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    Codename Vestia

    Chapter 6

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by sienz


    Camar asked aloud.




    Doyeong rolled his eyes.


    “Wait a moment.”


    And limped out of the bush. Camar was standing there while holding the end of the rope that was tied to Doyeong. Then Doyeong asked,


    “Who do you have an appointment with? Why are you rushing?”

    “Taking too long.”

    “Do I really have to tell you that I shit?”


    Usually, as a man who knows manners, he would not speak like this, but now he purposely said it in a more explicit way on purpose. But Camar tilted her head and asked. 


    “Shit? What is shit?”


    When you learn a language, you start with swear words and dirty words, but why would he teach her French, so he only replied,


    “It’s like this situation.”


    When Doyeong spoke, Camar tilted her head again.


    “Why is this situation?”


    Doyeong almost got a headache. Camar asked a lot of ‘why?’s and had more questions than a child who just started learning about the world.


    “Then, would you put flowers in your hair and tap dance in this situation?”


    Camar seemed to understand Doyeong’s words, but eventually frowned and said,


    “Hard to say, Lieutenant.”


    Doyeong waved his hands as if he had enough and went past Camar, while pointing to a branch that he used as a substitute for crutches. Camar followed quickly. As soon as they got to the beach, she was about to head towards the log cabin, but Doyeong pulled at the rope and said,


    “Wait. I haven’t washed my hands.”


    Then he naturally went to the beach as if he was the person holding the rope. Camar hesitated as she looked at the cabin, but the rope was pulled and she was forced to follow.


    He looked up at the sky and read the stars. He realised it when he was looking at things earlier, but this place was really in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


    ‘Where was Legion trying to transport me?’


    Looking towards the direction Legion was trying to transport him, he was on the way to America.


    ‘Is the guy they called ‘Chief’ in North America?’


    He felt the rope being pulled. Camar stood sullenly and said,


    “How long are you going to wash?”


    Doyeong pretended to go to the beach, but in the end stayed for a long time like a stranded boat at the shore.


    “Let’s sit down for a bit. It’s so stuffy back there.”



    Camar mumbled, not sure if it would work. Doyeong waved his hand.


    “As I said, I can’t jump with this leg. Even if my legs are fine, you will be faster.”

    “Lieutenant was fast. In the beginning.”

    “I just exploited the loopholes.”


    No matter what she said, there was no sign of Doyeong getting up. Since Camar could do nothing about it, she sat down next to him. In fact, generally when a person is incarcerated, they would do what they are told to do, sometimes they’d even be forced to follow. However, it seems that Camar didn’t have any talent for that.


    Swhaaa… .


    The sound of waves came in.


    Doyeong looked at Camar sitting still. He had seen a lot of vampires but he had never seen one with such a pretty face. Her face reminds him of Olivia Hussey and Isabelle Adjani in their prime, but Camar was a little softer and looked a bit unrealistic. Probably because she is not human.

    [Olivia Hussey is an English actress, while Isabelle Adjani is a French actress and singer]


    Her rich black hair came down to the waist, following the soft curve of her body. It appeared like the nutrients didn’t reach the tips, but they didn’t look rough. If there was a flower that looked like a human, it would look like this.


    Doyeong shifted his gaze downward.


    What he was planning to do was really difficult.


    The ‘I Love New York’ t-shirt that Camar was wearing was so old that it had a hole in it and the ink was so faded it almost disappeared.


    Her bottoms were wrapped in ripped fabric and secured with a string, but it felt more like a rag than a skirt. And the necklace she was wearing was made by weaving all kinds of seashells and some ornaments which looked like they were carved from animal bones. They looked worn down.


    The highlight of that disturbing fashion was the cross-body bag, which was also made of ripped fabric and sewn with thick needles so that only the shape was roughly defined.


    “Where did you get that t-shirt?”


    When Doyeong asked, Camar looked at her clothes and answered.


    “It floated here.”

    “How did you know how to wear it?”


    Camar’s expression darkened.


    “I’m not stupid.”


    After all, there was no way she was born on this island as she looked like somewhere between Westerners and Asians. Although it is an uninhabited island, if there are tribes on this island, she will have a face that is closer to the indigenous people one would normally think of.


    Doyeong saw the island curve to the right in the distance and disappeared.


    “What do you eat here?”


    There was no way vampires could eat and live without people. He knew that animal blood was disgusting and not edible for their kind.


    Camar opened the crossbody bag she was wearing and showed him the inside.


    “I eat flowers.”


    Doyeong looked inside the bag and was speechless.


    “This is…”


    There were red flowers in the bag. These days, this kind of flower is used as the raw material for the organic compound ‘Floss’, which vampires consume instead of blood.


    Doyeong said in disbelief.


    “It was said that the flowers alone do not provide sufficient nutrients in their natural state. So, does this work?”


    “I eat a lot.”

    “Ah, is that so?”


    Doyeong was too tired to speak. If it had been a problem that could be solved by eating a lot of it, they would not have suffered because of that until Floss was developed. But when he looked at Camar, he thought that it would be meaningless to explain, so he swallowed his words.


    “Where does this come from?”


    Camar pointed to the mountain behind him when she was asked.


    “There’s a lot there.”


    The flowers are originally a variety that grows in cold places, so it was difficult to find them in the surrounding area. Moreover, the island has a subtropical climate.


    But even if he thought right now, he would not be able to figure it out, so Doyeong stopped thinking about it. He chose to concentrate on the real problems in front of his eyes instead, just like a soldier would.


    In any case, the most important thing was that this is a flower-eating vampire. Doyeong sighed. Even though she looked so cute, he wondered what would happen if she was actually trying to fatten him up to eat him. But luckily, the possibility of that happening has decreased. There really seemed to be no way for him to die in this place.


    There was silence. He’s been hanging out outside today, but still can’t seem to figure anything out.


    “Let’s go.”


    Doyeong tried to get up as a means to enter the log cabin, but ended up sitting down again. It was not easy for him to get up from a sitting position without any support.


    After the first attempt, he exhaled and was about to get up again, but Camar, who had been watching him, asked,


    “Shall I hug you and carry you?”

    “If you touch me, I’ll kill you.”


    Doyeong tried to stand up with a blank face, but it was not easy. But no matter how strong the other party was, it was a matter of pride.


    Camar held out her hand.


    “I’ll help you.”


    Her eyes were earnest as she offered help.


    Doyeong was embarrassed, but he still held her hand. Then Camar lifted him up easily. Doyeong was a strong man with a height of 184cm and weighed more than he looked because of his muscles, so the feeling of being pulled up was unfamiliar to him.


    Camar supported Doyeong. It didn’t look like she was having problems, but since Doyeong was taller, when he looked down from above, he could see her chest bone.


    Doyeong diverted his gaze to the sky and shook his head wildly.


    “If only they only had the strength to lift not more than a  spoon.”


    No one would expect that he just had a fiery fight with this vampire whose outward appearance was so pretty. Even if it turned out that this was a flower-eating vampire, nobody would’ve expected this if they only looked from the outside.




    Camar did not understand what he was saying and asked.




    Camar looked puzzled at his answer, but did not further ask any questions. Then she went into the log cabin and helped Doyeong sit down. Doyeong felt strained because  he couldn’t even remember how long it had been since he had felt so uncomfortable.


    “Sleep, then.”


    Then Camar tried to get out. Doyeong asked, puzzled.


    “Where are you going?”


    “Where do you sleep?”


    He didn’t know if there was another place. So, he asked without thinking, and Camar pointed to the log cabin floor and said,


    “Here. But there is Lieutenant here.”



    Camar pointed to herself and then outward.


    “Sleep outside.”


    Doyeong frowned. Even if she didn’t fall into the category of ‘old and weak’… .


    “So you think I’m kicking you out, don’t you?”


    Camar had a face that said that she didn’t understand what he meant. Doyeong was bothered, so he said straight up,


    “Why do you have to go? Just sleep here.”


    Camar was even more surprised.


    “I’m a vampire.”

    “So what? Are you going to drink my blood?”


    Camar shook her head as if she couldn’t even imagine such a thing.


    “I have flowers. I don’t drink blood.”

    “Then what’s the matter? Are you afraid that I might attack you?”


    Naturally, it was a sarcastic remark in the sense that he would do well even with his legs and arms tied like this. To be blunt, even if he chases Camar out and sleeps here alone, it won’t make much difference in the end if she’s in the cabin or not if she has the thought to hurt him in the first place.


    But Camar tilted her head.


    “Cover you? Why would I cover you?”

    [Doyeong said 덮치기 which means ‘to overtake’ which can be used as ‘to attack’, while Camar said 덮어 which means ‘to cover’.]


    Doyeong had a headache. Today, he just had enough trying to have a decent conversation with a nerd vampire that he couldn’t find out whether said vampire simply lacked language ability or lacked intellectual ability too.


    “Just sleep.”


    Doyeong turned around and looked at the wall. Camar hesitated for a moment, then she spread out some cloth under the pillar and sat down. She laid on her back in the same way as Doyeong with the pillar in the middle.


    Camar glanced back. Doyoung really seemed to be doing well. Then she sighed softly.


    “Good… night, Lieutenant.”



    Doyeong said bluntly and went to sleep.




    Camar looked up at the ceiling with wide eyes. She couldn’t sleep, so she was merely lying in a remote state. Suddenly, she heard regular breathing sounds from the person who was deeply asleep.


    Camar was taken aback and looked back at Doyeong, then asked.


    “You’re really asleep?”


    Doyeong didn’t answer. His back was just moving regularly. He was really sleeping. A human lying next to a vampire.


    Camar was also aware of the fact that humans and vampires live together in the outside world these days.


    Another name for vampires is ‘luas’ and they drink extracts of flowers instead of blood. But, vampires are still vampires, and they can still drink human blood.


    「What a strange human.」


    Camar muttered as she watched his back go up and down. Then she looked up at the ceiling and turned around. Doyeong’s breathing got louder as she tried to stay still.


    Camar finally closed her eyes. It’s been a long time since she fell asleep while listening to someone’s breathing like this.




    Doyeong opened his eyes. A familiar log cabin landscape caught his eyes.


    ‘It wasn’t a dream.’


    As he swallowed a sigh, he felt a warm sensation behind his back.


    Doyeong looked behind in surprise. It was because Camar was sleeping close to his back.


    Doyeong quickly got up.


    “What is this?”


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