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    Codename Vestia

    Chapter 2

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by sienz


    “Well, it doesn’t matter if you say nothing.”


    Rachel went behind Doyeong, sweeping the nape of his neck with her fingertip.


    “Do you know that every vampire has a different taste? Regardless of gender, some vampires prefer pretty women, and some vampires prefer handsome men. Some people prefer fat humans because they have a lot of blood. Among them, I… .”


    Warm breath reached his ear.


    “I love strong men.”


    Rachel whispered while placing her nose by the nape of Doyeong’s neck, and glided up.


    “Words are not enough to convey the joy I feel upon seeing men who are full of muscles and packed with confidence, losing the strength in their fingers and having their mental state collapse as I suck their blood.”


    Apart from them, there were also the radish kimchi who usually came in with a rubber band, just like a lunch box.

    [radish kimchi: a slang word for Korean gangster. The origin of the meaning is from the fact many Korean gangsters have a flat top-like haircut and the shape is similar to the cube shape of the Korean side dish 깍두기.]

    [Do you know how bento boxes are usually equipped with a rubber band? Well gangsters usually wear rubber bands (especially drug dealers) so they can keep a large amount of cash together (How do I know this? I’ll leave it to your imagination). Basically the author is comparing bento boxes that are used to store food, with gangsters who can be considered as Rachel’s food.]



    Rachel adjusted her neck and placed her nose behind his ear, and Doyeong, whose head was slightly lowered, raised his eyes and said.


    “Sorry, my throat is a bit sensitive. Hope you can breathe a little more properly.”


    Rachel raised her head.


    “It’s been a while since I’ve seen something so lively. It’d be a waste to just drink it.”


    Rachel stepped back.


    “Now, shall we start?”


    At those words, a Caucasian man stepped forward. He then immediately swung his fist and struck Doyeong in the face so hard that it made a loud noise. If the chair hadn’t been fixed to the floor, he would have flown to the side.


    Doyeong struggled to lift his head back. 


    “Turn on the lights and come forward yourself.”

    “Don’t fret, these people are also humans.”


    Rachel said leisurely while sitting in the chair the other man had brought. 


    “I know just from looking that your punches will feel like a cotton ball.”


    When Doyeong said that, the man-made a proper boxing posture and ran his fist into his abdomen. Doyeong read the movements and managed to give strength to his abdomen before the punch landed. If a person who couldn’t protect himself was hit, it would cause at least a bowel rupture. He was almost grateful for the teaching assistant who had put the team members in line and told Luas to hit them one by one as a way to improve their strength. 


    As Doyeong cooled down while exhaling with difficulty, Rachel laughed.


    “This one’s still from the Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces). It’s better not to get angry just yet.”

    “Whoa, a Russian brother. How scary. Spasibo.”

    [Spasibo: Спасибо means ‘Thank you’ in Russian language.]


    When Doyeong said that while laughing out loud, Rachel looked interested.


    “Did MCTC teach you to provoke the other party when you’re held captive?”

    “Nah. They gave up on teaching me.”


    Rachel laughed and leaned towards the left armrest.


    “I’m sorry to hear that. If we met on Tinder, we would’ve had a good evening.” 

    “I’m sorry, but I prefer natural encounters.”


    Suddenly, the Spetsnaz grabbed Doyeong with his large hand and shouted as if he could blast Doyeong’s face off with his voice. Doyeong knew a little Russian, but he couldn’t understand what the other person was saying because his shouting was too loud.


    So he looked at the Spetsnaz with a blank face and asked.


    “Did you brush your teeth?”


    The Spetsnaz kicked Doyeong with his feet. As if once was not enough, he kicked once more, and the chair eventually rolled over with Doyeong still sitting on it. The sound resonated loudly in the large space.


    “Don’t kill him.”


    Rachel spoke slowly, then got up and approached.


    “Now, lieutenant. Think carefully. Who do you think we are?”


    Doyeong tilted his head and put his head on the floor.


    “Must be SN’s remaining forces.”


    “Remaining. I would prefer it if you call it the second generation. You see, we’re just like a phoenix. When the moment comes, it burns itself by setting a fire, and when it is born anew from the ashes, it is stronger.”


    The sound of the high heels clicking on the floor approached as Rachel spoke.


    “It is perfect.”




    “It is a way to become an extraordinary being.”


    Rachel, who was standing next to Doyeong, looked down at him and smiled.


    Obviously still lying down, Doyeong laughed as he looked at Rachel, who looked like a godly being who couldn’t be touched because of the effect of the backlight.


    Rachel did not smile, and her face seemed colder in an instant.


    “What’s so funny?”


    “Because it is so SN-like. Did they teach you how to say that?”


    Rachel laughed. She looked like she was itching to kick him, but she would not let herself do such an ungraceful act.


    “It makes it more enjoyable the more fragile you are. You humans are too weak. I can hardly find a man I like, and even then, I wouldn’t be able to hold on to him until the end. But I hate men of my kind. They’re too stiff in both body and mind.”


    Rachel looked down at Doyeong and slowly licked her lips with her red tongue.


    “On the contrary, human men are very soft.”


    He didn’t want to admit that he was having goosebumps, but Rachel was notorious for treating human men as sex slaves. The ones who had fallen into her hand had never returned.


    Fortunately, a phone rang just then. Rachel saw her ringing wristband and pressed the band to answer the call.


    “Yes, chief.”


    Then Rachel listened for a moment and said.


    “I understand. I will do it right away.”


    She then hung up the call and looked back at Doyeong.


    “The chief says that he wants to see you in person.”


    It seemed that the caller was their leader.


    Rachel shook her head at Doyeong.


    “Take him.”


    The two Russian brothers, each seemed like they’d be able to beat even a bear, raised Doyeong up. Then Rachel lifted Doyeong’s chin with a finger and said with snake-like eyes.


    “When he’s done, you’re mine.”


    The two men dragged Doyeong out of the room and into the hallway. The white and clean corridor did not have any special features so he could not figure out his location.


    One thing was certain, however. It looked like a tall and decent building that should be impossible to be owned by a branch of a terrorist group that had been disassembled after the loss of their command tower and was hiding underground.




    The door at the end of the corridor opened and a hangar appeared. Among them were military transport planes that had already been prepared for departure.


    Again, there were no markings on the outside of the military transport plane, so he could not figure out who the vehicles belonged to.


    Doyeong was stunned. How did they have facilities and equipment comparable to those of a regular army?


    The two men entered through the ramp door (cargo loading door) and pushed Doyeong into one of the chairs roughly. Rachel strode by gracefully, like a queen inspecting her guards. Then, while showing off her leg that was exposed through the deep slit of the skirt, she went to the front.


    “Let’s go.”


    The ramp door was shut with a thump, like marking a period in Doyeong’s fate.




    Doyeong glanced at the glass behind him. He was flying over the sea.


    The security would be even tighter at the place where he was going to meet the man they called “chief”. Therefore, the only chance to escape was now. But how, when you’re nowhere near the ground?


    “Look to the front.”


    One of the luas sitting on the side growled.


    They were not friendly in the slightest.


    However, since there was not much to do at the moment, Doyeong stopped straining his neck and turned back. Rachel looked at him with interest.


    It was common for women to like Doyeong, and he did not really enjoy it, but there weren’t many cases where he wanted to be totally rid of their attention like this.


    Then, one of the transport crew came up and said to Rachel,


    “There’s a military aircraft in the front. They are asking for our identity.”


    Rachel glanced at Doyeong and asked.


    “Is it MCTC?”


    Doyeong himself was skeptical about the possibility, but the flight attendant replied.


    “I don’t think so.”

    “Why did they still insist on such a thing when we’ve deliberately gone around the high seas?”

    “You’ll see.”


    Doyeong sat quietly.




    Suddenly, there was a sound. It couldn’t have been possible for the vampires next to Doyeong to not hear what Doyeong just heard. The man on the left wore a questioning expression.


    “What’s that sound?”


    Meanwhile, he glanced at Doyeong, whose hands were still tied behind his back. In a flash, Doyeong’s elbow hit the vampire’s chin from the side.


    “It’s the sound of your jaw flying away!”


    Compared to humans, their physiques are strong. But the jaw is basically a vital spot, so if you hit it well, you could do enough damage.


    “What about the handcuffs…!”


    The man sitting on the right exclaimed in surprise.


    Doyeong was surprised because the other person was still sitting leisurely even though the guy next to him had been beaten by him. He felt grateful for the nature of the vampire family, whose physical strength is so strong, as it is sometimes easier to understand them. Perhaps it’s because they instinctively think what could a mere human possibly do in this situation where he’s guarded on both sides.


    He didn’t know whether they could tell that ever since that incident, his job was to study and train on how to deal with vampires in most of his waking hours.


    Doyeong struck the man on the right with a fist. He knew that he wouldn’t have dealt much damage if he hit normally, so he used his handcuffs as a knuckle to increase the destructive power. As a result, the man screamed and covered his bloody face.


    Doyeong did not miss the opportunity. The moment he let go of his fist, he threw away the seat belt that had already been released and ran.




    It was at that moment.


    The plane shook violently as if it was hit by a missile.


    Doyeong almost instinctively grabbed the cargo net.

    [In case it is not clear enough, I could picture that they’re currently inside a military aircraft, surrounded by cargo complete with the nets to hold them together.]


    “What happened!”


    Rachel shouted almost hysterically.


    However, after the plane was hit, the pressurization system (to confine the contents under a pressure greater than that of the outside atmosphere especially : to maintain near-normal atmospheric pressure during high-altitude or spaceflight.) seemed to be broken.


    If so, perhaps… .


    Doyeong turned his head. The ramp door open button on the wall of the plane was not far away.


    The Legion crew were busy trying to grasp the situation, so they did not pay attention. Doyeong thought they’d be able to overcome it anyway.


    The moment the aircraft finally stabilized, Doyeong rushed ahead. While holding onto the strap that held the cargo together, he pressed the ramp door open button with his palm.

    [military cargo strap]






    The ramp door began to open, and light poured in. It was correct to expect that the ramp door would be locked only when in flight. To be more accurate, it was when the pressurization system was activated.




    Only then did the Legion crew look at Doyeong in surprise. However, as the ramp door was opened while they were still at high altitude with the strong wind, everyone needed to hold onto something and could not approach.


    The hairdresser who had set Rachel’s hair earlier this morning was about to cry, while Rachel laughed as her hair fluttered wildly in the air.


    “Do you think humans can jump from this height and live?”


    Doyeong laughed.


    “Wouldn’t it be better to risk my chance of surviving rather than being taken away like this?”


    But, as she said. If you jump from this height, even though you will fall into the sea, the moment you crash into the water, you will feel like a mosquito that was crushed between the wall and the palm of someone’s hand. Moreover, there’s no parachute.


    In short, he couldn’t really do a thing with only the door open.


    Realizing that Doyeong was merely bluffing, the luas showed signs of coming closer. Overall, they looked more like animals than humans.




    The impact from the abrupt plunge threw their bodies off guard. To be precise, the plane was diving down.


    The plane’s altitude dropped sharply to avoid the enemy. Even though he didn’t know from which faction the other party belonged, it was really a lifesaver to Doyeong.


    “Hey, be careful…!”


    Someone from the Legion crew shouted, but the pilot couldn’t hear that.


    They were all vampires, and at the moment were all desperately holding onto something. In particular, Rachel was holding onto a cargo net with one hand. She was stronger than Doyeong had thought, in other words, she seemed to be a vampire of a strong bloodline.


    Doyeong’s arm seemed like it was about to be broken as well. All the blood vessels in the arm were expanding and exerting maximum power.


    The altitude was lowered so quickly it almost seemed like the aircraft would crash into the sea at any moment. It was like riding a super fast roller coaster.


    The wind blew fiercely as if it was trying to peel his skin off. The timing was only now, Doyeong realized. There was no chance of living if he did not jump right now.


    Not like there was any guarantee that he’d live by jumping.


    The moment Doyeong released his hold from the strap, he turned around and jumped out. Everyone opened their eyes wide because they didn’t really think that any sane human would jump.


    “That crazy…!”


    At the same time, the transport plane quickly soared upward and found its balance.


    One of the men looked down, but he couldn’t see anything. He then looked at Rachel.


    “There’s no way a human can jump from this height and survive. Even if he survives, this area is still uninhabited.”


    The man added the last sentence because Rachel kept looking down like a snake that had lost its prey.


    “He doesn’t have his GPS, so MCTC won’t be able to find him. Even if he’s lucky enough to survive, the uninhabited island will end his life the moment he arrives.”


    Rachel raised her head and laughed.


    “What a waste. I thought he’d be my favorite toy.”



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