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    Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock

    Chapter 12

    Training (3)

    Translated by Schwarzel
    Edited by Schwarzel





    Lucion fled from sleep at the sound of that voice.




    The red thread that rose out of nowhere from the ground tied itself up.


    ‘Even the red thread?’


    Russell was surprised as well. 


    The darkness surrounding the chair tried to take on a certain look.


    [Come on, hold on!]


    Russell was taken aback.


    This kind of thing was impossible.


    >> “I don’t want to! That’s not funny! You’ve been saying it’s boring lately!”


    Lucion rushed to call Russell at the whining sound.




    Even though he knew that darkness did not hurt him, he could not have been more than happy with the existence that denied Russell’s words.


    ‘Darkness has no form!’


    Lucion exhaled heavily.


    ‘I mean, I mean…….’


    Russell thought, holding his hair at Lucion’s urging.


    He was a lifelong researcher of black magic.


    I’m sure you’ve seen this happen somewhere.


    ‘Think, think!’


    Russell closed his eyes and thought desperately.


    Soon he opened his eyes.


    ‘Come to think of it…’


    Russell recalled three stages of using black magic.


    1. Give orders to the darkness.


    1. Darkness follows orders.


    1. Follow the command and disconnect from the darkness that has finished its role.


    Lucion was left out of the final stage on his own.


    In fact, Russell once thought Lucion was greatly blessed.


    [‘The last step wasn’t omitted… Wasn’t there a need for that in the first place? Lucion’s darkness doesn’t need to be controlled by Lucion from the beginning?’]


    No way.


    Black magic was magic to control the darkness.


    So black magic and darkness were close to each other, keeping each other in check.


    [‘But this is… It’s like the relationship between the light and the person who received the blessing of light.’]


    Russell couldn’t believe it at all.


    He looked at Lucion in surprise.


    But if there’s anyone who’s controlled the darkness for decades without black magic, what would the darkness think of him?


    [Lucion. Focus now.]


    Russell’s voice was more serious than ever.


    It is very rare among those who have received the blessing of light that the light has an ego.


    At this time, the existence of light was praised by the public as Shinsu.

    (T/N: Shinsu = Divine Beast. In other translations, it is translated as ‘Divine Water’ but that is not the case for this one.)


    [That is your darkness and your Divine Beast.] 

    Russell tried to stay calm.


    Death is the only ending of light that is not divine.


    The disciple’s life depended on it now.


    “It’s my Divine Beast…?”


    No matter how dark Lucion was, he did not know about Divine Beasts.


    Isn’t it a creature known to be sacred, possessed by a high priest or the captain of the paladins?


    “I’m a warlock.”


    [There is no other word to replace it, so I expressed it as a divine beast. Anyway, you can think of it as something similar.]


    Lucion bit his lip at Russell’s words, giving him a bit of confidence.


    This kind of scene did not appear in the novel.


    >> “Treat me like you used to. I don’t like it this way!”


    Darkness burst into discontent again.


    Smoke stretched out long around the darkness in an unknown form. 


    Lucion took a breath and asked calmly.


    “So what do I have to do now?”


    It was clear that he had to do something to that darkness.


    And it was also to resist his fate to be the intermediate boss.


    [You decide the form of the Divine Beast, and you name it after that.]


    There was tension in Russell’s voice.


    ‘The teacher doesn’t know either.’


    Lucion was convinced by Russell’s trembling voice and expression.


    Soon I turned my eyes and saw the darkness.


    It was the darkness that I encountered when I was performing a ritual to become a warlock.


    There was nothing more to be afraid of or be unfamiliar with.


    Lucion breathed slowly and reached out to the darkness.


    “Come here, Ratta.”




    The red thread that wrapped around his body was cut off.


    The smoke that glowed around the darkness disappeared, and the darkness gradually changed into a single animal.


    A fox with glossy black fur perked up her ears.


    Oh, its feet! Feet!


    Ratta shouted at the novelty of her feet.


    [Fox…? Among many things?]


    Russell paused for a moment, looking at the little black fox.


    Why would people call it a divine beast?


    This was because the animals in the imagination were large and dignified.


    “I couldn’t think of anything, so I just thought of the fox, the family crest.”


    [I don’t think anyone can see this as a divine beast.]


    Russell, pointing his finger at Ratta, burst into laughter again.


    What divine beast?


    Ratta sat still and looked at Russell with blue eyes.


    [Can you see me?]


    At Russell’s question, Ratta tapped the floor with his front paws.


    Of course. Ratta was the darkness.


    “Not that. What are you?”


    Lucion just didn’t like Ratta.


    It was because he knew well that something new and special was not as sweet as others wanted.


    Ratta’s ears perked up.


    Ratta is Ratta.


    “Not your name. How did you, as dark mana, have such a firm ego?”


    I’ve been with you the whole time.


    Ratta wagged her tail with an excited face.




    Ratta was born with Lucion, and she was still Lucion’s darkness.


    [No way.]


    Russell raised an eyebrow.


    Darkness is said to be the only force a man has, like light and mana. But the dark self is by no means one. That’s why people have to control the darkness.


    But Ratta did it. I did it for a very long time.


    Russell stared at Ratta.


    Divine Beasts can’t lie.


    He didn’t know it was true of that black fox, but Russell moved on.


    [Were you holding Lucion so that he wouldn’t fall?]


    Yes, I see you got me!


    Ratta smiled and wagged her tail.




    Lucion asked.


    Because Lucion didn’t want it. I fixed it because it looked too hard on you. 




    Lucion raised an eyebrow.


    It was a time when I didn’t know what darkness was or what corruption was.


    I always ran away because I felt like I was going to be swallowed by something huge.


    But Lucion’s the one who stopped the fall. Ratta just said “hang in there, hang in there.”


    ‘That wasn’t an auditory hallucination?’


    Lucion’s eyes got bigger.


    When I was haunted by ghosts, I used to hear many other sounds besides ghosts.


    Rather than chasing that ghost, cheer up.


    There was a time when I thought I was crazy because we talked about different things.


    But the sound was all real after all.


    [I told you. I saw your mental strength and made you my disciple.]


    As Russell nodded lightly, Ratta stared at it.


    I tried moving my face to copy it, but the movement was still clumsy.




    Lucion said.




    “So, should I have a divine beast? No, in the first place, what is a divine beast’s role?”


    Ratta is not a divine beast. Ratta is Ratta.


    Ratta tilted his head.


    [It’s just a big name, but it’s like a summoned beast who’s been summoned permanently. Divine beast is one thing, and the power of light is another. But you…….]


    Russell fiddled with his ears in a quandary.


    [What a weirdo.]


    “I’m not in the mood for pranks. I’m afraid my shoes will pop out while I’m training. I feel bad that I was going through a process of corruption without realizing it.”


    Lucion’s eyes became fierce.


    It was like a wolf growling right now.


    “So cut the crap.”


    [I’m not kidding.]


    Russell kept fiddling with his ears.


    [There’s darkness between you and him.]


    “You mean we are sharing it…?”


    [That’s right but it’s a little different.]


    “What do you mean?”


    Lucion’s voice rose.


    [I mean, you and her have dark powers separately, and they’re connected as if they’re circulating.]


    Lucion saw Ratta at those words.


    [It’s best to use darkness to find out what kind of relationship you’re in.]


    Russell pointed to the chair again.


    [Raising the chair, adjusting the darkness…]


    Ratta can do it!


    Ratta raised her front paws.


    Ratta can control the darkness!






    Lucion and Russell asked at the same time.


    Ratta can control Lucion’s darkness!


    Ratta hit the floor with his front paws.




    Lucion stared at Ratta.


    Because the darkness of Ratta is Lucion’s darkness, and Lucion’s darkness is Ratta’s darkness.


    That was consistent with Russell’s earlier reference to the cycle.


    “How do you control my darkness?”


    Uh, uh, ah! Tell Ratta the time. Then Ratta can make it.


    Ratta twinkled her eyes.


    ‘If that’s real, it’s like counting numbers with a calculator, right?’


    Lucion’s mouth corners went up slightly.


    ‘You have to have power.’


    His fate was not smooth.


    If I don’t want to lose my happiness from my destiny, I must have the power to resist.


    “Try it.”


    Lucion did not hesitate.


    “Seven seconds.”




    Lucion moved the darkness when he heard Ratta’s answer.


    After shooting the flag on the chair, he ordered.






    Leaving behind the strange shouts of Ratta, Lucion counted as soon as the chair came up.


    1 second.


    …3 seconds.


    [Lucion, grab the chair!]


    Russell suddenly voiced out urgently.


    Lucion grabbed the chair that rose reflexively.


    At that moment, the door suddenly burst open.




    It was Novio.


    After that, he could see Carson.


    Without confirming that the chair had risen for exactly seven seconds, Lucion stared at the two people who came into his room out of nowhere.




    Lucion’s forehead was hit by the falling chair.






    Ratta opened her eyes wide with surprise.


    [I told you to catch it. I didn’t tell you to hit your head with it?]


    Russell turned his head and held back his laughter.


    “Are you all right?”


    Novio immediately approached Lucion, and Carson was busy entering the room and looking around.


    “Why did you suddenly come into my room?”


    Lucion fiddled with his forehead and asked the two men.


    Despite Lucion’s slightly sharp tone, Novio looked at Carson first.


    “I can’t feel it anymore. How about you?”


    “Yes, I don’t feel anything anymore either.”


    Carson looked at the black fox holding Lucion’s trousers with an answer.


    “Father, Brother.”


    Lucion gave strength to his voice.


    “You’re going to have to explain what this is about first.”


    Lucion was not happy with the situation now.


    This was his room.


    “Lucion, what happened in your room?”


    There was concern in Novio’s voice.


    “Father, what the hell are you talking about? Can’t you explain it to me so I can understand?”


    “I felt a force in your room. I’ve never felt so cold in my life.”


    Novio replied with a stiff face.


    ‘…is it the darkness that Ratta released?’


    Lucion thought of Ratta, but he didn’t move his eyes, wondering if it would be suspicious.


    [A lot of darkness has been released at once as your darkness has been restored. No matter how quiet the darkness is, it’s a level that you have no choice but to notice.]


    Russell has made it clear.




    Carson opened his mouth.


    It was heavier than ever on the voice.


    His fingers turned to the fox-looking creature like a sharp blade.


    Since ancient times, the black ones have been ominous.


    What a black fox.


    It’s like mocking Cronia with a fox sentence.


    “Where did that fox come from?”


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    Schwarzel's notes:

    The meaning for this dash (—) is for Ratta speaking or another divine beast. 


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