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    I Became the Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter

    I Became the Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter (Web Novel)

    Author: 라티네
    Rank 39
    8 Releases 69.9K Views 49 Followers Completed Status
    Last Update 3 months ago


    “I’m going to adopt a child.” Duke Ferio Voreoti’s impulsive decision shocked everyone in the mansion.

    Not only did he make her his daughter, but he also gave her the name of a ‘beast’ that only direct members of the bloodline could receive.


    “Even as you breathe right now, I’m earning money.”

    “It’s confidence, not arrogance.”

    “My face really does have its advantages.”


    The most arrogant father in the whole world, and


    “I love muscles the most. Let’s get muscular.”

    “Show me your thigh muscles! Your butt would be even better!”

    “You’re nothing but a flower if you have a calm personality…” his corrupted(?) daughter.



    And… “I will give his excellency the information he wants most.”

    “Information I want most, you say…” “You won’t regret it.”


    …A stepmother(?) with a strange secret as well.


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