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    The Story of Two Engaged Childhood Friends Trying to Fall in Love

    Vol. 1 Chapter 00.1

    Volume 1, Chapter 0, Part 1: Introduction - Yuuya and Mitsuki's Everyday Life Together

    Translated by Damian's TLs
    Edited by Damian's TLs


    It’s a bit sudden, but what do you think of the word ‘bride’? 


    I think that a bride is someone’s future partner, arranged from a young age by their parents. But it’s not common in modern times. Only a few wealthy or very close families would choose their childrens’ partners like that. But you don’t see it like that, right? 


    Well, as some of you may have already guessed, I, Yuuya Toba, have been engaged to my fiancée from a very young age. Both my and her parents have had good public and private relationships since before we were born. Our families are also wealthy, and can be called prestigious. So you could call it a ‘normal’ situation. 


    …While our engagement could be called normal, the two of us maybe not so much. 




    It’s 9:00 am on a Saturday morning in June. 


    “…She’s still not here, huh?”


    I knew this would probably happen, but… 


    I let out a tired sigh. 


    I live alone, and have lived in this apartment even since I entered high school. 


    I woke up at the same time as always. I finished making breakfast for two, and checked the time. …Just in case, I should go talk to her. I look toward the front door, but there’s nobody there. Not a squeak from the apartment next door either… I got up with a sigh. 


    “Should I go unlock the balcony?”


    The balcony is connected to my neighbour’s. It was originally separated by a partition, but with the permission of the landlord we had it removed. This way, we could come and go to each others’ apartments at any time, so long as the sliding door was unlocked. We locked these doors anytime we were sleeping or went out, for safety reasons. 


    This neighbour of mine probably hasn’t unlocked her balcony yet, so I’ll have to go to her front door again. But I don’t want to open it with my duplicate key because of… what happens next. 


    With such a thought, I walked up to her door. It was locked, of course. Calling her on the intercom is completely useless, so I used my duplicate key and entered. I walked through her apartment, and opened the sliding door to the Japanese-style room she uses as her bedroom. There, I saw exactly what I was expecting. 


    “…Muu… Mmm… Hehehe…”

    “Right… I knew you wouldn’t be awake, but-”


    When I walked into the room, before me lay the usual sight. A girl was lying on her futon, messy hair and a lazy smile on her face. Her name is Mitsuki Fushimi. We’ve been childhood friends almost from birth, and on top of that, we’re engaged. 


    In terms of status, she’s known as the ‘President’s daughter’. Those who’ve only seen her at parties would often call her the ‘sheltered maiden’, because of her outward personality. She has long back hair that she takes great care of, which shines beautifully in the light. But as of late, this wonderful hair hasn’t seen the light of day much – its owner’s sleeping habits are, well, ridiculous. Said owner is still sound asleep, the comforter rolled up in place of a pillow. Whatever happened to the neat and tidy appearance of this ‘sheltered maiden’? 


    But anyway. The reason Mitsuki prefers a futon in a Japanese-style room instead of a bed is… ‘I like when I can roll over and over and over and-’. …It makes a bit more sense now, doesn’t it? This black-haired beauty sleeping peacefully on a futon – it doesn’t quite feel like she’s the daughter of a wealthy family. Sleeping like a log on a Japanese-style futon makes it seem even less so. 


    “He~y. Mitsuki… You can get up any time now…”



    I called out to her, and it took her a bit to react. She turned over while mumbling in her sleep. Now she was on her back. She’s wearing shorts and a tank top instead of pyjamas. The morning sun illuminates her most intimate parts – but when you see this every day, all you can think of is ‘…again?’. 


    Still, no matter how much she drools in her sleep, you can easily call Mitsuki cute and beautiful. Her rolled-up tank top revealed a well-shaped chest. Since she just wears shorts now, her beautiful legs were showing. She has a nice figure, and she gently scratched at her toned stomach, probably because of sweat from the heat. If you look at it objectively, it’s obvious that she has incredible looks. However, a lack of modesty completely kills her sex appeal. Her outward appearance and this disappointing sight… the difference is appalling. But then again, I’ve known her for a long time, so it would be weird for her not to be like this. For some reason thinking of this naturally made me smile, so I poked her cheek to distract myself from the thought. 


    “…mmm…? …nnnnya…”


    Mitsuki made a cute cat-like sound. Rather than moving away, she got closer to my hand, as though trying to kiss it. 


    “…nnn… …Love you~…”



    So she said with a warm smile. I know she’s talking in her sleep, but… it still caught me a bit off guard. …For some reason. She grabbed my hand, and her smile turned into more of a faint grin, and she brought her face close to mine. 


    “Hehe… Thank you for the tasty meal…”


    Ah. Love you (for feeding me).


    “…Come on, wake up.”


    Before closing her mouth, she moved my hand to her forehead, where it landed with a gentle smack. She let out a cute squeak, which made me want to wake her up even more. …Don’t be surprised if I sound harsh. 


    “…nn… Yuuya…?”


    Mitsuki seemed to have finally woken up a bit and turned towards me with a sleepy face. Just as I was thinking I’d broken through the first barrier, she got teary-eyed. 


    “…Ahh, Yuuya, why are you…?”


    Her first shot at waking up today, and she’s already upset. 


    “What do you mean, why?”

    “Why? I was having a good dream, why did you wake me up, idiot?”

    “Because it’s time to wake up, you know.”

    “Because you’re a crab. I don’t wanna…”


    …I’m not sure I want to be in a dream like that. 


    “Come on, get up. You can’t eat me, so I’ll make breakfast while you get ready.”


    When I said that, a faint hint of intelligence began to return to her sleepy eyes. 


    “…hhh… You didn’t make it yet?”

    “Wasn’t sure how long you’d take to get up, since it would get cold. Not making anything elaborate either.”

    “Okay… …Then…”


    Mitsuki, laying on her back, reaches for me with her left hand. I thought to myself ‘oh dear’ as I helped her up, and turned back toward my apartment. 


    In the blink of an eye, her right hand grabbed my shoulder, she put her foot against my back, and she threw her weight back as she rolled her body. A perfect Tomoe throw. 

    TN: “Tomoe nage (throw) is one of the traditional forty throws of jujutsu and Judo” -Wikipedia


    I knew what she was going to do to me, so I didn’t resist. She gently threw me on the ground, and lay on top of me. 


    “It’s a day off today, so let’s sleep together in my room until like noon?”


    As she said this, Mitsuki rubbed her cheek against my chest like a spoiled cat, but in reality she was just still half-asleep. 


    “Well, okay, but didn’t you have something to do back at your parents’ place?”

    “Ah, it’s fine. It wasn’t important, so I asked them to do it later.”


    She said it so proudly that I’m starting to wonder if-


    “…Is this what you were planning from the start?”

    “Ehehe~ But you also knew I was going to, didn’t you?”


    I looked away from her, to which she laughed mischievously. 


    Well, I knew there was a 70-80% chance this was going to happen. 


    “I’m still tired from having to be ladylike last night… So I want to relax today.”

    “Ah. Well, I get it.”


    Actually, last night – Friday night. There was a party being held by a company working with my parents’ business, so we had to attend. At such a formal event, Mitsuki put on a brilliantly elegant appearance. 

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