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    The Original Seeker

    Chapter 14


    Translated by lucas
    Edited by lucas


    Fortunately, most of the people who could come to the river to see the fun were experienced adventurers who brought enough food, otherwise it would be a tragedy if they had to go hunting ─ the animals in the forest were basically hiding and digesting the harvest of the previous big Reiki tide.



    A day later, most of the adventurers were lying in their tents sorting out the day’s gain. After such a full day of desperation, the original physical quality is only the general level of people have improved a lot more than the previous, basically reached the physical quality of ordinary special forces, but corresponding to the price paid for this promotion is originally prepared for several days of reserve food in a day consumed, to be precise, is a meal in the eaten up.



    Many of the adventurers who realized that they did not bring enough food began to regret why they only brought so little, but also had to waste precious time to enhance back to the commercial area to buy. As for grabbing other people’s food this …… No one is stupid enough to do this, after all, this is not starving mad, do not eat will die, drive back to the commercial area to buy food is also a drive of an hour or so.



    Late in the night, the first to awaken his abilities, Bruce Pan began to recall the reason he chose to rush forward desperately today, he recalled the day’s events from the beginning, until he saw a back hanging on in the Spirit River, and the section of the river where that person was, the spirit tide was far more raging than he could reach before, before he awakened his abilities, he had also tried to jump in directly at which position, but only seconds after that He was swept away by the surging tide of spirits, and then he ran upstream from the most downstream because he was unwilling to do so, wanting to prove that he could do it. But only later found that even after becoming stronger, he faced the spirit tide in that place is just a matter of holding on for two or three more seconds, but that person actually just kept standing there ……



    During the day, the crowd of adventurers because of the crazy ambiance around them, so that everyone did not notice Bai Mo, but in the evening when they each fixed themselves and began to dwell many people realized the weirdness of today’s events, after talking about the man, all silently wondering how strong that person who could hold on in the tide of Reiki that far exceeded their tolerance range was.



    And a few people who recalled how strong Bai Mo was, and who were curious, quietly walked to the place where they remembered Bai Mo jumping into the rivers today as the night grew darker.



    Under the moonlight, their enhanced vision, they saw that there seemed to be a “reef” in the raging tide of spirits, and in their perception, the tide of spirits seemed to be weaker than in the morning.



    After a full day of soaking in the Reiki River, even with various enhancements, Bai Mo found himself unable to hold on much longer, and thus planned to give it one last shot to see if his ability would make another leap if he could continue to break through to the upper reaches of the Reiki River, because he had witnessed the Reiki River develop the initial “supernatural ability” for those ordinary people today, and he had expectations for himself.



    Habitually before the force took a deep breath, in the Reiki of the tide persisted in a whole day did not move the Bai Mo, shaking his head, burst out all his strength, the body raging Reiki energy has even a little from the energy-absorbing skin out. And in the eyes of the people on the shore, it was as if a faint light suddenly came out of an abrupt stone on the Reiki River, and then magically went upstream.



    Originally by the time Bai Mo reached that position, the flow of the Reiki River was already quite terrifying, but Bai Mo had to continue to rush higher in the interest of furthering himself. With each step, Bai Mo felt as if he was going against the entire world, and the unparalleled giant force made his advancement difficult. But when Bai Mo thought of the crazy group of people he saw downstream today during the day, the madness they displayed when they saw the hope of gaining power, and remembered his previous transcendental dream, he still gritted his teeth and persevered.



    After trudging 20 to 30 meters, Bai Mo felt a barrier in the depths of his mind, as if a voice in his head told him that if he continued to take two steps forward he would be able to break through such a barrier, allowing his ability to leap further, but at this point Bai Mo already felt his whole body was overloaded, and if he continued to squeeze out more power every moment there could be a risk of explosion.



    Bai Mo thought for a long time before finally taking a gamble, making up his mind and starting to gamble with his life, betting that he could hold on long enough to take a step regardless. And this is completely different from the previous feeling of being swept away by the largest wave of Reiki in the volcanic orifice, the last time Bai Mo was feeling completely irresistible, struggling for a second before being swept away, in essence, did not suffer too much sustained impact. But this time it was a step-by-step perseverance, accumulating damage along the way, the body just kept getting damaged, and then once again reorganized with the help of the Reiki.



    After taking one step, the barrier in Bai Mo’s senses was worn away for the most part, but at this point the body seemed to have reached its true limit, and the energy-absorbing skin, which had been reinforced many times, seemed unable to withstand such pressure and began to appear cracks, but Bai Mo no longer had the energy to care about these things, and his idea was that since he had thrown the dice, he had to gamble to the end. Bai Mo took the next step almost without thinking.



    After stepping out of this step, the barrier in Bai Mo’s senses shattered …… In reality, in the location where Bai Mo was, there was an outburst of light, the huge amount of Reiki energy in Bai Mo’s body burst out, and the tide of Reiki energy attracted over changed the structure of Bai Mo’s brain partly again. He found his ability to get a terrifying evolution, the original God perception thought is only “see”, but now he can have limited control of his perception through the matter and energy, can also be said to be a special perception power.



    The white light woke up the sleeping Hawaii, but also stunned a line of people watching on the shore, they are clear at this time they seem to have seen something great, curiosity seems to have killed the cat, one covered his mouth and scattered away.



    After perceiving the appearance of the ability to evolve under their own efforts, Bai Mo roast: “Finally, there is a real sense of the ability to attack, see-through eyes or something really does not fit in the new era of the strongest.”



    Then Bai Mo noticed that none of his body was intact, small wounds and large wounds, all kinds of wounds, with the God perception thought of internal vision, but also found that the hard resistance to the Reiki tide was shaken out of internal injuries, and then the intense pain is a few months ago was just an ordinary person, there is no strong nerve Bai Mo almost want to roll all over the ground, but thought of his whole body is now wounded, Bai Mo forced to resist the urge to roll.



    Then Bai Mo recalled his ability to advance just now when the white light emitted, he felt that this light must have alerted many people on the island of Hawaii, which is now a sensitive period, what is related to the Reiki will certainly be focused on.



    The secret of rushing into the river to resist the possibility of awakening supernatural ability in the Reiki tide is also likely to be exposed worldwide as more people learn about it, and then it will not only be known by dozens of people, but after more people know about it, the world will definitely fall into further chaos.



    And now the whole body is scarred himself into an unprecedented state of weakness, or find a place to recuperate better.



    But this time, Bai Mo has not so much as a mind to focus on things other than their own, the pain has taken up the main part of thinking. Reacting to his own situation, Bai Mo relaxed his body, gave up struggling, and began to flow downstream with the direction of the flow of the Reiki River. After being thrown to the far downstream, he used his God perception to sense that many adventurers had set up camp in this very place, ready to continue the struggle tomorrow.



    Although many of the adventurer crowds found out how weirdly powerful Bai Mo was in the Reiki tide during the day today, no one could remember exactly what Bai Mo looked like, because Bai Mo almost always turned his back on them.



    So as the heavily wounded Bai Mo lay in the most downstream place, many people just assumed that some of them didn’t even waste the night trying to go on and on to strengthen themselves, and ended up with injuries all over their bodies that were more than worth it.


    Bai Mo did not expect anyone to help, so he began to struggle to get up on his own, and just as he was carefully bracing himself, a hand came up in front of him.


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