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    Codename Vestia

    Chapter 17

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by sienz


    Camar followed and asked.


    “Isn’t it dark?”


    “I know the way.”


    Suddenly, Camar took a step back. It was a rather unnatural movement, so Doyeong unconsciously turned around and saw that Camar was hiding something with her feet. Doyeong looked away, pretending not to see it, but he had looked at it correctly.




    Like the last time, it was the footprints of a human without shoes. Now it’s clear Camar was hiding someone.


    It’s also a man.


    Last time and this time, the owner of the footprint was a man in terms of size. And when he thought it might be a man, he started to get angry.


    ‘Is it a lover or a husband?’


    But if that’s the case, it didn’t make sense for the man to leave him alone. Unless he has an open mind and doesn’t mind seeing his woman playing with other men. Unless he’s an idiot.


    ‘So why are you hiding it?’


    The opponent has no reason to hide if he’s a vampire. So there must be another reason to hide. It’s not simply about passion.


    Doyeong suddenly looked back and raised one eyebrow.


    “Where are you following me?”


    “Oh, sorry.”


    Camar apologized and took a step back. Doyeong went into the bush on the right and deliberately went further inside. Camar shouted from afar.


    “Where are you going?”


    “I’m worried that you will follow me.”


    “I won’t follow. It’s dark. Don’t go far.”


    Doyeong secretly looked around, but didn’t feel any presence.


    Behind that darkness was Camar’s secret. Doyeong could feel it.




    “What are you doing?”


    After breakfast, Camar asked, bewildered. Doyeong was packing things in a crossbody bag.


    “Are you going again?”


    Doyeong answered while wearing the bag.


    “Because I haven’t seen anything yesterday.”


    Camar thought about what to do to stop Doyeong, and she murmured.


    “I’m tired…”


    “Then I will go alone. I’m a bit more familiar with the path now.”


    Then Camar spoke quickly as if she couldn’t think of such a thing.


    “Doyeong alone is dangerous.”


    “I can deal with animals alone.”


    Then he looked closely at Camar and added.


    “Unless it’s vampires.”


    Camar put down her basket and said.


    “I’m worried. I’ll go with you.”


    Doyeong shrugged his shoulders.


    “Suit yourself.”


    So the two went back into the forest like yesterday.


    Doyeong walked around looking for traces. Then he glanced at Camar following behind. Yesterday, she was so awkward, but today she followed him without saying anything.


    Doyeong looked straight ahead.


    ‘She must have told the man to erase the traces.’


    After walking for a while, he pushed a branch out. Suddenly, the view was wide open and a magnificent landscape appeared. On the other side, in the distance, he could see a cliff with a waterfall flowing.


    “It’s the waterfall where Doyeong first fell.”


    Camar, who was standing next to him, said, pointing to the waterfall.


    The waterfall was bigger than expected. It was so strange that he, as a human being, survived despite the height of it. Perhaps it was because Camar threw well.


    “There is nowhere else to go.”


    Camar then glanced at Doyeong as if wishing to return. Doyeong walked along the cliff without answering. The eyes looking down the cliff were serious. He was like a commander who made a plan while examining the terrain.


    Camar followed and glanced down the cliff. Then, suddenly, Doyeong turned around.






    Doyeong took two steps closer and spoke in a serious voice. The sound of a waterfall falling in the distance was magnificent. It was as if Doyeong’s eyes reflected the oblique sunlight and gave off a soft light.


    “Why… ?”


    Overwhelmed by those eyes, Camar asked softly. Doyeong placed his hands on her shoulders.


    Then he lowered her head and kissed her. His lips touched gently. She was startled for a moment, but Camar quickly closed her eyes. She had a strange experience in which the sound of the waterfall sounded as loud as the sky and the earth, but it gradually disappeared.


    His lips slightly unattached with hers. And while still panting, Doyeong whispered.


    “Camar, I’m sorry.”


    Camar was confused and asked unconsciously.


    “About what… ?”


    “I need to know what you are hiding.”




    Then Doyeong pushed Camar away with all his might. Camar opened her eyes wide. Standing right on the edge of a cliff, she began to fall.


    On the other hand, Doyeong immediately turned and started running. He was sorry, but this was the only way to get away from Camar, even for a moment. If she were a human, she would be on her way to the netherworld, but since she was a vampire, she would be fine.


    Pak.  Pasasakk.


    He ran through the forest at full speed through the leaves and branches. He knew where to go because he had mastered the way as much as he could on the way back and forth.


    After running with all his might, a wide field of flowers appeared.


    This was the border. The boundary of the limit that Doyeong can go. Beyond here was Camar’s secret. Doyeong didn’t stop heading towards there. He ran so fast that he could feel his heart pumping out blood.


    A field of reeds continued past the flower fields. And the moment the reed field was about to finish. Someone suddenly appeared next to him. Doyeong widened his eyes.




    He appeared out of nowhere, but Doyeong knew at once that he was a vampire. Because…


    Doyeong immediately bowed his head. The man turned his body as his cold leg ripped through the air and passed over Doyeong’s head and hit the tree behind him. The tree exploded and flew away with a popping sound.


    It was obvious that he was a vampire.




    As if she had been trying to catch up, Camar’s voice rang from afar.


    Doyeong rolled over and got up. The man looked at him in the midst of the reeds.


    It was difficult to describe the man in one word. His copper-toned skin, dark black hair reaching his chest, and a few thin braids of colored threads hanging from the sides of his hair made him look like a native at first glance, but again, he looked like a mixed race.


    He is so beautiful that if Doyeong was a woman, he would be mesmerized for a moment.


    His slender and muscular body, with no body fat in sight, gave the impression that if Camar was the pinnacle of feminine beauty, this one was the pinnacle of masculine beauty. The tattoos that climbed up his arms and disappeared behind his back felt like a work of art.


    But Doyeong didn’t want to see a man’s body in this detail, no matter how great it was.


    If only the man hadn’t been wearing only one black cloth full of decorations around his waist.


    And red eyes like a beast that found a toy.


    With two red-eyed vampires, Doyeong had forgotten that he was experimenting with how bad his luck could be these days.


    “Hello, Tora.”


    Doyeong wasn’t in the mood to laugh, but he laughed.


    “I think you probably know me.”


    Tora was slightly silent with an attitude that even felt polite.


    “Of course, Lieutenant.”


    It was perfect English compared to his appearance that resembled a native. It’s also in British pronunciation. Even though he was dressed like this, Doyeong felt like he was in contact with the outside world.


    Tora said with a grin that would make a woman’s heart beat.


    “I’m sorry, but you can’t go any further this way.”


    “You must be hiding something on the other side of the island.”


    “Doesn’t everyone have privacy? I want you to protect Matira’s privacy as well.”




    He wondered if he was talking about Camar. But instead of asking, Doyeong glanced Tora up and down and said.


    “I don’t know if it’s the right time to say something like this, but talking to her feels like my heart is ripped open.”


    Tora grinned.


    “Matira is fluent in Satadi, Latin and Ancient Greek and also speaks quite a bit of Aramaic. But she’s a little weak with modern languages.”


    “I know about the others, but Satadi…”


    Tora said as if it was natural.


    “It is the language of the Satadi tribe.”


    “I’ve never heard of such a tribe.”


    “Of course. Because it was not recorded. Modern people don’t know.”


    Doyeong realized something.


    “Is Camar from there?”


    Tora smiled brightly.


    “It is very clear. Isn’t it?”


    The next moment, Tora was standing behind Doyeong.


    ‘Too late!’


    Doyeong swung a knife backwards. However, Tora grabbed Doyeong’s arm with ease, blocked it, and knocked it down. Then he quickly raised his hand. Red eyes flashed like torches under the sunset. It was the face of a beast whose hunting instinct was awakened.




    At that moment, Camar, who appeared from within the reed, rushed at Taro like a horse.


    “Matira, it’s downhill…!”


    The sound of rolling was heard as Tora shouted in surprise. Since it was the weight of two vampires, the rolling sound was like a heavy rock rolling.


    In any case, Doyeong seized the opportunity and immediately got up and started running again through the reeds.


    Sak. Sasasakk.


    He heard a sound following him. Two vampires this time. It was the worst condition since Doyeong fought.


    There was an unusually swaying sound of the reeds. Doyeong immediately swung his knife. Tora blocked it with his foot.


    As he turned in the air and landed like an acrobatic player, Tora said.


    “You are the first human to respond to my speed.”


    “Don’t ignore trained humans.”


    “ I respect you.”




    There was the sound of a reed swaying again. This reed field was surprisingly advantageous for Doyeong as it blocked the sights of the two vampires with superior physical abilities and informed Doyeong of their location.


    Doyeong turned around and started running.


    But the moment the reeds ended, it was a swamp. Doyeong was surprised.


    “What… !”


    Unfortunately, an object with acceleration could not be stopped at once. Doyeong just fell into the swamp. As Doyeong struggled and could barely turn around, Tora, who was standing by the swamp, said with a happy face.


    “If you listen quietly, I will take you out.”


    For some reason, he only chased while attacking from time to time, and directed Doyeong towards the swamp.


    His body gradually sank. There’s no way he’d want to die from sinking to the bottom of the swamp like this. Doyeong sighed and said.


    “Fine, I’ll listen quietly.”


    Then, with a triumphant face, Tora pulled out a long reed and stretched it out to Doyeong. Doyeong grabbed the reed. Tora pulled him up with great force and held out his opposite hand. Doyeong grabbed his hand and stood up.


    Suddenly, Tora flinched and looked at Doyeong. There was a knife under his ribs. In a direction that fits the vampire’s skin texture.


    Doyeong said with his eyes shining.


    “Don’t even breathe.”


    Each vampire has different ‘grains’ on their skin, so even if it looks strong at first glance, they can still be hurt if the texture matches.

    [T/N: I’m a bit confused about this as well, but I think it’s the same concept with cutting meat. Cut or hurt the vampire in line with the grain for super effective attack]


    The direction of the skin texture was found when the arm was held. Tora realized. The angle was so perfect that it would slide right in with just enough force from a human.


    Tora said while looking at Doyeong softly.


    “You’re amazing.”


    “You should be afraid.”


    Doyeong pushed the blade a little further.


    “Sure enough…”


    Tora muttered, then quickly kicked his leg. Doyeong immediately threw himself to the side. Tora’s feet barely passed by the side of his face.


    “You are not an ordinary person.”


    Tora said with a grin and kicked him again as soon as his foot landed. That was a speed at which humans should not be able to react. Doyeong couldn’t escape this time.


    He realized that Tora was going to knock him out.


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