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    Santairiku Eiyuuki

    Vol. 2 Chapter 10


    Translated by Raizu
    Edited by Mirp


    [Well, when I thought about it, Your Majesty the Emperor is really wonderful, don’t you think so? Oscar Almon.]

    [That’s right. Dalios-dono… By the way, what are you smoking?]

    [It’s cannabis. Do you want to give it a smoke?]

    [No, thank you.]

    Dalios looked like he was tasting something delicious, while smoking cannabis in a pipe.
    Cannabis was commonly available as a luxury good in the Lemurian Empire.

    It is often used as a pain reliever.
    It’s a major plant.

    [You see, I thought everything was over when I was defeated by Your Majesty the Emperor. But, I really didn’t expect that I would be serving an excellent and interesting master. Don’t you think so?]

    [That’s right. I thought our Lemurian Empire was about to go on the path of ruin, but…our Master did not abandon us when he came here. It’s just like a God’s will, if I would say]

    Speaking of God…
    Oscar asked Darios.

    [I remembered that you were a [Western faction] Messianic… is that still the case now?]

    [I converted to [Orthodoxfaction] two weeks ago. As expected, I felt ashamed to be a [Western faction].]

    No matter how much the edict prohibited discrimination, it won’t change on that who was given cold shoulder.
    For Dalios, who was not originally a devout person, he does not feel any hesitation to do the conversion.

    [But, even though he does not seem like thinking about anything, in truth, he was thinking about everything, seeing through them all. Everything is as planned by Your Majesty the Emperor.]

    [This time, I got goosebumps… it’s too brilliant.]

    First, the purge of the great aristocrats.
    At the same time, he solidified the foundations of political power, acquired lands, and laid the foundation for the Tuntian military system.

    After that, he purged the former Patriarch Alexia, and the Patriarch Orontia who attacked him, was made to submit with the sword.
    As a result, this would effectively put most of the clergy in the territory of the Lemurian Empire under his control.

    And, he made a secret agreement with the Princess shrine maiden and carried the Council in an advantageous way…
    He completely completed the Orthodox faction, including the confusion of the [Neo-orthodox] and [Icon Destruction Order] that occurred during the late Emperor Hadrianus era.

    At the same time, the decree was given for the [Alexia faction] on their freedom of religion, and he gained the support of the Alexia faction.
    The Orthodox clergymans who were already restrained by Hercules cannot say anything.

    He managed to secure new financial resources by taxing pagans and heretics.

    Furthermore, by using their religious organization in reverse, he can prevent the rebellion by constantly monitoring their activities, the number of believers, and the whereabouts of the believers.

    It also worked as a threatening material, to borrow money from pagans and heretics to obtain further financial resources.

    One policy spreads like a web and solves the problems of the Empire, as if it were cut off in two by one sword.
    It was so brilliant, just like an art.

    [Moreover, since they lended a lot of money… both pagans and heretics would have no choice but to support the Empire. Which means they and the Empire are in the same boat now.]

    [Exactly, it’s like a shackle of debt… as long as they make living with money, they can’t escape from the Empire anymore…]

    The pagans and heretics lended huge amounts of money to Hercule.
    This means that both pagans and heretics cannot go against the Empire until their money was returned by Hercule.

    Weapons are needed to cause a rebellion.
    You need money to buy a weapon.

    In order for the pagans and the heretics to raise a revolt… it is absolutely necessary for the fellow pagans and heretics to support it.
    However, they sided with the Empire by giving loans.

    It has become hopelessly difficult for pagans and heretics to incite any revolt.

    [This time he applied the [canon law] thoroughly.]

    [It will solve the Empire’s religious problems… in addition, to secure new financial resources.]

    『Canon Law』

    It was the recent Church control law enacted by Hercules.

    There are three main points of this law.

    One is to allow a large range of autonomy within the church.

    During the late Emperor Hadrianus’s reigned up until now, the Empire kept intervening in human affairts of the church.
    However, Hercule abolished this, and he allowed the church to have free autonomy.

    As for the Patriarch, a minimum collar is prepared in the form of [They need to be appointed by Hercules, after being elected within the church].

    Two, regarding the property of the church.
    The church has an enormous amount of land and property through contributions and donations.

    Hercule wondered if this land and property would be taxable…
    This has been a problem since the days of late Emperor Hadrianus.

    The late Emperor Hadrianus’s insisted to claim that those were the land of the Empire before became the land of the church.
    The churches claimed that the interference is useless because those had become God’s possessions because it is contributed and donated.

    That’s why.

    The church prevented the late Emperor Hadrianus from taking the taxes…
    The late Emperor Hadrianus sometimes used military force to deprive property from the church.

    In other words, it could be said that the wins and losses were equal.

    To solve this situation, Hercule…

    [Interference prohibition for the donation money since they are the property of the church. The donated land is tax-free as long as it is within the range necessary to operate the church. However, if you are earning more profit than you need, you will be taxed.]

    That was what he made.
    In short, it was a compromise.

    From the perspective of the church, they can secure the minimum necessary for operation, and if they were earning more profit than necessary… Well, they have no choice besides to pay the taxes.

    From the perspective of Hercule, the new financial resources were obtained constantly.

    The conclusion convinced both sides.

    And the last part…
    Each church must submit the name and address of the believers who belong to that church to the central government.

    It needed to know an accurate number of Orthodox faction, Alexia faction, and the rest of heretics and pagans…
    That’s what Hercule claimed…

    However, his real intention was that he wanted to control the church, and also to keep the cost of surveying the population low.

    Although it was troublesome for the church, but…
    If it’s a condition in exchange for autonomy, they won’t hesitate. That’s how they were.

    [If it’s about war arts, then Your Majesty’s would be political art.]

    [That’s fitting perfectly. Art huh… it’s really a wonderful word.]

    Hercule’s purpose was consistent.
    Securing financial resources and domestic stability.

    However, it’s very difficult to fulfill both of them at the same time.
    Increasing the taxes will increase public dissatisfaction, while the cuts on taxes to emphasis on domestic stability will reduce income accordingly.

    Without making any complaint, but rather increasing his supporters…
    Hercule showed an usual coexistence of raising taxes.

    [But, I don’t think any more magic tricks than this are possible… what do you think?]

    [It’s impossible, or rather… the Empire would be stabilized in this matter, and is there anything left to do? From here on, the tax revenue will gradually increase due to domestic development.]

    Besides, speaking of other things you can do…
    Both of them thought there was nothing left, except the war.

    In other words, it’s their turn.

    [Well, we don’t understand politics anyway…. It’s okay if we leave the political matters to Your Majesty. Our work is to train soldiers and play an active role on the battlefield.]

    [It’s as you said…. If you follow Your Majesty, you won’t be afraid of any enemy. I’m looking forward to it.]

    [You are not even hiding your emotions that you are looking forward to war.]

    [Dalios-dono, aren’t you laughing too?]

    The two laughed happily.

    Hercule had completely taken full control of the army.



    [Uwaa!! Your Majesty!! Is it really good? Is it okay? Will you really support me!? Is it fun to knock me down in despair after raising my happiness?]

    [No problem…. Your happiness is the most important.]

    Hypatia, a girl of the Heavenly fox (Tenko) species of Beast human race Warbeast, jumped around happily like a rabbit.
    Even though she was 20 years old (according to the person herself), it’s hard to determine the truth at all…
    Maybe since her appearance only looked like a young girl.

    Her breasts are big though.

    Hercule told Hypatia while looking at her swaying breasts, comforting his eyes.

    [As long as it brings profit to the Empire, I don’t care whether it’s a pagan or a heretic. I really want to make best use of your knowledge to be used in the development of science, technology, and culture in the Empire. Therefore, your activities will be protected, I’ll also support you, however… it won’t be free. That’s why naturally I want to ask you to work, is that okay?]

    [Y-yes… What do I need to do?]

    Hypatia became nervous and made her face turn stiff.

    [The improvements of the bow and arrow that my country uses. Do you know about the composite bow that is being used by the nomads?]

    [Y-yes… I know. It’s a longbow made by combining beast horns and skins with glue…I think? I-it’s usable for horse riding, easy to handle, and more than equal to a longbow… its range is also longer.]

    Hercule nodded with satisfaction.

    [That’s it… Do you think that combining a composite bow and a longbow will increase the destructive power?]

    [Hmm… B-but that…It’s really hard to say… I wonder how much power is needed to pull the bow… I wonder… No matter how much the long-eared tribe Elf’s strength compares with the Human race… T-there might be a limit…?]

    [About that, how about attaching a pulley?]

    [Pulley? …Ah!! I see!! Certainly, that way you can reduce the pulling force!!]

    Hercule is aiming for a compound bow, which can be said to be the final evolution of the bow that was being used on modern earth.

    After firearms were introduced, the bow was now exclusively only for hunting and sports on Earth…
    However, it would be more than enough in this world.

    [If you use the principle of leverage, and then devising the materials… you should be able to make a stronger bow. I’m looking forward to it.]

    [Y-yes… P-please, I’ll work hard to meet your expectations, I’ll do my best!!!]

    Hypatia clenched her fist.
    When he saw Hypatia’s appearance, Hercule nodded with satisfaction.

    [Oh yeah, and… I’m going to set up the branch of the Alexia Library in Nova Lemuria. I need the manuscripts for that… Don’t you think so? Anyone can write up to two manuscripts. In return, one of them will be given to the central government. As for the other one, you can have it.]

    [Y-yes…B-but…that… The price for papyrus and the parchment are expensive…]

    [How about this?]

    Hercule handed a stack of paper to Hypatia.
    It’s pure white, it’s neither papyrus or parchment.

    [Th-This is…]

    [It’s paper made from plants. Unlike papyrus, it can also be written on the backside, furthermore it’s not difficult to manufacture. I’ll give you as much as you need.]

    Hercule had been busy developing paper for three years.
    This is because it was more convenient to have it.
    The papyrus and the parchment were expensive and cannot be mass-produced.

    That’s why it becomes a painful expense only just for administrative texts.
    In other words, the paper was originally for saving costs at first.

    [T-this, how do you…]

    [It’s a secret.]

    Hercule said so and winked at Hypatia.

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