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    Genius, Read The World

    Chapter 10

    Secret Seduction 3
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    Hello! This is the translator of [Genius, read the world] After some feedback from the readers, I had re-translated chapters 1-3 and had our beloved editor to assist me in editing it again. I have made sure that all the previous errors are properly corrected and as for all those vulgar and racist words that appears previously were a mistake on my part as I didn’t know to filter them off. As for now, the sensitive terms will be edited to censor them while retaining the meaning. I promise, I will continue to keep up the quality for the whole novel. I’m still pretty noob at translating so if you still see some mistakes, you can drop it in the discord feedback channel and ping me. Thank you for reading. I translated this novel because I really enjoy reading it and hope to share it to everyone

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