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    The Male God Becomes Coquettish After Marriage

    The Male God Becomes Coquettish After Marriage (Web Novel)

    Author: K TFaith
    Rank 105
    9 Releases 8.5K Views 1 Followers Ongoing Status
    Last Update 3 months ago

    The release would usually be either Monday, Friday or both depending on my schedule in real life. Thank you and Happy Reading.


    Huai Xing had never thought about marriage either, let alone coming home one day and being told he was getting married.

    He dyed his hair, got into fights, wore earrings, and was a ‘punk’ in the eyes of many people, so he couldn’t imagine which family would want such a daughter-in-law.

    He scoffed in his heart, but the marriage partner’s mother was too good to him, so Huai Xing put away his sharp edges and treated her with respect.

    But he didn’t understand, what happened when the marriage partner ran away on the wedding night?

    Later he learned – the marriage partner Wei Xulan is a star, who have a lot of younger sister and wife.

    The first day of their relationship, the two are polite and distant.


    Wei Xulan: “You sleep on the bed.”

    Huai Xing also: “No, you sleep on it.”

    Wei Xulan: “How can I let you sleep in the living room? You sleeping here is fine.”

    Huai Xingye: “…… thanks.”

    Wei Xulan: “You’re welcome.”

    Later, Wei Xulan, known as the cold male god, actually also learned to pamper him ……


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