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    Translated by Tam
    Edited by Joh


    “You haven’t been working recently, Uncle.”


    Leonier, like a rip-off wife, asked with a suspicious look. (t/n : rip-off here can also be used to express that someone, especially a seller, rips off you or overcharges to you.)


    “When you eat snacks, don’t spill it.”


    Felio pointed out Leonier’s casual clothes, asking, “How much do you spill while eating?”


    Today, Duke Voreotti’s Young Lady was wearing a thick white dress, black stockings, and an apron sewn with a tight lace.


    Felio’s teasing made Leonier scream.


    “It’s only on clothes! It’s an apron dress!”


    Leonier stretched her apron. She naturally threw it on the floor as a child, mumbling, “Everything in this life is useless.”


    “You spilled everything every time you ate a snack. You’re also drooling.”


    “I’ve only done it once you know?”


    Leonier felt extremely wronged for being falsely accused.


    Leonier had one of her lower front teeth shake and fall out a few days ago, maybe because she ate a nutritious meal.


    She made a childlike mistake by touching her front teeth with her tongue since she was fascinated by the missing place.


    “I ate it without spilling anything.”


    “Are you serious about beating me, Uncle?”


    “It has a huge meaning to learn properly by watching these days, such as this.”


    “What was I supposed to see and learn!”


    Leonier hadn’t seen Felio at work since the snowstorm.


    He spent much of his time these days lying on the sofa, making fun of Leonier or fooling around.


    Leonier narrowed her eyes and locked her gaze on Felio.


    If she had to learn something from Felio, it was a cold fact that it would only be his wealth, good status, outstanding characters, and ability, even a human being who abandoned such a personality would be supported by the sound of his master.




    It was at that moment when Leonier, who was on fire inside, picked up the book that had fallen and concentrated on reading again.


    “Anyway, I won’t be home soon.”


    “Huh? Why?”


    “It’s about time for the monster to appear.”


    “Isn’t that a little wrong with the phrase “coming out”?”


    ‘Such a language doesn’t help children at all,’ Leonier said.


    “Uncle, you’re lucky I’m not an ordinary kid.”


    “You’re also lucky I’m not an ordinary dad.”


    Felio continued what he had said earlier, leaving behind a brief grunt of which expressed no signs of giving in from each other.


    “The Voreotti estate has so many monsters that it’s known as a devil’s den.”


    As a result, after the storm passes, he would lead the knights in a hunt for the monster in order to reduce the population.


    Both dad and daughters were looking out the window at the same time.


    For weeks, a continual blizzard had obscured the windows with heavy crimson drapes and prized carpets.


    Even in comparison to the beginning, this was a rather minor component.


    “How long does it take?”


    Leonier approached him and asked. She asked questions in a worried tone.


    “A month at the most, or within two weeks at the shortest. The weather has a significant impact on monster hunting. If the days are clear while hunting the monsters, it will be over quickly; if there’s a strong wind in the middle, it will take a while. Because monsters are physically more developed than humans.”


    When Leonier was told that the longer it took, the more dangerous humans became, she nodded and listened more attentively.


    “I’ll bring you along later.”


    “There? Why?”


    “Because you’re my successor.”


    Leonier’s pupils widened. Felio’s face was serious as if he hadn’t said something surprising.


    “Didn’t I bring you here in the first place with that mindset?”


    “This Uncle is a real-life barracks—”


    Leonier was at a loss for words as he insisted on handing over the Duke’s family to the orphan he had brought with him even before he realized she was his niece.


    It was both sad and concerning that such an unplanned man had grown up to be her guardian.


    “…Uncle, aren’t you getting married?”


    “Now, parenting is a lot more fun than that.”


    “As expected, Loupe and Uncle are—”


    Leonier laughed and rubbed both hands together.


    “I’ll get rid of all the snacks if you bring it up again.”


    Her fast-moving hand quickly covered her mouth. Felio was satisfied and closed his eyes.


    ‘……Even though he’s like that, he’s nice to me.’


    A typical novel character whose face was attractive but whose personality was lacking even in empty words.


    However, he was sincerely a loving father to his daughter.




    Leonier, who took a kneeling step over to his side, leaned her chin on the sofa and asked.


    “Are you going to throw me out after that?”


    “—Who do you think I am?”


    Felio promptly opened his eyes and frowned, as if he heard something extremely unpleasant.


    Then, he gradually regained his breath and his expression. He was wondering if his child would be surprised.


    Fortunately, the brave little beast remained calm.




    A long, thick finger brushed up against the child’s small nose.


    “You are my daughter.”


    Leonier was staring at him with honest black eyes that held no lies.


    “As a result, I’ll be responsible for you until the very end.”


    He warned her sternly not to say anything, resembling actions of kicking out again.


    Leonier’s heart ached, possibly because of the way he spoke.


    But it wasn’t depressing at all. This sensation was so pleasant and enjoyable that she felt embarrassed that she didn’t know what to do.


    The warm and arrogant relief that encircled the entire body was still awkward.


    Leonier, who only now lives as “Leonier Voreotti,” was still unsure about addressing Felio as her father, but Felio always addressed her as a daughter and cared for her as much.


    Despite the fact that it was an impulsive relationship, Felio faced Leonier with confidence and accepted it.




    Leonier was embarrassed to look each other in the eyes and turned her head.


    “I dislike dads who tease their daughters.”


    Then, she whined and opened the book again.


    Felio gave a faint smile at the sight of the child’s red ears.





    Speaking of the hunt, Felio decided to introduce Leonier to the Knights’ Order.


    It’s been a month since she moved into the mansion and adapted, so he decided it was time to tell everyone about his child.


    “Does it snow like that?”


    Leonier insisted that if she went outside now, she would freeze to death.


    “Move a little if you have a conscience.”


    Felio nagged his daughter for spending too much time in front of the fireplace.


    “You were always telling me to gain weight. That’s why I’m not getting up.”


    “You really like making excuses.”


    “Uncle, you were also lying on the sofa.”


    Someone might have assumed that the back and sofa were bent up.


    Felio brushed aside the howling baby beast and placed the nearby cloak over her shoulders. Leonier then gently accepted the hand.


    They made their way to the west corridor, which led to the indoor training area.


    “This is my first here.”


    Even in the hallway, the historic mansion exuded magnificent beauty.


    The Duke of Voreotti’s unwavering dignity was highly demonstrated by the pillars supporting the wall, the marble on the floor, and some masterpieces hanging on the wall.


    It seems that this place would be still full of intimidation even without decoration.


    ‘I’m Voreotti—”


    Leonier wriggled her tiny palm for no reason.


    The servants who were just working at the time found their masters—father and daughter—and bowed their heads to greet them. Leonier greeted them back politely, as she always did.


    “—Now that I think about it.”


    Felio cast a light glance at the servants. The servants bowed their heads simply because of this.


    “You address the servants with honorifics.”


    “Huh? True.”


    “However, you speak down to me.”


    ‘So what’, Leonier raised her brows as if trying to imply something.


    “Honorifics? Is that something you want me to do?”


    “It’s disgusting. In any case, fix the habit of being respectful to servants.”


    “Don’t be hasty. Time will take care of everything.”


    Leonier said roughly as she looked at the famous painting in the hallway. She was referring to the fact that she didn’t want to fix it.




    Felio, who realized what was going on, laughed.


    “Money will take care of everything.”


    Leonier and the servants, who bowed their heads, trembled at the terrifying feeling.


    “—I’m not the type of woman who’s dependent on others.”


    “I’ve never seen anything like your independence.”


    “Well, let’s take a look now.”


    The smile he gave was of that arrogance.


    The man gave a giddy palpitation with a mean and bad feeling as he smirked his neat teeth and smiled obliquely.


    “As of today.”


    However, Leonier was the first to experience chills.


    “All servants are fired.”


    The servants raised their heads in response to the sudden flash of blue.




    Leonier, who responded one beat late, shouted back and had his eyes, nose, mouth wide open, making her face round.


    The empty front tooth was also clearly revealed between her opened lips.


    “Did you dare to respect Voreotti on the subject of a single servant?”


    “It’s never going to happen,” Felio said coldly. Rather, it was as if this was the problem.


    “As the head of the household, I don’t see the slack of discipline for the family.”




    “It’s not cool to cut off those ears that hear respect.”


    Only the innocent servants were restless in the brutal example. Even if they were kicked out in the freezing winter, they wouldn’t be in trouble and would die immediately.


    “So, do me a favor and give the notice of dismissal instead of a punishment for cutting off their ears. Now, go back to the room, pack your things, and gather in front of the hall—”


    “Ah, I got it! I said I got it!”


    In the end, Leonier tucked her tail in between her legs in response to Felio’s actions that seemed to drive them out immediately.


    “I won’t speak formally from now on!”


    Leonie, who acknowledged her defeat, exclaimed.


    “Your honor is cheaper than what I thought.”


    Felio smirked and then laughed.


    “You’re threatening all the servants!”


    “That’s why it worked so cheaply.”


    “What’s cheap! It’s expensive!”


    She knows that the salaries of all the servants working in the Voreotti mansion are the names of the houses behind them.


    Leonier glared at Felio, showing her missing front tooth. He appeared to be very delighted despite threatening a seven-year-old kid.


    The golden light began to shine in her black, round eyes. The wild beast with its temper showed its fangs.


    Even in those brief fangs, the servants trembled.


    Felio loosened the corners of his mouth at unexpected results.




    He broke the bad habit of honorifics and practiced his child’s fangs together.


    “There’s really nothing money can’t solve.”




    Arriving after a small disturbance, the Knight’s Training Center used a large and spacious circular structure building.


    Due to the cold weather, Leonier was yet to look around the Duke of Voreotti, but it was probably the largest place next to the main house of the mansion.


    It was so wide that the Knights training from afar looked so small as a mole.


    But the loud shouts were as vivid as it could be, seemingly able to tear one’s ears.


    “Look over there.”


    Before he knew it, Felio, holding Leonier in his arms, pointed to the roof of the building.




    Leonier’s head fell backwards at the same time as she saw the enormous ceiling height.


    Even at a rough estimate, the five floors of the building could be easily overlooked.


    The black lion, a symbol of the Voreotti family, opened its mouth wide, even though it may have been carved on the ceiling.


    “What’s that on the ceiling?”


    “It is said to have been carved by one of our ancestors.”


    “It’s noisy inside.”


    Seeing something like that, Leonier stuck out her tongue saying that such dreams were wild.

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