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    ‘Foresight dream.’


    Serdel returned to her bedroom, lost in thought as she pondered Cartal’s murmuring.


    ‘I’m sure there was no information in the game that Serdel was capable of such a thing.’


    It wasn’t there, was it—?


    First, there was little information available about the character “Serdel Robbesta.” The ex-fiancée of one of the male protagonists, Count Hershe Maient. Except for a brief appearance as the younger sister of genius knight Addis, she appeared in only a few episodes of the game.


    ‘No, there isn’t much to see.’


    She hasn’t been seen since she broke off her engagement to Count Maient in the teahouse. In fact, she had the lowest grade of all the extras. It isn’t until she is possessed that she learns more about herself from the memories she has left in her body. Even that was a little shaky.


    ‘Empty in between the memories.’


    She didn’t seem to mind at the time. She was so emotional at the time that it was difficult for her to get through each day.


    ‘It’s not like my memory has disappeared.’


    Characters who have been possessed recall their past memories. She didn’t see the point in going so far.


    ‘It wasn’t difficult to live knowing only what I remembered.’


    Furthermore, she was concerned that her memories would be mixed in with her incomplete memories. She became nervous, especially when she assimilated herself to the emotions left in her body.


    She went so far as to say that she was only a ‘guest’ who had somehow entered her body. Her relationship with her family was also tense, so she didn’t want to look deeper further into or focus on the character “Serdel.”


    While being obsessed with Count Maient, ironically. 


    But now that she’s been stuck in the game for three years, she’s resetting.


    ‘I need to figure out what I’m missing out on and stop avoiding it. Especially when it comes to the power of this body.’


    Sigh. Let’s start with the memory loss. For the first time, she closed her eyes and concentrated on the body rather than herself, suppressing a variety of emotions.


    ‘Going back down, down, down, down, all the way down the memories of ‘Serdel’.’


    She discovered a hole even in places she didn’t expect to find one. Furthermore, the memories from the middle of winter when she was five to the middle of summer when she was six were completely blank.


    ‘What is this? What the hell happened back then?’


    5 to 6 years old—.


    For the first time in a long time, she remembered the original setting for Cartal and Addis. In the case of the Countess’ housekeeper and the Deputy Chief of the Imperial Knights, there was more information than in the case of Serdel, who was not present.


    It’s because there aren’t many.




    Even if she was familiar with it, it was new to her because she was reaching it with a specific purpose. If it had been before, she would have cluelessly missed it several times. The Countess had an accident when Serdel was about six years old, it was discovered in the end.


    “…Accidental death.”


    What kind of accident did she have?


    There was no information available. Her brow gradually hardened. She has never given much thought to the Countess’s absence. The character has already died, and no one has mentioned her in Count.


    The door to the bedroom she used was always tightly shut, and she had no idea what the date was. It was because she had never seen anyone do anything about it. That’s why she was puzzled by the information she had just learned.


    “The death of the Countess, partial memory loss, and foresight dreams.”


    Let’s put these three together, and a picture was drawn at once.


    ‘Perhaps the dream prior to the accident was a foresight dream.’


    Serdel, who was young at the time, would have been surprised to know this.


    ‘They would have misinterpreted it as a child’s whine.’


    “After that, when the real accident happened and she lost her memory as a result of the shock—”


    Thoughts spilled out of her mouth unknowingly. She wrote it with a tip in her mouth, as if she had drunk an argument. The conflicted emotions subsided. She shook her head a few times to get rid of it.


    She swept her face with a deep sigh.


    This is not the time to be emotional. She swallowed her random thoughts with saliva.


    ‘The ability of foresight dreams—’


    It must have been lost in the aftermath—. Regrettably, the ability to read the future was a valuable weapon. She is aware of the original story, but she is no longer the Serdel of the past, and her actions and the initial situation have already changed.


    It was natural that the future would change.


    ‘If only I had the ability—’


    She must have felt more secure. Still, there will be no stopping the action for the time being. Cartal won’t be able to ignore what she says, even if she makes some ridiculous suggestions.


    Finally, as permission to join the exploration.




    The uneasy feeling lingered in her mind. Fatigue poured in as she lay in bed, staring at the canopy to force herself to shake it off, thinking about how much had happened today.


    A wave of air hit her as her mind began to feel heavier and heavier.




    Her breath, which had been shaking unsteadily, soon became silent.






    [Realized the ability to be forced to close]


    [Prediction is open]












    The flames appeared to be raging. That’s how the fluttering red hair appeared. The eyes were ferocious, and the expression was piercing. A tall body with muscles all over it. In the midst of the awe-inspiring natural beauty, there was a sense of arrogance.


    He was more masculine, with thicker lines than Damon, who was more curl. She was familiar with him. If she didn’t know, she couldn’t have known.


    ‘2nd Prince Palden Asladen.’


    In the game, he was the second most popular male character after the Duke, and in the past, despite receiving a performance in the forest, he turned away from the Count and resented him for a while. At first, such a person was running towards her. With the sword drawn. His dazed mind was set up with anger. What is this? Why, why are you coming?


    No, why is the momentum so frightening? What the hell is going on here?


    “Get out of here!”


    ‘Get out?’


    She rolled her eyes and looked around, taken aback by his sudden shout. Her head didn’t move in any way. She seemed to be trapped in something. Furthermore, while his look was readily evident, the rest were not.


    ‘Where am I?’


    “Get out of here, Serdel Robbesta! Come to your senses!”


    Her heart beat at the sound of his shout, which burst forcefully again.


    How is she going to get out if she can’t move? She was angry with embarrassment and fear, but she couldn’t even speak since her mouth was stiff.


    “Get out of here!”


    His drawn sword fluttered. The brilliant blue Aura was beautiful. Only then did the world around her begin to come into focus. The smooth floor’s green fog was creeping up her body.


    “Young Lady! Damn it, you’re throwing away the way you’re usually arrogant enough and you’re whining something out of place! Back to your senses! Because it doesn’t suit you!


    His blue energy rushed towards the green fog that had just risen to his chest, accompanied by unexpected words. The green fog then told him not to bother him, and he vomited his energy.




    His energy and green fog collided in the air.




    In the moment, everything around her vibrated. The earth’s echo, which was carried down from the point of its toes to the body, shook the insides.


    Ugh! Under the intense strain, a groan escaped from between her teeth. Her heart has been suffocated. The stronger he moved it, the stronger the green fog moved.


    “Young Lady!”


    The 2nd prince’s voice calling to her was filled with concern and urgency.


    “Ugh! Hang in there. Don’t be scared! I’ll save you in a minute!”


    The blue energy was again surrounded by brilliant light over his sword. Just as it was about to swing—.




    She opened her eyes. 




    After blinking a few times, she quickly rolled her eyes to look around. 


    It was her bedroom. 




    As if she was holding her breath in spite of herself, she managed to calm down and lift herself up.


    “What’s going on—”


    What did she see?


    ‘Is it a dream—?’


    It seemed much too realistic for a dream. On the other side, the mind was numb. She keeps smacking her cheek to wake her up.


    Siri came in.


    “What are you doing, Lady? Why are you slapping yourself? Kkak! Please stop it! Your face is turning red. You’d better slap me in the face!”


    Siri, who rushed, closed her eyes tightly and pushed her face in.


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