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    Codename Vestia

    Chapter 19

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by sienz


    Doyeong sighed.


    “Because we don’t talk about the tribe.”


    Foreigners who have entered once are not sent out again.


    He said that was the tribal rule. To keep the secret of the tribe’s existence.


    Doyeong tried to convince him that he had no interest in the tribe and had no reason to tell anyone else, but he insisted. In addition, Camar seemed like she had no intention of changing Tora’s answer.


    There are now two vampires trying to keep him on the island, so it felt like he fell into a deeper pit trying to unravel the secret of what was on the other side of the island.


    “Anyway, it’s not like this is only his first or second time going out, so he should be alright…”


    While the Tora was speaking, a tribal woman suddenly attacked him from behind.


    Tora let out a laugh and put the woman on his lap. She seemed to be raging at him for leaving her alone. Tora hugged the woman and whispered sweet words in her ear, making the woman seem satisfied.


    Then Tora tapped Doyeong’s knee. Doyeong frowned slightly, but he didn’t respond.


    Camar didn’t say anything as well, so the four people sitting next to each other had different temperatures like fire and ice.


    Maybe it was because of the ruckus during the day, Doyeong and Camar were very awkward. Camar didn’t look at Doyeong with a complaining gaze for pushing herself off the cliff, but she was strangely speechless and had a thoughtful face.


    Tora and the tribal woman had more affection there. He rose up holding her in a flashy embrace. They then disappeared towards a house.


    Silence continued between the two of them. At one point, Doyeong turned around and asked.




    Camar flinched and turned around, as if surprised by the sudden conversation.




    “Aren’t you going out?”




    Camar shook his head.


    “I am not leaving the island.”


    That was still the only answer. Doyeong muttered in a conceding tone.


    “Yeah, I don’t know anymore. They said that if you tried to forcefully pull out a reclusive loner, it would only make them more confined.”


    It was silent for a while before Doyeong got up and shook off the husks of the pseudo-peanuts.


    “Let’s go to sleep.”


    A middle-aged woman from the tribe told him using hand and foot gestures that he could sleep at the house on the right.


    But Camar did not follow. Doyeong turned around, looking a little puzzled. Camar looked at the bonfire and returned the gaze.


    But that was all. She just stared at him with her eyes. Doyeong turned around and asked if she wasn’t going to sleep, as Camar always wanted to sleep with him, then he went into the house and lay down.


    He waited a little longer, but Camar didn’t seem to want to come.


    Doyeong was amazed.


    ‘Is she saying that her people are here?’


    Where is the pig that hugs cutely?


    He was somehow angry. There’s people who worship her as god, and there’s Clientes too. After all is said and done, this was all just a huge show to see whether he could be trusted or not.


    ‘What am I mad about?’


    Doyeong was even more amazed at himself. The reason for the strange feeling flowing between them must have been that they were swept away by the atmosphere of an uninhabited island. And this atmosphere of an uninhabited island was created on purpose.


    Doyeong closed his eyes and went to sleep.




    A small hand caressed his stomach.


    The gesture was done with a clear intention. Doyeong was asleep, but he almost laughed. This sneaky bastard came late and poked his side.


    But he didn’t have the heart to let it go easily, so Doyeong turned around as he spoke.


    “Camar, the time is…”


    Then he was surprised. Because it was not Camar, but a young woman, who was looking down at him. It was a woman of the tribe whose face he had seen while passing by earlier.


    She smiled as she was about to kiss Doyeong. Doyeong quickly pushed the woman away and raised his upper body.


    “What are you doing?”


    The woman said something and tried to kiss him again.


    His words didn’t seem to work, so Doyeong got up, opened the door and left, leaving the woman who was trying to catch him as she said something. And he almost bumped into a woman standing at the door.


    “What the…”


    Doyeong was shocked. In front of the door, women were standing, like queuing in front of a famous restaurant.


    The women surrounded Doyeong, chirping like a flock of birds. And what they were saying, of course, Doyeong couldn’t understand a single word.


    At that moment, he saw Camar sitting on the floor with the bonfire extinguished.




    Doyeong gestured to the women and asked what they were talking about, but Camar just stared at him.


    Doyeong pushed the women away and went to the yard. The women shouted dissatisfaction and complained, but they did not follow.


    Doyeong looked at the women and asked.


    “Why are they there?”


    Camar said without much embarrassment.


    “Because Doyeong came from outside.”




    “Visitors from outside are precious. Because they give birth to healthy children.”


    Doyeong was really, really amazed.


    “Don’t tell me because of this, you…?”


    …Didn’t come to sleep.


    Camar looked at the extinguished bonfire and didn’t answer. Doyeong stared at her like that.


    “Did you know that doing something like this without consent is called sexual harassment outside?”


    Camar said as she wrapped her arms around her knees.


    “They always do that in the tribe.”


    He realized now why the tribe was so mixed-race for a native tribe. It would have been an inevitable choice for genetic diversity in the closed environment of an island.


    Standing next to Camar, the women only chatted from afar but did not approach. And as soon as they gave up, they all scattered to their homes.


    They seemed to realize that Doyeong didn’t have any intention to sleep with anyone today. Fortunately, they did not have the habit of forcing by tying up the person to be used like a stallion like the Amazon tribe in the novel.


    Doyeong had no idea whether to get angry or not.


    “I’m really speechless… Now I’m wide awake.”


    Then, Doyeong sat down.


    Camar wiggled her fingers. She wanted to stop him when Doyeong said he was going to sleep, but she couldn’t break the tribal rules, especially because she knew how long everyone had been waiting for this day.


    In fact, the rustling over the bushes that Doyeong had heard before wasn’t all Tora’s.


    Even though it was banned, there was a time when curious girls secretly came to the other side of the island to see Doyeong. To the children who asked what the guest was like this time, Tora seems to have replied, ‘He is very handsome.’


    As Camar had long observed, the interest of young men and women for the beautiful opposite sex could not be stopped even if their ancestors came.


    The children secretly glanced at Doyeong from beyond the bushes and fell in love with Doyeong’s gray-blue eyes, the sophisticated feeling of a civilized world and the wild beauty of a tribal warrior coexist. They were clamoring for Camar to introduce him to the tribe.


    Camar soon found out that Doyeong was a trustworthy person, but she didn’t want to introduce him to the tribe. Because she knew something like this was waiting for him.


    As she was thinking about it, her eyes met Doyeong, who was rubbing the back of his neck.




    Then a strange noise was heard from afar. It’s just like a woman’s scream… But obviously the sound is a little different…


    The moment he wanted to search for the source, Doyeong noticed the true nature of the sound, and realized that Camar was also aware of it. Camar said shyly.




    Doyeong snorted.


    Because it is possible for male luas and female humans.


    He even thought that the reason why there aren’t many women in the vampire species is because women are more disadvantaged from an evolutionary point of view.


    Male luas has two options, female luas and human female, but female luas has only one option.


    After all, it is not a species that is born through the union between a man and a woman.


    “Doyeong can choose anyone. Even Aki.”


    Camar said suddenly.




    He couldn’t remember who it was. Then Camar continued pointing in the direction the sound was coming from.


    “Isn’t she pretty?”


    Come to think of it, she was quite beautiful, but after seeing Camar, he didn’t think she was particularly pretty. But before that…


    “Isn’t that woman his wife?”


    When Doyeong asked, Camar shook her head.


    “Tora does not have a wife. She’s just a lover now. It will change soon. Always like that. Those children are proud to be Tora’s lover at least once. Tora is the guardian deity that protects the tribe.”


    Doyeong could only blame himself. The common sense of this wicked civilized world kept hindering unbiased acceptance of other cultures.


    No matter how much a tribe has tribal rules, Doyeong had a basic human rights sensibility.


    But suddenly, with a certain thought, Doyeong looked at Camar and asked.


    “I can choose anyone? Then you too?”


    Camar bit her mouth as if she was stabbed by those words. Then she murmured as she lowered her gaze.


    “I can’t have children.”


    “I was just asking if I could choose.”


    “If you don’t plan on having children, you… don’t have to choose.”


    “Is that so? What if I want to choose someone?”


    Doyeong stared at Camar.


    Camar wiggled her hand, but didn’t answer. Doyeong took a long breath that felt more like a sigh and stood.


    “I’m going to bed again.”


    And he walked away. There was no sound of Camar following.


    But at the moment the door of the house was opened, suddenly, Camar grabbed Doyeong’s wrist from behind.




    At that moment, Doyeong pulled Camar and pushed her inside.




    The door is closed.


    Camar shrugged and leaned against the wall, breathing heavily. Doyeong spoke softly in the dark.


    “Say it.”


    Camar, who can’t have children, had to say it even though she knew that her monopoly over Doyeong was selfish. She took Doyeong’s hand on her shoulder and whispered as if crying.


    “Don’t pick, anybody.”


    The moment their lips met, Camar was filled with joy. This feeling could only be described as joy.


    As if melting, Doyeong gently lifted his hot lips and whispered.


    “Camar, do whatever you want. Don’t think otherwise.”


    Sometimes it felt like Camar wasn’t quite clear on what she wanted. Especially when she seems to care about someone.


    Maybe it was because she was kind, but Doyeong didn’t like it. With this personality, if she hadn’t lived on this island, he doesn’t think she could have survived for three thousand years.


    Doyeong looked deeply into Camar’s eyes and said.


    “So tell me what you want.”


    “Kiss me, more.”


    Camar said as if possessed. Then Doyeong smiled faintly as if complimenting her.


    Camar felt her heart thump and sink.


    Doyeong kissed her again while staring at her. With his head lowered, the flowing bangs tickled her face.


    With her head tilted, Camar patted Doyeong’s back, suppressing her urge to hug Doyeong.


    She didn’t know how to define this feeling. Her head is dizzy, her joy is brimming, her heart is pounding. This strange feeling…


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