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    The Unavoidable Reason of Accidental Engagement

    The Unavoidable Reason of Accidental Engagement (Web Novel)

    Author: 윤림
    Rank 85
    2 Releases 649 Views 24 Bookmarked Ongoing Status
    Last Update 1 week ago


    “Anyway, you’re such a heartless man.”

    “Look who’s talking.”

    Since their first encounter, it was already a mess between Syamila and Haem.


    Even so, with all the endless proposals from the Grand Duke, will they finally surrender to the engagement?


    “I will never recognize you. ”

    “I too am not really interested in that, huh.”

    These two people denied the marriage, but… 


    “Daughter-in-law, everything that exists in this dukedom is yours!”

    The Grand Duke pampered his daughter-in-law with abandon.


    Furthermore, this engagement is entangled with a staggering secret. The secret heritage that will be unfolded together with the man and the woman’s striking romance.


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