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    NPC Town-building Game

    Chapter 62

    The approaching day and me there

    Translated by X-treme
    Edited by X-treme


    C62: The approaching day and me there


    Lately, there is something strange going on in the village. The expression on the faces of the villagers is not relaxed, and the atmosphere is tense. I’ve been summoned to the biggest tent in the center of the village, where there is supposed to be a discussion.

    When I enter the tent, all the villagers have already gathered, and in the center of the tent, the four initial members and Murus are sitting around a desk. The other villagers and Carol were sitting by the wall, apparently in a position to listen in. The five of them and I will basically be the ones to discuss it.

    “I’ve been waiting for you, Yoshio-sama.”

    I stand by the desk as Chem calls out to me. There is a large piece of paper on the desk with a map of the area on it.

    “It seems that everyone has gathered, so let us begin.”

    Is Lodis going to be the moderator?

    “Today’s agenda is about the “Temptation of the Evil God”, which is coming up in three days.”

    This is the third “Temptation of the Evil God” since I started playing “Village of Destiny. That day is getting closer and closer. Up until now, I’ve just been sitting in front of my computer and watching, but who would have thought that the day would come when I would be participating in the flesh? I’m trying to keep a calm and relaxed smile on my face as everyone in the room looks at me……. In reality, I was struggling to control my heartbeat and my footing was sluggish.

    It’s partly because I’m not used to being the center of attention, but more so because of the threat of three days from now. Both the first and second attacks were not easy. I don’t have to tell you that the second one was especially devastating. The sense of danger and fear that I felt even through the screen, this time, I was going to experience it for real.

    ……scary. I was worried for my life when I talked to the stalker and Mr. Yamamoto. But the actual fear of monsters is nothing compared to that.

    Once, I accompanied a member of the team in a fight against a monster, and I was able to watch the fight from close up, but the atmosphere of a real fight was far beyond my imagination. The tension was suffocating. The smell of blood, thick with iron, was worse than the splattering of bright blood.

    I thought I might be able to help with a weapon in my hand, but I was too busy standing there, completely cowed. There would be more monsters attacking us than that. Just thinking about it makes me shrivel up.

    “……Yoshio-sama, do you have any suggestions for us?”

    When Lodis asked me a question, I panicked. I was trying so hard to stay calm that I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying. Calm down, calm down. I’m still a follower of the God of Fate.

    “I’m sorry. I was concentrating on the possibility of communicating with God right now, and I missed the conversation.”

    If this were Japan, I would be a dangerous person, but here I am not even suspected.

    “What about God?”

    “I could not speak directly to him, as his strength had not yet been restored. But rest assured, you will receive divine assistance in the days to come.”

    The villagers breathed a sigh of relief when they heard my words. What I just said is not sophistry. I had actually tried to see if the miracle could be used in this world, and it could. I’ve already confirmed that the newly carved statue of the God of Fate can be controlled with “Golem Manipulation”.

    I even practiced using my phone to control it just in case, so I didn’t have to worry about that either. With the increase in the number of villagers, the daily point gain increased, and on the day I brought Carol, I was able to get a large amount of points. There are enough fate points without having to pay for them.

    “I know this is a bit off topic, but I have a question I’d like to ask you all.”

    “What is it?”

    The villagers looked at me quizzically, wondering why I had suddenly said such a thing. I don’t have the slightest hesitation in spending my fate points to protect the village, but there was something that had been bothering me for a while. I would like to take this opportunity to ask some questions since everyone is gathered here.

    “This place has been attacked twice by the “Temptation of the Evil God”. It’s not a safe place. Don’t you think you should move to another place?”

    Before, there was no means of transportation and they were told to stay because they were blessed by the gods, but the situation was different now. There should be no need to cling to this village that was almost destroyed once.

    “My husband and I decided to stay here until Carol came back.”

    “We had faith that she would come back to us.”

    The couple looked at each other and nodded as they embraced Carol, who came running up to them.

    “My brother and I felt the same way and decided to stay here.”

    “That’s right. If I may add, when we blew up the……cave and lost our means of transportation and everything again, Doldold-san came and gave us supplies and new villagers, so we decided we could make do.”

    So all the early members were waiting for Carol.

    “Our village was destroyed and we were looking for a place to live when Mr. Doldold told us about a village that had been blessed by God.”

    A new young man by the wall speaks up.

    “Mr. Liot, did you ever think of living in another town or village?”

    I know his name. In fact, I know the names of all the villagers by heart. In an effort to look like a squire, I had checked the names of everyone on my phone the night I arrived here and tried my best to remember them.

    “The nearby villages and towns were also exhausted by the monster attacks. They couldn’t afford to take in new residents, as we were being clawed back.”

    I had heard that monsters were causing a lot of damage in various areas. I used to think that was the world setting, but not anymore. I guess it means that the players on the evil side are working hard.

    They provide a means for those who are in need of money to make money through gaming. It’s an effective way to expand the power of the……evil side. The story so far raises a new question. Are there any players from the Holy God’s side in other villages or towns? If there are, why don’t they accept the villagers?

    “There is only enough food to keep the inhabitants alive, and they have no reserves to spare for us refugees. That’s why I decided to come to this village, which is full of monsters but has no shortage of food.”

    The young man’s explanation cleared up my doubts. Are there not enough supplies to begin with? The Miracles of the God of Fate have means of securing food, such as “calling a peddler,” and there is an abundance of food in this area. There’s enough to even give as tribute to me. It’s not a bad place to live if you don’t mind the danger.

    “I understand what you mean. I apologize for interrupting your conversation.”

    I’ve heard what I wanted to hear, so I won’t interrupt for a while. The discussion continued for about an hour, and here’s a quick summary of what we discussed. Strengthen the fence in the village. Ran and Kang will mass produce arrows. I had hoped to dig up a cave and make it into a refuge by the time of the “Temptation of the Evil God”, but that didn’t happen, so I reinforced the hut as a refuge for non-combatants. The joint training of the combatants began.

    To reassure the villagers, I told them that this time God would come down in the statue to fight in case of emergency, and Gums cheered. Last time I was too busy dealing with real life to save the village, but this time I’ll protect it. The tension in my body relaxed as I made up my mind.

    I’m still not good enough for myself, but when it comes to the villagers; my body seems to be motivated. After the meeting, I returned to my tent. The sun hadn’t gone down yet, but we decided to call it a day in order to recharge our batteries for tomorrow’s full-scale activities. As soon as I entered the tent, I rubbed my face with my hands.

    “My thin smile is about to turn into a ground face…….”

    I was always trying to keep a relaxed expression on my face and was so careful to keep smiling that my facial muscles froze

    Destiny learned that he could get food just by wandering around the village, and every day he wanders around the town and gets something to eat. I feel like he’s grown a size since we came here. He used to be cute and the size of the palm of my hand, but now he’s grown up to be quite big.

    “You were cuter when you were little……. Ha⁉”

    Destiny is staring at me with a resentful look in his eyes.

    “Now, look, it’s not so much cute as it is cool, right?”

    I bent down and uttered an excuse, and he scratched his head with his little hand. Is he embarrassed, perhaps? You’re so easy. Since he seemed to be in a better mood, I laid down on the floor to relax a bit. Then I heard music above me.

    “A phone call. I wonder who it is.”

    It was a sunny day, so my phone was fully charged with solar power. I could handle a long call. When I picked it up and checked the screen, I saw that it said, ” Management.”

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