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    Wei Xulan made a gentleman’s salute and shouted, “Auntie.”


    Su Jiao smiled: “Xulan is usually very busy, right? This time, did you delay your work when you came over?”


    Wei Xulan smiled:”I’m not busy, I just have time today, don’t delay.”


    Meng Wan smiled, stretched out his hand and grabbed Huai Xing next to him and said “This is the future daughter-in-law of our family!”



    After Meng Wan’s words, everyone’s eyes suddenly shifted to him. Huai Xing was also uncomfortable. To take a photo today, he even wore a black wig and removed all of his ear studs. Everyone was staring at him like this. He turned his head awkwardly.


    Wei Xulan smiled and didn’t say anything.


    Huai Xing was also speechless. What can you see through the dark sunglasses?


    “Okay.” Meng Wan patted Wei Xulan on the shoulder and pulled the two in. “Let’s get the certificate first.”


    After things were done, Wei Xulan put on his sunglasses and went into the car, the assistant also followed up, and then they went away.


    “……” gently come gently go, waving a sleeve, do not take away a cloud.


    Instead, it left a burst of car exhaust.


    After Wei Xulan left, the three people went shopping together. Su Jiao left on the way, and Huai Xing went shopping with Meng Wan for a day. Although she was amiable, the enthusiasm of the other party made him uncomfortable.


    One night Meng Wan called again, and the other party learned from him that his son had not returned for almost three days. She then talked to him for almost half an hour on the phone – in order not to let him feel bad and to make him comfortable


    Huaixing also sighed and looked up at the road. The marriage partner’s mother is such an excellent person, so good that he did not know how to respond.


    This is his first meeting with that husband of his.


    Thinking, Huai Xing has also reached that ‘wedding house’, he also slept here two nights earlier, but he still feels very strange standing in front of this small villa..


    He touched his pocket and his body stiffened. It looks like he forgot his keys.


    Huai Xing also pursed his lips, hesitantly raised his hand and rang the doorbell. He had not seen anyone else in the past three days, except the housekeeper who had been here twice, but he didn’t have anything necessary to do, so he told him not to come.


    Huai Xing also waited at the door for a while, the door was still closed, after half a second he rang the doorbell again, the door was still closed. He bit his lip thinking this is the last time, then raised his hand and rang the doorbell.


    When he turned around, the door suddenly opened. Huai Xing turned back and saw a naked man standing by the door. Huai Xing was stunned. The other person’s hair was still dripping, and he should have just taken a shower.


    The body is emitting Alpha’s pheromones and his innate aggressiveness.


    Huai Xing also swallowed his saliva and was thinking about how to speak. The man said coldly, “Who are you?”



    “…” Huai Xing also seemed to be punched


    What? He even wondered if he had heard wrong.


    “You can still find this place? You have a bit of skills, how did you know? ” Wei Xulan is too tired. If his mother hadn’t called to urge him, he wouldn’t have stayed up all night to finish his work and he won’t be at home even now.


    Huai Xing also moved his lips, choking for a long time without speaking.


    The marriage partner had forgotten about him, but still? Is he going to shamelessly say I’m your wife? I am your mother’s daughter-in-law? I just got married to you?


    He obviously does not remember him.


    Wei Xulan squinted and shut the door when he saw that the man in front of the door didn’t speak.


    “……” Huai Xing also seems to feel his hair flying as the door closes.


    He stood at the door feeling like a mess for a moment. Even if the other party didn’t remember him, he still had to get his mobile phone back plus he didn’t have much money on him. He hesitated, and Huai Xing stretched out his hand and rang the doorbell again.


    Wei Xulan opened the door and put on his clothes. Seeing that the blue head was still standing at the door, he twisted his eyebrows: “Why are you still not leaving?What are you doing here? ”


    “……” Huai Xing also moved his lips, “the phone ……”


    “phone?” Wei Xulan let out a laugh leaning against the door, sizing up Huai Xing and then hooked the corners of his mouth, “Asking me for my phone number? What? If you have my home address, are you going to threaten a wave and ask for my contact information? Or do you plan to spread this address?.”



    Or…” Wei Xulan suddenly bent over and leaned in front of him, “you have already taken the picture and planned to post it?” ”


    “…” Huai Xing also twisted his eyebrows with a black line. This man said something strange,he might have delusions.



    Wei Xulan squinted and looked at him threateningly: “Don’t ring the doorbell again. If I see you again, I will call the police. “the door closed again.



    He picked up the towel on his shoulder and rubbed his hair, his mind puzzled – how did the fans find the address of this place? Although the guy at the door was good looking and seemed to be omega, but something like stalking was too perverted.


    He won’t pass because of his personality.


    And since he is married, he should be loyal to his wife. Thinking about the day he got his marriage certificate. His marriage partner was quite lovely, with black hair and tender white skin. His personality seemed quite shy as he was too embarrassed to look at him.


    Wei Xulan thought of the man’s side face and smiled, reaching for the remote control and turning on the TV. Didn’t his mother say that he was at home these days, why didn’t he see …



    At this time, the marriage partner he wants to see is standing at the door.



    Huai Xing is also full of black lines. It seems that this door cannot be entered. If that person really calls the police, and finally makes a scene and then they find that the two are actually husband and wife, it would be embarrassing. They would lose face.



    He looked at the closed door and gritted his teeth, then turned around and left.


    Huai Xing also returned to his home, and Auntie Yang Came to open the door for him – Shi family’s nanny. Her cooking is delicious, she was friendly and enthusiastic, and Huai Xing also liked her very much.


    “Why is Ah Ye back?” Yang Hong wiped both her hands on the apron on her waist, wiping her hands clean before reaching out to pull him, “I heard from the master that you got married, I thought I wouldn’t see you for a while!”


    Huai Xing also smiled, extraordinarily tired.


    It’s shameful to talk about being turned away by his marriage partner.


    “Quickly, quickly, quickly! Come in quickly! What do you want to eat? Tell auntie!” Yang Hong walked into the house with him, and Huai Xing had nothing to do so he went into the kitchen with her.


    “Oh! Go out!” Yang Hong put her hands together, “The children should just go and have fun, just tell auntie what you want to eat.”


    “I’m not a kid…” Huai Xing also paused, and he was too embarrassed to say what he felt. If something happens, he doesn’t want to go back to the room now, he just wants to stay with people close to him, “I’m fine, I have nothing to do.”



    Yang Hong smiled, “Are you going to learn dishes to cook for your husband?”


    “…” Huai Xing was also taken aback, his expression a little unspeakable. He looked at the joy on Yang Hong’s face almost popping out of his eyes, and then pressed the complexity of his heart, and nodded stiffly.


    Yang Hong smiled happily and let him walk in. Huai Xing also saw the vegetables just taken out on the table. He put it in the water and just put it in and then he naturally started washing the vegetables.


    He was wearing short-sleeves so it was easy to do the work.


    Yang Hong took a look at him and was about to stop him, but saw his hands were already wet so she swallowed her words, and went to prepare other things herself.


    When the boy was not yet in the Shi family, Yang Hong worked here, he could see that Huai Xing was not treated well by his biological mother. In the whole family, it seems that only Master Shi was good to him with the intention of everyone turning into loving family.


    She couldn’t figure out why Mrs. Su didn’t like him when he was such a good kid. Huai Xing Ye’s birth mother didn’t love him as much as his stepfather.


    Yang Hong sighed at the thought.


    “What’s wrong?” Huai Xing asked.


    Yang Hong was busy pulling up a smile: “Nothing! I’ll teach you how to cook later, but you have to look carefully and study hard!!”


    It is said that to capture a man’s heart first you need to capture his stomach. If he has good cooking skills, the marriage partner will definitely treat him well.


    Yang Hong hooked the corner of her mouth with joy.






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    ConradAnime's notes:

    Notes:  Huai Xing's full name is Huai Xing Ye so you would notice that some adults  calls him "Ah Ye"

    TL: I laughed so hard while translating the part of him being mistaken as a stalker fan.  

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