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His Breeding Obsession

His Breeding Obsession (Novel)

Author: 함초롱
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The heroine, who had an incurable disease, needed the heart of a great witch to cure it.


For that reason, Mirania the great witch was forced to die at the hands of the male lead named Grecan in countless lives.


I’ve had enough of this kind of life.


It’s already my tenth life.


Mirania decided she would make a different choice this time.


She decided to assist Grecan, who would be the head of the wolves in the future. Starting by raising him from a young cub.


Mirania, who tried to tame Grecan perfectly by instilling herself into his memory as a benefactor.




“Now, be a good boy, okay?”


I smiled while looking at the cheeky wolf cub who’s showing its teeth.


No matter how broken a story was, there’s always an end to it.


By taming this wolf that couldn’t distinguish between the front and back, this life, I’m determined to live in peace.


By the way…


Did I tame him too well?


“My beloved Mirania, please give birth to my child.”


What appeared in front of Mirania, who opened her eyes, was Grecan, oozing a male scent on the subject of destroying her world.


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