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Codename Vestia

Codename Vestia (Web Novel)

코드네임 베스티아

Author: 조례진
Rank 99
5 Releases 873 Views 12 Bookmarked Ongoing Status
Last Update Release in 2 weeks

Release schedule: 5th, 15th, 25th every month.


In a world where vampires no longer drink blood,

and walk on the streets with humans under the sunlight.


Lieutenant Commander of MCTC, Doyeong Defert,

falls into a trap and is captured captive during his mission.

While being transported across the sea, he barely escapes and arrives on an uninhabited island.


Little did he know, there was a vampire living in solitary there, Camar.


“Are you… human?”

“Hey, isn’t it obvious, miss vampire? Why are you asking?”


Camar takes care of Deyeong who came with a fractured leg with much care,

and simultaneously protects him.


‘Whoever enters this island can never leave.’


But Doyeong has to return.

His family is waiting for him.


He has to escape from this peculiar and gorgeous vampire who holds many secrets. However, as the military secret hidden in Doyeong’s body is revealed, the prying eyes awaken beneath the darkness.


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