything, the game had already been won. It was a well-placed shot. Terra’s complexion had turned pale. His face dropped weakly.


    ‘Poor Terra.’


    Serdel looked at Siri again, silently mourning his hurt feelings.  


    ‘It’s really, uh, frightening.’


    How can she have such a talent for swordsmanship when she doesn’t even appear in the game? When she saw it with her own eyes, she couldn’t believe it.


    ‘Does it make sense that she had learned the basic posture for a few days?’


    So, how much longer can she grow if she’s properly trained? She got a thrill just thinking about it. When Addis arrived, she decided to show Siri’s skills to her.


    ‘It will be easier for me as Siri grows stronger.’


    Cartal or Addis is the first name for many people in the family. Siri put herself first. She was a perfect person of her own. She can think only of herself, do anything for herself, and even sacrifice her life, regardless of her family.


    ‘You are my ideal person with great power… Ah!’


    She was elated by a character who suddenly came to mind as soon as she thought this far. Only then did she feel as if some of the problems she had been agonizing over had been resolved.


    “Siri! What’s the date today?”


    “Yes? The 21st.”


    “Terra, you go and—”


    Her mind became busy. She has someone she wants to keep close to her at the moment. She should hold “he” in her hand as a way of stopping the 2nd Prince.




    Serdel looked around, holding the pamphlet in her hand. It was crowded just by looking ahead, looking back, and even looking on both sides. It’s almost a bit tired of the spirit, with commoners, nobles, and nothing to do with the huge crowd from the entrance. There was no order, despite the fact that it was separate based on its status.


    Rather, many aristocrats took pleasure in the chaos.


    “Ugh, my lady! Come this way!”


    Siri blocked people from hitting Serdel around. Following Siri, Terra also escorted Serdel. Thanks to the two, Serdel safely entered the hallway where only VIP reservations could attend. As she walked for a long time and climbed the stairs, she immediately got a special class.


    It wasn’t a private room, but it wasn’t too bad because there were moderate-height partitions on both sides. She sat in a chair, sighing, and opened the pamphlet she had been holding the day before. Portraits of various characters were painted, with information such as height, weight, weapons used, and historical records included.


    How long have you been fighting as a gladiator?


    What is the winning rate?


    What did you do before and so on.


    “It’s my first time on the gladiatorial field, and it’s amazing in many ways.”


    Terra, who was reading Siri’s mumbling, replied quickly.


    “I-it’ll be fun to watch.”


    Terra recently became wary after being defeated in a match against her. She could tell there was little surprise because he hadn’t even made eye contact with Siri. Despite this, he blushed and gazed at her the entire time they were together to see if his heart had left.


    But she doesn’t think Siri is interested in the opposite sex. How badly are you going to be hurt?


    Tsk tsk.


    Serdel returned her attention to the pamphlet portraits. How many pages did she go through?


    ‘Here it is.’


    She was finally able to find the man who had remained hazy in the back of her mind.


    Edward Blaine is his real name.


    He was the second son of Count Blaine, who lived in the southwestern part of the kingdom of Yareden, but he was a fugitive who had lost everything as a result of a war on the territory caused by his father falling over to his close friend.


    Upon defeat, his parents and heir brother were killed by the other lord.


    His one and only sister was taken away by someone before he could rescue her and sold as a slave to the Empire. He was the only one who was not caught, hiding his identity under the alias of Blaine and searching for his sister. He came out as a sword fighter on a gladiator because he needed money.


    He used to be a mercenary, but when he received a request for information about his younger sister, he threw it away, and his credibility worsened. Of course, no one wanted to hire him because he lacked credit.


    There is nowhere for him to work, and he needs to make money, so he was driven all the way to what is known as a human gathering center. It shouldn’t be looked down on. 


    For the next 10 days. 


    He won’t lose a single time.


    ‘As in the original and in the past.’


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