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    The Evolution Fruit – Conquering Life Unknowingly

    Vol. 2 Chapter 14

    The Disaster’s Resistance

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Kaha ……!”


    I, Altria Grem, was blown away and slammed against the wall.

    The huge jet-black dragon looks down on me, falling off the wall limply.


    “Fun. You’ve done your best for a human being…… should I praise you?”

    “Hah …… hah …… Kuh ……!”


    I can’t even afford to say back to the words of the dragon. My body is screaming, and I can barely maintain my consciousness. I’m about to collapse.

    Even so…… I can’t die……

    Seeing my blood-covered body still forcibly moving, the dragon opens its eyes.


    『Fumu, you’re tougher than I expected. It’s good, I’ll not just kill you, I’ll make you my food. 』



    Food? What the hell ————

    I couldn’t understand what the dragon was saying while my consciousness was being hazy.


    『Then without delay……』


    Then, the jet-black dragon approached me with its sharp fangs and mouth, which has flames peeking through.

    Food he said …… Ah, I see. Apparently, he’s going to eat me. But …… I’ve just said that I can’t die ……!

    I awakened my hazy consciousness with my fighting spirit.




    Seeing the fighting spirit dwelling in my dying eyes again, the dragon is surprised.


    “This technique …… I don’t like it, but ……!”


    As I hold the 『Battle Ax of the Earth (Ground Ax) 』strongly, which was my specialty, I activated the technique.


    “———— Oooooooooohhhh!”



    In my body, a huge amount of fighting spirit dwelled. At the same time, the reason in me disappeared more and more in reverse proportion.

    My second name, 『Disaster』, is of course, my constitution part which calls unhappiness is greatly related to it. However, this technique that I just activated is exactly, the reason why I was truly called the 『Disaster』.

    It was a technique that I devised in order to counter the 『Disaster』 that I was called, but although it’s temporary, my reason disappears, causing great damage to the surroundings. As a result, this technique turns myself into 『Disaster』, more than the 『Disaster』 that I was called in. I think, that I made a technique that falls at the end of the book.

    Well, thanks to that, I’ve been able to overcome the disasters I’ve been in so far, though.

    Besides, there’s no one around here right now except the dragon. That’s why, I can go wild ……


    “『Disaster Frenzy (Calamity Berserk) 』……!”


    At the end of the complete disappearance of my reason, a huge amount of fighting spirit erupted from my body.


    『This is…… 』


    I can’t see anything.

    I can’t hear anything.

    I can’t think of anything.





    I’m, rampaging.

    It’s just, that much.


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