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    Translated by NotBlueYet
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    Part 1: The Hero and the Incompetent


    “I don’t want your incompetence. Get out of my party now!!!!”


    Although the sea breeze was filled with the stench of rotting flesh and steel, the defeat of the Kraken made it tolerable for the citizens in the port town of Portsmouth.


    Even though we had defeated the Kraken, the Hero who looked a little drunk, was yelling at me.


    “Incompetent …….”


    “Yes, you are. You are incompetent. You seem to be in a senior position as a knight, but your recovery magic is far inferior to that of a priest, and your swordsmanship is inferior to that of me, a Hero.


    You are incompetent because you don’t have the talent to excel in this party, so I don’t need you in this party.”


    I defended myself, “It’s true that I’m inferior to Seraphy in terms of recovery. I couldn’t dream of beating you in swordsmanship, either. But since I can heal myself, I can attack recklessly without needing to be close to the healer.”


    I wasn’t happy with being called incompetent at all.


    When I objected, the Hero shouted at me, “Shut up, shut up, shut up!”


    “You’re fired. Don’t interfere with my harem. ……”


    I could only sigh at the noble voice of the Hero, who surely didn’t have any weird intentions by kicking me out..


    Though, I wasn’t sure if I was actually incompetent or inferior.


    “I’m sure you’re right. When I’m gone though, everyone except you will be a girl.


    “Yes. Do you have a problem with that?”


    “No, not really.”


    “Good. Now get out of here.”


    The Hero, with a slightly red face, shooed me away.


    The Hero’s party was composed of a saint, a wizard and a rogue. All of them were girls, except the Hero and me.


    In addition, all of the girls were cute and their abilities among the best in the world.


    Being a man, I could not help but understand the Hero’s desire to have a plethora of beautiful and talented girls like them in his service.


    Well, just because I understood didn’t mean I wanted to be a part of it.


    “Lets go~~!!!”




    When the Hero told me I was fired, I felt great inside.


    It was really refreshing. I was so excited to feel this sense of freedom that lightened my body and mind.


    I couldn’t help but want to quit the Hero’s party as soon as possible.


    In order to help those in need, I traveled left and right around the world to eradicate the Demon King’s army.


    It was not always possible to find lodgings where the Demon Lord’s minions were, so camping out was a daily occurrence. Because of the long distance traveled, meals were usually preserved food or meat from demons.


    Not to mention, I was always left in charge of watching over the Hero’s party while they slept, so I was suffering from a severe lack of sleep.


    The worst job to exist, cannon fodder of the Hero’s party.


    To be honest, I don’t really care about the Demon King. I wanted to quit this shitty place of work, I just wanted to quit.


    But I also had a position as a knight in the church. If I said I was going to quit, I would be accused of being a heretic by the people of the church.


    That’s why I couldn’t say I was quitting. I could not cut corners in my work because if my superiors found out, I would be in terrible trouble. If the Hero himself wanted me to quit, I have no choice!


    The Hero was ordained by God, so what the Hero said was practically God’s will.


    And since he was a holy figure, I couldn’t disobey him!


    I was told by the Hero that I was incompetent and useless, so maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a knight.


    This was a good opportunity to quit being a knight in the church and instead take over my family’s business in the countryside!


    I ran through the streets of Portsmouth in a happy mood.


    My future was bright.


    I’ll be free from the harsh and inhumane environment of the Hero’s party, and I’ll be able to live a relaxed life in the clean air of my parents’ home. Doing my best to be a filial son and getting married.


    That’s what human happiness is all about, isn’t it?


    After being expelled from the party of the hero, I headed to St. Luna, the city where the head temple of the church is located, in order to quit being a holy knight of the church.



    “Huh? I haven’t seen Kagura-sama. Do you know where Kagura-sama is?”


    When Kagura, the holy knight belonging to the Hero’s party, was banished and left the city.


    Seraphy, the priest who reported to the church, noticed something unusual as soon as she returned to the bar.


    “What? That guy? I just banished him because he was useless.”


    “Kagura was banished ……?”


    Seraphy could not believe the words of the Hero who answered so casually, and she involuntarily felt dizzy.


    “What do you mean!? I can’t believe it. You banished someone so religious and who has contributed more to the party than anyone else!”


    The Hero couldn’t help but flinch as Seraphy chewed him out so angrily.


    “I’m going to leave …… too.”




    I’m leaving your party too! If Kagura is not qualified to be in your party, then surely I’m also not qualified as well.”


    Seraphy said that and left the Hero alone.


    The wizard and the rogue were watching close by.


    “Ehhh~ You banished Kagura-kun? I’m afraid I’ll have to quit too.”


    “Me- Me too! If Kagura isn’t with us, then I’m quitting!”


    “Eh! Wait a minute!”


    They left the Hero alone.


    But it was too late now. Now that Kagura had been expelled, there was no way to get him back.


    The Hero realized his mistake.


    All of the beautiful girls in the Hero’s party, they were just there for Kagura.


    And in a matter of a couple of hours, the Hero lost all of his party members.


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