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    The image of someone ready to be beaten had been completely drained. The actions were excessive.


    “…It’s all right now, that’s enough.” Serdel pushed her out of bed and opened the terrace door wide. The warm sun poured in slowly, helped by the cool wind. The dream’s contents spread out in her mind as the dazed energy faded.




    It was a fuss. It was quite a fuss. Usually, this is enough to dismiss it as a crazy dream. Didn’t she just hear the term “foresight dream” from Cartal yesterday? Furthermore, it’s normal for her to wake up from a normal dream with only the afterimage and blurry, but this wasn’t the case.


    ‘The content is becoming more clear.’


    As if it’s imprinted on her mind.


    ‘A huge collaboration—’


    The green fog that surrounded her, as well as the powerful power that it had transmitted. When they took the special ability they wanted, it was unmistakably a phenomenon in the Elbash forests.


    ‘But how come the 2nd Prince appears?’


    Her fist was clenched unknowingly. Why did he try to save her once more? What exactly is it? Why? Because the situation was not shown from the start, it was difficult to infer it accurately.


    ‘The future me would never have worked with the 2nd Prince.’


    Obviously, he’s moved on his own.


    ‘The atmosphere tells me that I was the first to arrive at this location.’


    According to the actions of the 2nd Prince, if they had gone together in the first place, they would not have been caught in the green fog.


    Cerdel’s eyes shook.


    ‘Did the original work’s power eventually lead him there?’


    It was natural for him to take it in the original, but it was unfair. At the same time, she was irritated.


    ‘Damn it. So, who got Radun’s distribution?’


    Even when he looked at him, the green fog would not let him go. Instead, he attacked him as if he didn’t want to be disturb. One issue arose in the last scene she witnessed. He used the sword’s aura to attack the green fog once more. A sabotage that continues while power is being absorbed.


    ‘What if he realized who he was supposed to be in, and spit me out?’ (t/n : This part talks about the power and the original owner of the power.) 


    Her mind has been racing with possible hypotheses.


    ‘How come I woke up?’


    She should have seen the end result! Her blood is starting to boil with anger. Let’s just keep her eyes and ears open, Knock Knock Knock! With an urgent knock, the door swung open.




    It was Addis. And Redan quickly followed. She was already so confused that he shouted first. 


    “Hey! What the hell are you thinking?”


    “—What is going on with Sister and Brother? What’s all the fuss about this morning?”


    In his ears, the tone of her voice became ferocious. For a brief moment, Redan’s eyes were shaken by her cold response.


    “Hey, hey! What exactly are you so calm about? Huh? You will explore! Is that what you mean? Does that make sense!”


    “It’s noisy, so can you lower your voice? And Father has already allowed me right?”


    When Serdel responded with an expressionless expression on her face, Redan nervously scratched his head.


    “Isn’t Father getting old? I can’t believe he’s allowing her to join the expedition. Where the hell is he sending this weak child?”


    There was worry in the rough annoyance, but it was only annoying for the time being.


    “Serdel” Addis, who was approaching her, opened her mouth cautiously. “The Elbash forest is a dangerous place. Of course, you’re aware, but it’s more dangerous than you realize. I don’t know what will happen there.”


    “Do you think Father would have granted me permission right away?”




    “Do you think Father wouldn’t stop me like you both did?”


    Serdel’s lips move slightly when he sees Addis, who is unable to respond right away. She needed to say something else, but her throat was choking. Her mind became uneasy as well. If she responds half-heartedly, the two people who have changed their behavior these days will try to stop her actions more forcefully.


    “He stopped me. But he eventually let me go.”




    “Have you heard the reason yet?”


    “Because you’ve done a lot of research on the Elbash forest—”


    “I had a dream.”


    As long as they don’t have memory issues like her, the two are likely to be aware of foresight dreams. She wonders why they don’t remember the Countess’s death anniversary.


    Cartal, who has always been cold, was shaken, and the word “foresight dream” may have remained a scar for the two.


    ‘Because their mother died as a result of them turning a blind eye to their younger sister’s words.’


    Her heart was breaking, but she couldn’t pick up the words that had already been spit out. It was a mountain that had to be climbed once in order to be free of restrictions on future actions.


    “—Did you have a dream?”


    As expected. 


    The puzzled Addis did exactly what she said.


    “Yes, I had a dream.”


    Serdel clasped her hands once more to emphasize. Her fist is clenched.


    “—Dream.” The corners of Addis’ lips trembled. Her eyes shook as well, and she became paler to the point of complexion.


    “What’s the matter? What was your dream again? So you had a dream, what’s the big deal?”




    “—How can it be?” Redan’s face darkened in an instant, having frowned while looking at Addis and her alternately. His eyes glistened. Was it to hide it, or was it difficult to make eye contact with her? He stroked his hair and turned his head to the side.




    Addis was more agitated than Cartal, who had chosen silence. “—Dream.”




    Addis suddenly reached out and grabbed Serdel’s arms. “You! Are you okay!” Her eyes were red. She seemed angry and anxious about something, but somehow she was about to cry if touched.


    This Addis was new to me.


    “—I’m okay.”


    She was fine, and nothing had happened. She is uneasy, but her feelings are gradually cooling down. She has no recollection of the incident.


    ‘It’s not like I’ve been through it myself.’


    She simply does not like this type of situation or how much time has passed in this way. 


    “…Do you have to go there?” Addis’ mouth is open. The locked voice sounded heavy and gloomy.


    “…There’s something to be gained.”




    “And there’s something to protect.”


    “…Something to protect. Okay, that’s fine. I’m going to take part in the exploration anyway, so I’ll let it go. But don’t get too far away from me.”


    She couldn’t, so she stopped speaking. She felt as if she couldn’t push it any further here for some reason.


    “What, you’re going to let her? What’s the matter with you, Sister?”


    Redan, who had only been biting his lips with his head turned up until that point, let out a loud scream.


    “Is this making sense? No, you didn’t come to talk to me? Are you allowing her to do this all of a sudden? Noona, are you insane?”




    “Sister! Damn it!”


    After pouring it for a long time towards Addis, he also appeared to have made a decision in the end.


    “I’m coming, I’m coming! Damn it!”


    Redan was the first to leave, his tongue clicked.


    “I’ll leave. Eat well.”


    “Yes..” They greeted each other awkwardly.


    Addis finally breathed out when she finally went out. Hoo—. It was as if a storm had swept through. Tiredness washed over her. She was sweeping the neck with a cramped feeling, but this time she felt a bloody energy behind her.


    “…Lady, where do you want to go just now?”


    Siri’s expression, smiling at her, was fierce.


    “I’m coming, too.”




    “Because the Young Lady is so gentle that even the wind blows it away, I must protect you! So I’ll join you.”


    “…All right, but don’t take out the fork.”


    “I’m not joking! I’ll be there as well. I’ll give my life to keep you safe! I can’t, so I’ll have to start training hard right away.”


    Serdel pressed her temple.


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