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    Santairiku Eiyuuki

    Vol. 2 Chapter 7

    Episode 7 - What is the Son of God?

    Translated by Raizu
    Edited by Mirp


    [Marbas! Cure the injured and raise them.]

    The Great Spirit of Treatment and Craftsmanship [Marbas]

    It was the contracted spirit of Lucanos.

    Its ability was healing, or rather, medical treatment.

    Those who got burned, those who were injured in the brawl, and Patriarch Alexia, who had his face severely kicked by Hercule, were all healed with Marbas’s ability.

    [The last one didn’t need to be healed.]

    [I can’t do that.]

    Lucanos floated a bitter smile.

    Hercule kicked Patriarch Alexia who just finished his treatment, and then ordered the soldiers.

    [Put this trash in prison.]

    [I-is that okay? He is still a Patriarch after all…]

    [It’s a dismissal. If I say a dismissal, it’s a dismissal. This country is my country, right?]

    Unfortunately, the Lemurian Empire was such a country.

    Also known as a single person rule nation.

    The Emperor’s words are the law.

    [I don’t care about this kind of garbage. The library is more important than that. Is the book safe?]

    [I just confirmed it, and the damage is minimal. However, around 20% was burned down…]

    [Did you say 20% got burned?!]

    It was 20% burned.
    In other words, 20% of the books that Hercule was supposed to have read have burned.

    [Damn… Don’t joke with me…]

    Hercule glared at the former Patriarch of Alexia who was being dragged away.
    This wouldn’t have happened if this man hadn’t burned them.




    The girl who had talked to Hercule had her body cowered.

    [What? I’m in a bad mood right now…]

    [It’s still possible, you know…?]


    [T-the book…content… I remembered…umm…there’s an annex…for the manuscript being hidden…and umm…the books can be restored…maybe…]


    [Hiiii!!! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!!]

    Hercule grabbed the girl’s shoulder and shook her violently.
    The girl shook her head many times, while trembling.

    Hercule observed the girl seriously.

    Her body was slender.
    When he looked at her closely, she had a pretty face, and it’s comparable to the Long-eared tribe Elf.
    And the most impressive thing is the fox ears and silver hair on her head.

    Besides, her boobs were big.
    Not as big as Scheherazade’s, but those are likely D, no E. They looked amazing.

    [Demi-human race Warbeast…… Moreover from the Tenko (Heavenly Fox) tribe?]

    [Y-yes… I am from Heavenly fox…]

    [Your name is?]

    [Hy-hypatia… I’m the Chief Librarian of the Alexia Library… Umm, I was once the director…and umm… I’m 20 years old…]

    [No, I didn’t ask about your age.]

    However, Hypatia was a name that was likely to die like being meat carved by shells.
    Hercule thought so, but he didn’t say it.

    [I’ll ask you just in case, but are you a Messiah?]

    [Fue? N-no…umm… I’m not…]

    [Well, it’s all good anyway. Go collect and gather your fellow scholars as soon as possible. I’ll give you as much money as you want.]

    Then, Hypatia’s ears move sharply.


    [Really, really. The Emperor does not lie.] (lie)

    [Yes, I understand!!!]

    Hypatia ran off at full speed.
    After seeing Hypatia off, Hercule…

    [Let’s prepare a lot of manuscripts and take them to Nova Lemuria. Since there were only books in the first place, it’ll trouble me when they get burned.]

    [Yes, but I think there was a word that I couldn’t overlook as Patriarch Nova Lemuria…]

    [Pretend that you didn’t hear it.]

    [Yes, I understand. Your Majesty the Emperor.]

    Lucanos smiled with a bitter smile.

    [So, Your Majesty the Emperor. How do you judge that?]

    [That? …Oh, the former Patriarch Alexia? Well, the charges have been decided. The problem is the next Patriarch Alexia.]

    [How about I fill-in and handle it?]

    [Although it’s good for a while, but I’m not going to give you that much power, you know?]

    [Haha it’s a joke. Your Majesty the Emperor.]

    Lucanos laughed happily.

    He seemed very happy that the death of his political enemy had been confirmed.

    […There are various problems with the Messianic religion.]

    [Well, there are many Messiahs, after all…]

    Scheherazade and Carolina nodded together, while looking at the two bad guys.



    [Your Majesty the Emperor !! Why, why should I be judged!!]

    [Lucanos, say it again.]

    [Yes, I understand. Your Majesty the Emperor.]

    At the Government-General of Alexia office, the former Patriarch of Alexia was being judged because he was causing this uproar.
    The Emperor himself judged the former Patriarch of Alexia.

    Many people… including non-Messiahs, Orthodox Messiahs, Alexia Messiahs and many others were rushing to the audience to see this rare sight.

    The trial of the Lemurian Empire was basically a public trial.
    The people can watch and listen to it.

    [One!! The crime of arson.]

    Whether it’s a devil’s building, a pagan’s building, or a heretic’s building, it’s already a fact that he had ignited the fire.
    This is a splendid arson crime.

    This time, the fire was extinguished immediately, however there was a risk that the fire would leapt to the urban area and cause a big fire. And ended-up with many casualties.

    Whatever your reason is, it is a fact that you set the fire. There is no excuse.

    [Arson is a crime of death.]

    [That’s all. Do you understand?]

    [I-I’m not convinced!! I just want to exterminate the devil…]

    [Then, let’s say it like this. You set the fire on the city where the Emperor resided. If you did it poorly, the fire could reach the Governor-General office, and there is a possibility that I could burn to death. What about that? Surely you cannot say that the fire you ignited was a clean fire that only burned the pagans? Well, even if you say so, you can burn it. Will it not burn?]

    Arson was a heavier crime than murder in the Lemurian Empire.
    If you did it poorly, it could lead to a big fire that could tilt the country.

    Therefore, it was unforgivable.

    Patriarch Alexia couldn’t say anything and became silent.
    Lucanos continued his word toward Patriarch Alexia.

    [The second, illegal savings.]

    A large amount of gold coins were confiscated from the home of the former Patriarch of Alexia. Considering the income of Patriarch Alexia, this was an impossible amount. And after we examined it, he had accumulated those wealth by taking the commodity in an illegal trial…Am I right?]

    [Yes, that’s right. The Patriarch… No, the former Patriarch was certainly accumulating wealth illegally. I recorded everything here.]

    [Assistant priest… you bastard…]

    The former Patriarch Alexia glared at the assistant priest who stood on the testimony stand, but the assistant priest ignored him.
    The inside of the assistant priest said, [I tried to stop you. You are sinful] that was he thought.

    [Third, illegal capital punishment.]

    Many heretics and pagans have been sentenced to death in illegal trials. It is true that the Inquisition was the authority given to the Patriarch. However, the Patriarch was only allowed to go as far as judging whether it was heresy or not.. Jurisdiction was the property of Your Majesty the Emperor. That was a violation of the imperial power.

    …In fact, the scope of the Patriarch’s trial was not clearly defined.
    It’s still controversial, so it’s not illegal for the former Patriarch of Alexia to put the heretic in death penalty…
    However, it’s not legal either.

    Lucanos simply stated the crimes.
    Everything was already decided in advance by Hercule.

    And then…

    [Therefore, after crushing your eyes, shaving your ears and nose, you will be beheaded… That’s all!]

    [P-p-please wait!! Your Majesty the Emperor, I am!!!!]

    [Shut up, die!!]

    [It serves you right!!!]

    [It’s a revenge for my dad!!!]

    The non-Messiahs in the audience and [Alexian] Messiahs threw stones at the screaming Patriarch of Alexia.

    It seemed that he had borne a considerable amount of grudges.

    It might be the consequence of one’s deeds.



    Thus, the former Patriarch of Alexia was decapitated.
    This puts a close to the case…

    It was something that he is not sure he can do after all.

    Patriarch Alexia was one of the five Patriachs alongside Patriarch Lemuria, Patriarch Nova Lemuria, Patriarch Historia, and Patriarch Orontia.

    He just decapitated the Patriarch.
    It’s completely not the same as decapitating a great aristocrat.

    This trial was…
    The first ones that Hercule’s committed.

    To solve the religious problems of the Lemurian Empire.

    Yes, Hercule was thinking of taking this opportunity to wipe out the religious problems of the Lemurian Empire.
    It was a provocation for that.

    The reactions of the five Patriarchs to this incident were mixed.

    First, Patriarch Nova Lemuria expressed his support for Hercules because the Patriarch was Lucanos.
    Patriarch Lemuria criticized Hercule of overdoing it, but showed their understanding.
    Patriarch Historia remained silent.

    Patriarch Orontia had excommunicated Hercule.

    When he heard that, Hercule smiled.

    The prey took the bait…



    [Y-your Majesty!! I heard that you had been excommunicated!! Is that okay!!]

    [Oh, it has already been cancelled.]

    Hercule smiled at Carolina.
    There is a question mark appearing above Carolina’s head.

    [what do you mean?]

    [It’s easy. I’ve proclaimed that the Patriarch Orontia will be sentenced to [Deprivation of Rights]. Then after that, the [Alexian] Messiahs of the city of Orontia seemed to moveto besiege the Patriarchate of Orontia.]


    [He panicked and sent out a messenger to apologize. Well, I forgave him with [The Emperor’s generous and it’s one-sided concessions] like that.]

    In the first place, since Patriarch Nova Lemuria and Patriarch Lemuria, who have the first or second most authorities in Messiah, were in favor of Hercules, the excommunication from Patriarch Orontia won’t be effective.

    And… in Orontia, the [Alexia] Messiah faction was the overwhelming majority.
    Patriarch Orontia was being intimidated there because of the single-mindedly support for Emperor Lemuria.
    It’s self-evident that if you pick a fight against your own supporters, you’ll get this result.

    [Well, that’s why Patriarch Alexia and Patriarch Orontia have fallen into my hands. The preparation is already in order.]

    [..Do you aim for this from the beginning?]

    [Aim? No, it’s the preparation. The real aim is from here.]

    Hercule denied Carolina’s question.
    Up to this point, it is the predetermined route as planned by Hercule beforehand.

    [By the way, why did Patriarch Lemuria turn to His Majesty’s support? The relationship between the late Emperor and the princess shrine maiden were not on good terms…]

    [Regarding the late Emperor. I have already told Patriarch Lemuria that [A certain law has been abolished]. That’s why Patriarch Lemuria turned to my support. Moreover, the Patriarch Lemuria and Patriarch Alexia were not very close terms, so it’s all good.]

    Moreover, the Patriarch Alexia’s fraudulent wealth was clear.
    The Patriarch Lemuria had no obligation to protect Patriarch Alexia.

    [The Messianic religion seems complicated.]

    [Scheherazade, were you disillusioned?]

    [No, the Torch has also this kind of political dispute. I understand that it is an inherent part of religion. More importantly… it is important to protect God’s teachings faithfully, right?]

    [I wish the Patriarchs would follow your steps.]

    Hercule agreed with Scheherazade.
    The priests should only pray to God.

    [By the way, I’ve been curious about it until now… May I ask you something?]

    [What is it?]

    [Aren’t religious icons the same as revered idols?]

    The air froze.

    Hercule and Carolina looked at each other and approached Scheherazade.
    And then…

    [Listen here, Scheherazade. There are several things in the world that you shouldn’t touch.]

    [The taboos of the Messianic religion are [icons], [whether the Son of God is a God or a man], and [the existence of ranks for clergymen even though they are all equal before God], these three. These shouldn’t be brought up.]

    When you asked them to the Messiah believers, these are three major taboos that can lead them to killing each other.

    [Idolatry] is prohibited in the Messianic religion.
    What is an idol? Speaking of…
    To put it simply, Buddha statues are idols.

    In other words, it is a statue or picture that imitates a God.
    The reason why it is forbidden was that it was not [God Himself].

    It’s absurd to worship stones, trees and paintings.
    In the first place, it is too disrespectful for a person to create an image or picture that imitated the Creator God.

    That was the theory.
    However, in reality, since it was easier to understand and it was also convenient for missionary work, so something other than an [Icon] was created.

    Does this contradict God’s teaching? Or it is not…?
    That is the [Icon problem].

    [Rather, the opinions regarding the [Icons] are divided even among the Messianic followers. Well, I’ll tell you this just in case, but the late emperor belonged to the [Icons are idols regardless of how you look at it] faction, while the Patriarch Lemuria belongs to the [Icons are safe] faction.]

    [Hee… is that so?]

    The late Emperor Hadrianus captured the hardships of the Empire because of the defeats of wars that happened one after another in this way.
    [Worshipping the icon is against the teachings of God!!]
    So, the late Emperor Hadrianus issued a law called [Icon Destruction Order] and confused the Lemurian Empire and the Messiah believers.

    Currently, the coronation of Hercule has made this law into a mere shell…
    And, it had not been abolished yet.

    [As for [whether the Son of God is a God or a man], the opinion was divided into four factions: Orthodox, Alexia, Western, and Eastern.]

    [Is that true?]

    Scheherazade tilted her head to Carolina’s words.

    [What’s the difference?]

    [I honestly don’t understand it well, so I can’t explain it. I wonder if Your Majesty understands about it.]

    [I’m not confident that I can explain it to others well. I only heard it from Lucanos. If you asked him if the [Orthodox] is the correct one, he will tell you.]

    By the way, if you explained the controversy [whether the Son of God is a God or a man?] In an easy-to-understand manner…

    The Bible stated that the Prophet Messiah was [The Son of God].
    And… he was treated as a God who descended into the world.

    However, the Bible wrote this.
    [God is the only one]

    Everything from the Bible was exaggerated, but…
    It is convenient for the great Messianic and the Emperors, if the Bible’s description was not correct.

    Thus, the controversy arose, [whether the Son of God is a God or a man?].

    To summarize each of the factions ‘ claims roughly…

    Orthodox… The Son of God is a God and also a person. Together with the Holy Spirit, they became the Trinity. It’s all the same!!

    Alexia sect… The Son of God is a God and a person, but nevertheless he is a God.

    Western faction… It’s decided by people, JK

    Oriental orthodox… isn’t he just half?

    It looked like that.

    It may not be obvious to the Japanese people, but this is an important matter related to the rationality and doctrine of the Messianic.
    If you want to know how important it is, it can cause someone to receive death penalty.

    The Western and Eastern factions had been expelled from the Lemurian Empire, so the only remaining factions were the Orthodox and Alexia factions.
    Both of them had a population ratio of about 3 to 1, and since there was no overwhelming minority, they have been arguing a lot.

    [By the way, Your Majesty. Your Majesty the late Emperor was aiming for a combination of the Orthodox faction and the Alexia faction, right?]

    [Yeah, it’s a compromise between the orthodox and Alexia opinions, it’s called the [Neo-Orthodox] faction, I guess?]

    Hercule nodded to Carolina’s question.
    [Neo-Orthodox] was a new doctrine created by matching and combining the Orthodox faction and Alexia faction.

    Hadrianus probably wanted to unite the Messiah believers of the Empire into one.
    As a compromise, he created the [Neo-Orthodox].

    However, the [Neo-Orthodox] was so half-baked that it was disliked by both the [Orthodox] faction and the [Alexia] faction, and it caused further confusion.

    [Your Majesty the Emperor, the preparations are complete.]

    Lucanos reported to Hercule.

    Carolina tilted her head.

    [Preparing for what?]

    [It’s the council.]

    […The council, you mean that council!!]

    Carolina screamed in surprise.
    Hercule grinned.

    And he declared.

    [The first Council of Alexia will be held. The Lemurian Empire, no, the bishops from all over the world will be gathered here… to reaffirm the doctrine.]



    Author’s Note:

    Orthodox → Athanasius
    Alexia → Monophysitism
    Western → Arius
    Oriental → Nestorius
    Neo-orthodox → Monothelitism

    The recognition:
    Well, both the Arius and Nestorius are already extinct, and everyone who knows the detailed doctrine is in the world, so I think it’s okay to recognize this level.

    Major characters such as Hercule, Carolina, Oscar, and Scheherazade were from the basic orthodox faction.
    Only Darios was from the Western faction.

    By the way, what was written in Carolina’s diary, that Hercule was doing something in secret… that was the preparation for the Council.

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