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    Codename Vestia

    Chapter 12

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by sienz


    Doyeong looked straight at Camar with a pair of clear eyes. Fearless, calm, and intense eyes.


    Camar tilted her head towards Doyeong’s neck. The breath that leaked from between Doyeong’s lips was sweet.


    It tickled her skin like foxtail. It had always been difficult because her senses were overdeveloped, but now her senses are more sensitive than ever, making Camar’s back numb.


    Her lips touched Doyeong’s neck. His skin was hot and soft due to the heat. He had a slightly sour sweat and his body smelled like wood.


    Without realizing it, Doyeong muttered in a low voice as she licked the nape of his neck once.


    “Don’t lick.”




    Camar mumbled, already unfocused, and licked the nape of his neck again, unwittingly trying to regain her appetite.


    But this time, Doyeong didn’t say anything. He stayed still, placing his hands on a wooden pole placed horizontally behind him.


    As Camar gradually pushed her body towards him, she didn’t realize that she was sitting in the space between Doyeong’s legs.


    A tooth gnawed into the nape of his neck.


    Doyeong’s body trembled greatly. Camar instinctively wrapped her arms around Doyeong’s body and held him, just like an anaconda wrapped its body around prey. She felt a firm shoulder blade in the palm of her hands.


    She heard Doyeong take a deep breath.


    As she inhaled deeply, she felt the warmth spreading from her fingertips to her toes. A shiver ran through her body as liquid moistened her dry body.


    Rather than passing over the throat, it felt like the blood was absorbed by her whole body and disappeared as soon as it touched her mouth.


    At one point, Doyeong placed a hand on her head.


    “Don’t hit my head.”


    Camar took control of her mind and spoke slowly. She made eye contact with him. Doyeong looked a little tired. On the other hand, Camar’s vision seemed to gleam with a sparkling rainbow.


    A dazzling color flashed in her eyes.




    A strangely fragrant breath flew through her red-tinted lips. It must have been the smell of Doyeong fishy blood, which came out as if it had been filtered out of Camar’s body.


    The body, which had felt like a dry branch before, now had a pink glow.


    Vampires who were done with their food didn’t feel as decadent and creepy as he thought. It was more like a natural sea pearl with a delicate color of vitality. ‘If I could get my hands on the glow…’


    Doyeong pulled Camar’s hair and kissed her. Camar wasn’t surprised and didn’t resist at all. She wrapped her arms around his neck as if she had been waiting.


    She didn’t even know what she was doing right now, but she couldn’t stop.


    “Lieutenant… Umph…”


    “Retract your fangs.”


    Doyeong spoke breathlessly and kissed her again.


    This time he was very gentle. One might think he would be more pushy and rough based on his personality, but he put his large hands around her cheeks, opened her lips, and gently pushed his tongue in.


    Camar was unfamiliar with this feeling. The men she’s met so far have been so considerate and have never touched her. It’s probably because they were ancient and medieval men with restrictive norms, but they just didn’t.


    “It’s because you’re making men impatient. As strange as it sounds, when I see you, all I can think about is taking over right now.”


    Daniel said so.


    Daniel was a human being whom she had once lived with before coming to this island. After he rescued her from being lynched in the field by men, he invited Camar to his house even though knowing she wasn’t human, and allowed her to stay for a while.


    He was a man who likes men, that is, what humans have called ‘gay’ from some time ago. That’s why he was lynched in the field.


    Camar, who had passed through ancient Greece, where homosexuality was rather common, could not understand why homosexuality was a problem even if it was not her business. But in any case, because of that, Daniel built a house away from the village and lived alone.


    Therefore, it was an optimal environment for Camar to stay.


    Daniel was a person with quite a bit of insight for his young age, probably because of the many challenges in life.


    “Meet someone who knows how to kiss gently.”


    The tongue in her mouth was sweet. It felt like soft candy, so she sucked it a little. Then, Doyeong’s body hardened as if his body had been hit. And Camar, who thought that it felt better than she expected, repeated it again.


    Suddenly, Doyeong hugged her tightly. His gentle demeanor seemed like a lie, but the feeling of touching her was strangely good. He wanted to be closer.


    But in an instant, Doyeong came to his senses and pulled himself away. Camar breathed quietly. She had forgotten to breathe so much that even the vampire’s lung ran out of breath.




    Doyeong swore in a low voice and tried to get up. But because of his leg, he couldn’t get up straight from his position without support, and Camar reflexively reached out to help.


    Even in this situation, Doyeong was thrilled.


    Doyeong wiped his forehead once and said in a troubled tone.


    “What if I kept going just now? You should’ve pushed me away.”


    “It’s okay if it’s Lieutenant.”


    It was strange. At those words, Doyeong’s heart raced. But the next moment she smiled brightly and said,


    “Because we are friends.”


    Doyeong was shocked at once, and felt blood racing to his head.


    “Do you kiss with all your friends? I don’t know which country’s common sense you have, but would you even kiss a volleyball?”


    Camar’s eyes widened in surprise.


    “Why… angry? And what is volleyball? Is he Lieutenant’s friend?”


    “Yes, he is my best friend. Go away, you punk!”




    Camar didn’t come closer until evening, and merely watched Doyeong from afar. But Doyeong didn’t give her a single glance.


    “That… Lieutenant…”


    Finally, Camar spoke hesitantly.


    “Won’t you treat… the wound on your neck?”


    Doyeong looked back with cold eyes. ‘Right. She is a vampire. No matter how cute her skin is outside, no matter how much she eats flowers, a vampire is a vampire.’


    And female vampires and human men could not have a relationship.


    ‘The reason? Think about it. Vampires are tough. Very tough. And we are not just talking about strength here, but also the whole body. So what happens when a human male and a female vampire have a relationship… I’ll leave it to your imagination.’


    Thus, male vampires and human females were possible, but not vice versa. For those who knew anything about vampires, it was common sense.

    [T/N: Excuse my possibly R19 explanation here. In the past chapter it is implied that vampires have a hard/tough body. Based on this, for lack of better words, I’d assume that this also includes (obviously) their genitals. So, when the author mentions that sex is possible between male vampires and human females, but not vice versa… Think about how it is possible for women to use something as solid as cucumbers as a substitute, but how hard it’d be if men used such a hard object as a substitute. Sorry for being vulgar, I’m trying to explain it as non-R19 as possible, but it’s not possible :lmaocry:]


    Of course, Doyeong knew it well, but he never thought that it would one day become a problem for him.


    No, it was still not a problem. This was just a delusion caused by being a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. He only felt it with this stupid vampire for a moment because he was on the verge of death.


    “Would you like to heal the wound?”


    Camar asked quietly. Doyeong sighed.


    “Yes. Please.”


    Camar’s face brightened as Doyeong finally seemed to have resolved his anger. Doyeong’s feelings are important to her.


    Doyeong said out loud.


    “Don’t make that face.” 


    “What face?”


    Camar asked because she really didn’t know. Doyeong took a long breath and turned his head away.


    “Forget it.”


    After his wound got treated, Doyeong lay down on the beach. Just like on the first day he came to this island, the stars twinkled like the one on a Christmas tree.


    Camar sat next to him.


    While listening to the sound of the waves crashing, Camar suddenly asked.


    “Why do you call vampires ‘luas’?”


    Since she only lived on this island, she might not have known that it was common sense outside.


    “The last common ancestor.”


    Doyeong said while looking at the sky.


    “Actually, all animals and plants on Earth have one ancestor. It’s hypothetical, of course, but that means humans, the fish we ate today, and that grass, were all one and the same species at some point.”


    “Same species?”


    Camar was amazed by this information. As if that alone was not enough, Doyeong kept talking.


    “Umm. And animals to animals, plants to plants, our last ancestor that existed in the same form before each of us became our present form is called The Last Universal Ancestor (LUA).”


    The waves crashed, the stars shone, and the atmosphere was needlessly romantic.


    “The unknown X virus, which turns humans into vampires, came to Earth much earlier than we think, and they evolved together until at some point before humans split into humans and vampires into vampires.”


    ‘Of course, all of them are almost science-fiction stories told by scholars, though.’


    “So, I heard that vampires are called Luax by adding an X to the LUA, the last ancestor of which had the same shape.”

    [T/N: Does that mean I’ve been translating it wrong this time… Let’s just keep it as luas, okay? I ain’t going back editing 10 chapters :lmaocry:]


    Camar was lost in thought and he asked.


    “Then are humans and vampires the same?”


    “Scholars say they are like brothers. Like Homo sapiens and Neanderthals.




    Camar asked, not knowing the word.


    “The scientific name for human beings. It means ‘wise man’, but vampires are called Homo vivens, meaning ‘drinker’.”


    The appearance of Homo vivens, which preyed on Homo sapiens, who had long reigned as the ruler of the earth, was shocking and deservedly hostile. But apparently, the two had been together on this planet from the very beginning.


    Just because a star wasn’t visible doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.


    “Then we are not monsters, vampires.”


    Camar muttered. Doyeong lowered his arm and placed them on his stomach, closing his eyes.


    “That’s what a vampire used to be called, and now it’s just one of several species.”


    Lying down side by side and talking together reminded him of the time when he was lying at his grandmother’s house on the shores of Lake Annecy.


    At the head was his uncle Julien reading a book, and his father Elio walking around, with exceptionally strong legs. From the kitchen side came the laughter of his mother while talking to his cousins.


    Doyeong said as he closed his eyes.


    “Camar. I have a house too.”


    Camar answered quietly.


    “I know.”


    Not only did she know, she was well aware that there was a family waiting for their son to return even at this very moment, unlike her family, which was already without a trace.




    Camar looked a little confused and asked Doyeong.


    “Is Lieutenant a vampire?”


    “What are you talking about?”


    At the sudden sound, Doyeong stopped eating and raised his eyes. Then Camar spoke, even as she was still wondering if it would be okay to say it.


    “You eat like a vampire.”


    Doyeong thought about it last night, and eventually came to the conclusion that there was only one thing he could do now. To heal his leg as soon as possible. So, he decided to focus on getting his leg back.


    And the only way to heal without medicine was to eat well and rest well.


    “I am just hungry.”


    “Would you like more?”


    Doyeong suddenly stared at Camar and said…


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