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Marry a Rich Old Man

Marry a Rich Old Man (Web Novel)


Author: Qianfeng Yihe
Rank 90
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An Wuyang, who had gone out to play, had his wine drugged. At the time, he chose a pleasing man to address the problem and slept with him. One month later, dizziness, nausea, and sleepiness occurred; and he became pregnant. Between the child and college, An Wuyang chose… to have the baby.

A wealthy 30-year-old Huo Yunchuan was ordered by his family to marry by the end of the year. Okay, just find someone with a hand to piss them off. What, pregnancy check!?

Huo Yunchuan landed on both knees: QAQ mother asked me why I was kneeling and putting on shoes for my daughter-in-law…

This article is also known as #Husband’s Child Rearing Handbook# # Daughter-In-Law Lighting a Lamp at Night to Read Those Things# #Age difference is not only not cute but also troublesome#

The sweet life of 1V1, first married and then found love in raising buns. After two years of university leave, Xiao Shou resumed his studies.

Simple-minded, natural-born beauty, cute Shou VS Madly in love wealthy, cold Gong

An Wuyang: I thought I was just giving birth to a baby so that I didn’t have to attend school, but now I am doing my homework.

Huo Yunchuan: Oh. (People who helped with homework all year round dared not speak)


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