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    Codename Vestia

    Chapter 16

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by sienz


    Since there was no one there anyway, Doyeong took off his pants and left them on the beach, like a snake shedding its old skin, and went into the sea.


    He threw his body into the water, then washed and swam slowly. The sky and the sea were blue.


    Doyeong dipped his head in the water, then got up and brushed his head. He was wearing only black underwear, and transparent water drops ran down his body.


    At that time, something passed by and he turned around unconsciously. Camar was gliding past him like a water snake. Stark naked.


    Although submerged in the water, her bare body fluttered beneath the transparent water. Doyeong asked in shock.


    “What’re you doing?”


    Camar looked at Doyeong.




    “Can’t you see I’m wearing underwear? Why are you taking it all off?”


    “Just take it all off, Lieutenant.”


    Then Camar laid back and waved her arm. The water was so clear that one could see everything, but she was being so casual that Deoyeong couldn’t think of anything erotic.


    She was white and smooth. Yes… It was like looking at a boiled egg. Doyeong was in a state of indifference to that degree.


    Doyeong turned around and looked at Camar’s head as she swam like a dog.


    “I’m sorry, but I’m a civilized person.”


    “Lieutenant keeps talking about civilized people. I don’t think it’s that good.”


    “Where did you learn the word “civilized”? Are you really not good at French? And why do you think it’s not good?”


    Doyeong asked without looking at Camar as he washed his face in the seawater.


    “There is so much to know and to do.”


    Splash! Splash! Camar responded by paddling her feet and swimming backwards.


    “But I’m a bit lonely.”


    “What if you become a civilized person? Rather than living alone on this island.”


    Doyeong raised his head and looked towards the ocean, placing one hand on his waist and ruffled his hair. As he was facing the open landscape all the way to the horizon, almost naked, a sense of liberation came as if he had been freed from all worldly defilements.


    “But I’m not lonely anymore.”


    Suddenly, the tone became serious and Doyeong turned around.


    “Because Lieutenant is here.”


    Camar swam backwards and sat on the beach, where the water was rippling up to her waist. She was looking at him, revealing her white, dazzling upper body like a mermaid who had accidentally risen to the shallows.


    Her dark hair was wet, wrapped around her skin that shone whiter than the white sand in the sun, and her eyes gleamed gracefully.


    Doyeong was stuck for a while. Drops of water dripped down his neck, awakening the flow of time.


    Doyeong suddenly made an annoyed expression and strode towards her, creating a big splash of water. The muscles in his body fluttered in anger.




    A shadow fell over Camar, who spoke in surprise.


    The next moment, Camar was lying down and kissing Doyeong, With him laying on top of her. A gentle wave rushed in and out between the four intertwined legs.


    The feeling of his weight pressing down on her was pleasant. Camar was drawn by her instinct and wrapped her arms around Doyeong’s neck. Doyeong lifted his lips and spoke harshly.


    “Did you all say cute things to all the guys who came here?”


    Camar’s eyes widened.


    “Lieutenant is the first.”


    Doyeong kissed her again.


    Even Doyeong couldn’t define what he felt for this mysterious vampire. Hateful, pathetic, suspicious, lovable, all sorts of emotions swarmed him.




    The firewood burned. Doyeong thought while staring at Camar’s side profile in the light.


    ‘It’s hard to think that she’s holding me here because she’s up to something.’


    There are circumstances, but it seemed personal rather than related to this side. He wondered if there was a bad guy chasing Camar.


    If that’s the case, since Camar had been living on this island for a long time, that guy must be a vampire too.


    She seemed to stop him from leaving the island because she feared what the stalker would do to him. In fact, looking at Camar, it wasn’t strange that she would be followed by such a misogynist. She’s cute and lovable.


    “My name is Doyeong.”


    Doyeong suddenly said. Camar turned around and asked, bewildered.


    “Are you not Lieutenant?”


    “That’s my rank, you idiot.”


    He had really wanted to say this. Now that he did, he felt that the congestion was going away.




    Camar tilted her head.


    “Because I am a soldier.”


    “A soldier? A warrior?”


    “They’re similar.”


    Camar nodded her head.


    “That’s why you can fight me.”


    Doyeong smiled bitterly.


    “Although I lost horribly. As expected, humans and luas are very different.”


    “Well, I tried.”


    Doyeong said exasperatedly.


    “I bet you don’t even need to try.”


    “I do. Everyday.”


    Camar was sincere.


    “Why? Since you’re a vampire, your physical abilities will be superior by default, so why do you even have to try?”


    Camar felt like she had misspoke, so she quickly closed her mouth again. This also seemed to be related to the reason that kept her from leaving this island.


    Camar asked to change the subject.


    “So, Lieutenant’s name is Doyeong?”


    “Right. Doyeong Defert.”


    “Doyeong Defert…”


    Camar pondered on the name once and smiled broadly.


    “It’s nice.”


    Doyeong felt as if his chest had suddenly been stabbed. Camar tilted her head as she stared intently.




    Doyeong jumped up.


    “Sleep, let’s sleep.”




    “We have eaten and brushed our teeth. There’s nothing else to do.”


    ‘And I feel sorry for you.’




    As soon as Doyeong woke up, he realized that Camar was sitting next to him and watching him. He was really shocked.


    ‘What are you doing, seriously.’


    These days, Camar doesn’t even try to hide that she’s in love with him. A five-year-old would know how to hide their heart better than this.


    The room was not bright. It felt as if he had just fallen asleep. Which means Camar had been watching him without sleeping. Should he call this stupid or cute?


    At that moment.




    There was the sound of something like a stone flying from outside and hitting the log cabin wall. Camar looked back in surprise. And she got up quickly and went out without making a sound.




    The door closed with a small sound. Doyeong was puzzled. He opened his eyes and his gaze stayed at the door. A rustling sound was heard outside for a moment, and then the presence disappeared.


    Doyeong frowned. He wanted to follow her, but he waited. After a while, Camar returned. Doyeong pretended to be just awoken, turned around and asked.


    “Where have you been?”


    “Are you awake? Restroom.”


    Then Camar sat down naturally. Doyeong turned around again. And he thought as he opened his eyes.


    Now it’s really clear.


    ‘There is someone on this island.’




    He asked while eating breakfast the next day.


    “By the way, what’s on the other side of the island?”


    Camar, who had been eating for a while, opened her eyes and swallowed the rice.






    Then Doyeong didn’t ask any more. And after having breakfast, he cleaned up the place and said in the passing.


    “I’m bored. Shall we go take a look?”




    Camar blinked. Doyeong stood up and said,


    “Let’s go to the other side.”


    Camar jumped up.


    “No. Uh, there’s a scary beast.”


    “Didn’t you just say there was nothing?”


    “I said that because I was afraid Doyeong would be scared. It’s so big and fierce.”


    It was a story to scare a child who didn’t want to go to bed even when it was time. Doyeong expressed his suspicion on his face.


    “I’ve never heard any sound that resembles a beast.”


    “Never? Well, Doyeong has human ears.”


    If it was the sound of a beast that could be called “very big and fierce,” it would have been impossible even for a human ear to not hear it.


    Doyeong shrugged.


    “It’s boring to wander around this area every day, so let’s go there once. And…”


    Then he looked at Camar up and down.


    “Because I think the most dangerous beast on this island is here.”


    Camar was put in a difficult situation. But if she insisted further, it would look suspicious. Doyeong was already preparing to go.


    “I will use this bag.”


    Then he put other things in Camar’s cross-body bag.


    “Let’s go.”


    While Camar was contemplating what to do, Doyeong had already finished preparing and was on his way.


    “Doyeong, let’s go together.”


    Camar followed quickly.




    Of course, the forest hasn’t changed since he came here not long ago. Even if he looked carefully, there was no sign of anything other than wild animals.


    “Doyeong, let’s go back.”


    Camar said cautiously. Doyeong glanced around.


    “We still have enough time.”


    ‘Should I break your leg one more time?’


    Camar thought without realizing it, and then dispelled the thought.


    Even if it was a mistake last time, she didn’t want to intentionally hurt Doyeong. Above all, he was so quick-witted that she couldn’t tell how angry he would be if he found out that she broke it on purpose.


    She didn’t want Doyeong to be angry.


    In front of her, Doyeong opened the path and went forward. He was as unrelenting as a man who already knew the way. Camar said hastily.


    “Doyeong, the sun is setting.”


    Doyeong looked at the sky dyed orange.


    He had a vampire as his minion, so he didn’t have to worry about getting lost in the dark. But the problem is that he couldn’t see anything that appeared. It didn’t feel good, but he didn’t think he could go any further today.


    “Let’s go back.”


    Doyeong said as he walked past Camar. Camar was relieved and quickly followed him and asked.


    “What do you want to eat?”




    “Doyeong likes meat.”


    “Are you going to prepare it?”




    After the two disappeared, the bush shook. And through the bushes, feet appeared. It was a man’s bare feet covered in mud.




    “Good night.”


    “You too.”


    Doyeong and Camar greeted each other and lay down. The room became quiet.


    For a moment, Camar listened to Doyeong’s breathing as she turned around. The breathing gradually became regular. Camar, who saw this, got up and walked over to the door.


    Doyeong, who was lying on his back, quietly opened his eyes. There was no sleepiness at all. Doyeong lay still, his breathing still steady, because Camar would surely notice if the sound was messed up.




    There was the sound of Camar leaving the log cabin. Doyeong waited for a while. Then he got up suddenly, opened the door, and as he left, he called Camar.




    There seemed to be a sign of surprise from somewhere. And as the bushes rustled, Camar came out.


    “Doyeong? Haven’t you slept?”


    Doyeong pointed to Camar’s side with his chin.


    “What did you do?”


    “I went to the restroom.”


    When Doyeong tried to go there, Camar asked while knowingly and unknowingly blocking him.


    “Where are you going?”


    “Where did you go to do your business?”


    Then, Doyeong went through the thicket. Camar followed and asked.


    “Isn’t it dark?”


    “I know the way.”


    Suddenly, Camar took a step back.


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