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    Raidorl Seiken Senki

    Chapter 169

    Northern port town

    Translated by SoundDestiny
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    Raddockhorn is a town at the northern tip of the Kingdom of Zain.


    Facing the North Sea, this town used to be a fishing port to acquire fish and other marine resources. In recent years, it has prospered as a trading port, connecting logistics with the Kingdom of Athena to the west and the GoldCross to the north.


    Not long ago, this town was owned by a greedy nobleman named Crowley Rhodis, and as such, it was rife with injustice and was a breeding ground for the poison that poisoned the kingdom.


    However, after the Great Purge carried out by Raidorl, the corrupt nobles were ostracised and the area is now under the direct control of the royal family and ruled by deputies.


    “Umu, it looks like the town is coming along nicely.”


    Striding down the main street in the middle of the town is a man with a large body, a serious rotten face and glasses – Justy Oigist. Justy looked around the sprawling town with his second-in-command, a knight, in tow, and nodded in satisfaction.


    On the main street, the town’s residents were busy running around, restoring buildings and clearing debris. The town was full of life and the faces of those doing the manual labour were bright.


    On the main street, the town’s residents were busy running around, restoring buildings and clearing debris. The town was full of life and the faces of those doing the manual labour were bright.


    It was a month ago that Justy took office as the town’s deputy. Immediately, after the great earthquake on the night of the Red Moon.


    The earthquake and resulting tsunami destroyed the buildings where people lived, and the fishing and trading boats that had supported the town’s economy were swallowed by the waves and disappeared into the seabed.


    The number of dead and missing is estimated at 20% of the town’s population. Those who survived lost their homes and property and were left on the street.


    The town was in despair, but the tragedy did not end there.


    Conflicts broke out between the local population and the foreign sailors who had come from other countries to trade.


    By nature, sailors are strong and rough people. This is especially true when they are upset and uptight after a disaster strikes during their stay in another country.


    Conflict soon erupted into rioting and the town of Raddockhorn was thrown into further chaos.


    However, the town barely survived when Raidorl sent Justy to lead the troops and quell the chaos early on.


    After the riots had died down, Justy was appointed as the town’s deputy and went to work on the reconstruction.


    “The buildings have been largely restored. How is the food supply?”


    Justy, who is patrolling the town, poses the question to his second-in-command, who is following behind him.


    The second-in-command, careful not to let the sea breeze blow away the parchment in his hands, carefully flicks through the papers and answers his superior.


    “We have supplies from Royal Capital, so for the moment it is not a problem. Also, the residents of the town have started to build small fishing boats and go fishing. The catch is still very small, so it’s not enough to support the whole town, but little by little, the people are starting to make a living.”


    “I’m glad to hear it. I’ll be able to give a good report to His Highness Raidorl. So….. what about the foreigners living in the town?”


    As a trading port, Raddockhorn is home to many foreigners who lost their ships in the earthquake and the tsunami rendering them to return home. Many of them were not involved in the riots, but are still living on the margins.

    “As for Goldcross in the north, they’re on course to return by land. It is a long way away, but thanks to our friendship with the Empire, we have a secured route.The problem is …… the kingdom of Athena in the west.”


    “We are separated from Athena by a mountain range. It would be cruel to send them back by land.”


    The Kingdom of Zain and the Kingdom of Athena have a friendly relationship based on trade, but the border between the two countries is marked by steep mountain ranges. In order to get there without using ships, they have to risk their lives climbing the mountain.


    “We would like to wait for the trade ships to be restored and then return by sea ……”


    “To do that, we’ll have to deal with the demons of the open sea.”




    Justy and his deputy both sighed.


    Another problem plaguing the town of Radkhorn is the appearance of demons in the sea.


    Since the “Red Moon”, there has been an outbreak of demons all over the continent.


    The sea is no exception. In the distant seas of Raddockhorn, monsters such as the fisherman Modokisahagin and the sea serpent Serpent have been appearing. Because of this, trading ships and even fishing boats were not allowed to go far out to sea, and had to fish in shallow waters where the monsters did not appear.


    There were some ships that tried to force their way out to sea and return to their homeland, but …..they were attacked by the sea monster Kraken and sank.


    “Now that the reconstruction of the town has been completed, it is time to start work on the establishment of a ‘navy’, as ordered by His Highness Raidorl.”


    As a knight, Justy was ordered to be the deputy of the port town, not because of Raidorl’s favouritism.


    Justy was ordered to rebuild the town and establish a new “navy”.


    Originally, the town of Raddockhorn was owned by the nobility, and the coast guard was left to the army. This is why the Kingdom of Zain does not have a navy, and has given up control of the North Sea.


    Fortunately, both the Kingdom of Athena and the Goldcross Empire, which are connected by the North Sea, are on friendly terms.


    There have been no major problems so far, but…… Raidorl was not happy about that.


    “It’s insane to sit on a peace that could end at any moment. How can we be sure that the country we believe to be our friend has not hidden a blade behind its back?”


    This is what Raidorl said when he took Raddockhorn, an important stronghold on the North Sea, from the nobility.


    Raddockhorn, the gateway to the sea, is not only a trading port but also a bulwark against enemy attacks by sea. He argued that it was wrong to leave such an important base in the hands of a single nobleman.


    “No one knows what the future will bring in ten or a hundred years’ time. The establishment of a navy is an unavoidable imperative for the protection of the Kingdom of Zain.”


    A politician has to do his best to protect his country. That’s what Justy agreed with.


    A new army. It’s not easy to create a “navy” that has never existed before.


    But even with the current state of the mass of demons, Justy is convinced that his lord’s will was right.


    “Fortunately, we have some ‘reserves’ that our predecessor, Marquis de Rhodis, had saved up. In order to live up to the expectations of His Highness, who has given the Oigist family the opportunity to start over after once being turned over to the enemy, we must remain focus in order to defeat the demons and protect the Kingdom of Zain.”

    “Yes, we must, my lord. We have already recruited sailors and adventurers. We have plenty of money and we are just waiting for the ship to be completed.”


    “Mmm, let’s continue our inspection.”


    Justy and his deputy looked at each other, nodded and turned down the main street in the direction of the harbour.

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