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    Translated by Mlzkzr
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    “Hey, Seiichi. Is that a human?”

    “It’s not a human. …… Isn’t it?”


    I, Hiiragi Seiichi, in order to join Altria-san with Saria, wandered through this unknown labyrinth.

    And in front of us, there was a monster standing as if blocking our path.


    『Sandman Lv:350』


    This is the highest level since the monsters that I’ve fought at the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】. What is with this? A uselessly high level?

    What this Sandman guy’s figure which we were seeing, was human-shaped sand. No eyes, no ears, no mouth. It was really just humanoid sand.

    …… I don’t think it’s a human, but looking at the silhouette alone, it is no different from a human being.

    Well, if it’s a monster, it’s just a matter of defeating it, but for some reason, the Sandman stands still and doesn’t move at all.


    “Are you alive ……?”



    The Sandman doesn’t answer my words, which can be taken as a question or mutter. The picture is very surreal, though.

    When I had an impression that doesn’t make sense, Saria pulled my robe lightly.


    “Hey hey”


    “If we stop here, we can’t go ahead forever, you know? Let’s talk to it, so that it’ll give us a way.”

    “Talk to it!?”


    I imagined. The figure of myself talking to the sand doll.


    Isn’t that completely weird! ……A’re, but looking back on what happened so far, I already realized that I was a strange person enough. No, I’ve noticed that. HAHAHA! I don’t know why, but tears were coming out!

    However, if we face the Sandman in front of us forever, it’s also true that we cannot join Altria-san. I obediently followed Saria’s advice, and spoke to the Sandman.

    Should I ignore it? I thought that, but it’ll be troublesome if I was suddenly attacked.




    “A’reeeee!? Even though it didn’t move until now, it suddenly started to move!?”


    Apparently, it was bothered. I shouldn’t have spoken to it in English, should I? I thought it was the universal language…… Ah, it’s just on Earth.

    Rather than that, the Sandman is completely energetic!? It was showing off a ridiculously beautiful athlete run!?

    Where are you speaking out even though you don’t have a mouth in the first place!?

    Anyway, Sandman, who I can’t even comprehend if it was dead or alive, seemed to be in good spirits, and was rushing towards us. No good. It’s coming to attack while ignoring me.


    “That’s ridiculously unreasonable!?”

    “Seiichi! That person was alive! It was good!”

    “Yeah, but it’s coming to kill us instead!? And that’s not a person!”

    “So, Seiichi, what are you going to do?”

    “Well, even if you asked me what to do ……”


    Saria asks me what she thought honestly.

    Even if we escape here, we will only have to run backwards on the road we have followed. We’re not going to do anything that wastes that kind of time, and we also want to join with Altria-san as soon as possible. Then, it’s decided what to do from the beginning.


    “Ah, mou! I have to beat it!”


    Speaking of sand, it being weak in water is a common thing in games and manga. If so, my means of attack would be water attribute magic, so ……


    “【Water Laser】!”


    I hold my right hand towards the Sandman, and I activated 【Water Laser】, a water-based magic.

    Sand is a considerable cheat if water is not your opponent.

    When I think about things that doesn’t matter, a compressed water spouted from my right palm.


    However, I, the 【Water Laser】 a little…… No, I seem to have misunderstood it considerably.

    In the first place, I only have information about the amount of magic consumed in my head, and I don’t know what kind of attack it is until I try to use it.

    I just thought that it was like a water jet that existed on Earth, but when I actually activate the magic————

    Pyun …… Zudooooooooooon!

    A flash from my palm. A shining ray of light passed in slash form to the Sandman vertically, and after a short pause, with a very loud roar, the Sandman sliced into two and fell on the ground.





    Are you kidding me!? Is that really a laser! Moreover, this magic does not consume so much magic power, you know? And yet, this power …… what does it mean!?

    In the first place, the sound effect is not a sound that comes out of water! What!? Zudooooon it said! Isn’t that the sound of an explosion!

    While being surprised at the unexpected power, I turn my gaze to the Sandman.


    “Oh …… ooh ……”


    The Sandman, who split into two, became particles of light and disappeared.




    “It vanished.”

    “…………… Indeed”


    It’s not particularly emotional, but for some reason, I wanted to cry at Saria’s words, which described what happened purely in front of me. I wonder if I’m really a human.

    Well, it’s a waste of time to be irresolute forever with what’s done, so I decided to collect the drop items quickly.

    Like at the time I defeated the slime, the sphere with the status written of this Sandman also became a ball of light and before I confirm it, it entered me.

    Something that seems to be a skill card was also sucked into my body, but I haven’t confirmed it, too. The overall confirmation, could be done after joining with Altria-san.

    By the way, my level did not rise, but it also feels like I’m one step away from being human. Hahaha.

    And, with the 『Sandman’s Life』, which describes the Sandman’s experiences so far, one fact came to light.

    It was, that his favorite food is a well-fertilized soil. I was involuntarily blown away on the spot by the surprisingly useless information.

    However, it is also important to have a booklet with experiences written on it, but the drop items are also important.

    However, Sandman’s drop items, were worse than the 『Sandman’s Life』.

    There were no rare drop items, only gold and one item were dropped.

    The dropped item is ————


    “Magic sand” ……It has the effect of blocking magic power and magic. However, it has no effect at all in its sand state, and it produces a great effect only when it is heated and made into glass. However, it cannot prevent attack magic.


    It’s difficult to handle! In what kind of situation will I use it in the first place!? This! (TN: It’s a useful thing that can be use later, keep it)

    …… Well, I wonder if it has any meaning. Let’s think that it has. Otherwise, I’m not keeping it!

    Although its level is uselessly high, I am disappointed with its shabby items. My status, should have high luck, right ……


    “Well, leaving that aside. We’re now able move forward, so let’s move on anyway.”

    “That’s right!”


    Switching my feelings, me and Saria started walking again.

    On the way, other than the battle with that Sandman, as we proceed without a single fight, we arrived at a certain room.

    There is no way ahead aside from that room, a complete dead end.

    In the center of such a room, there was a black treasure box that gives off a wicked atmosphere for some reason. The treasure box engraved with eerie patterns. Even though it was a treasure box, I wonder why I don’t want to open it. I think its appearance is important after all.


    “Seiichi, is there something there?”

    “I guess. Let’s ignore it.”

    “Ignore it!?”


    Because I don’t like it mon. Opening that treasure box. It’s kind of black, and if you look closely, a strange black smoke is leaking from its inside …… I mean, what’s inside it? It’s scary.

    I ignore the treasure box that smells dangerous, and try to go back to the way we’ve come and find a new way, but ……

    Kata …… Kata Kata Kata Kata.




    Suddenly, the evil-looking treasure box in front began to move. What’s dat, scary.


    “Somehow, it’s moving.”

    “Tha,thathatthathat’s right!”


    Why does Sarria look okay!? I’m super afraid!?

    In the first place, I’m totally not good to horror …… What was that, treasure box starts moving in the labyrinth you said. If I can hear a voice from the treasure box with this————


    “…… Ooooooooooooohh ……”

    “Gyaaaaaaaaaa! It talkedddddddddddddd!?”


    I’m scared, stupid! The one called slime, and called Sandman…… Where are you speaking from even though you don’t have mouths!?


    “…… spirit ……”

    “Ah, I see, with your spirit. ………………Eh?”


    Just now, I don’t know who answered to me.

    It’s definitely not Saria’s voice, and Altria-san is not here either.

    Then I just now, who am I talking to ……?

    I can’t stop sweating. At the end of my line of sight, there is only the terrifying treasure box.



    “Seiichi, it’s amazing! That box can talk, you know!”


    As I thouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuught!

    I, had a conversation with the treasure box!? It didn’t even feel uncomfortable!? …… Ah, it’s like Saria talking in her gorilla state. ……or not.

    Anyway, it seems that I had a conversation with this wicked treasure box in front of me. Did I, become so strong, that I could finally communicate with monsters? I want to believe it’s different!

    But if it’s not, I wonder if there was a person who can talk with that treasure box. When I think about that, the treasure box in front of me starts to move violently again.

    Gata! Gatagatagatagatagatagatagata!

    No, is it fine to be among with this guy!? I’m shaking so much that I can’t help but be anxious in seeing this one!?

    The fear I had at the beginning disappeared before I knew it, and I was worried about the treasure box in front of me. And when I thought that the treasure box was shaking violently for a while, it suddenly stopped moving.


    “Wha,what the?”

    “What’s happening?”


    It unfolds too rapidly, that both of us can only twist our necks.

    And then————

    Nyoki. Nyokinyokinyoki.

    From the treasure chest in front of me, human hands and feet grew.





    I made a stupid voice unintentionally.


    Nonononono! Isn’t that weird!? It’s disgusting!?

    The treasure box arms grew from the side of it, and everything from the base of the human foot grew from its bottom!? I don’t understand!?

    The treasure box stands up normally while I was extremely confused, and it started walking.


    “Somehow, it’s cute!”

    “It’s not cute at all!”


    Saria-san, what do you mean by a treasure chest with human limbs looking cute!? It only looks like a character who I don’t really know if it’s in horror or comedy! It’s scary, but it’s surreal!

    Including the Sandman…… Are surreal guys in fashion!?


    “…… Poh ……”

    “No, don’t tell me you got embarrassed too!?”


    The treasure box got embarrassed of Saria’s words, dyeing its black box red.

    It is a creature that is too mysterious …… isn’t it? Anyway, since it was an existence that I don’t understand well, I tried to activate the skill 『Advanced Appraisal』 on it.


    『Treasure Box Lv: 900』

    “It’s absurdly strongggggggggggggggggggggg!”


    Level 900!? It’s my first shock since Zeanos!? And it’s a treasure box!?

    The treasure box in front of me, which had a good appearance and a good level, spun words without a mouth, like at the time it first talked.


    “…… Die ……”



    That’s terrible!? We’ve just met!? First of all, why should I be told to die when I haven’t even touched the treasure box!?


    “…… I, treasure box …… to be opened, you want to……”

    “I’m sorry!”


    That’s right! Even though it’s a treasure box, it’s hard to ignore!


    “……So, I’ll kill you ……”

    “As I said, isn’t that too extreme!?”


    “I’m being ignored by a treasure boxxxxxxxx!”


    The treasure box that ignores my pounding, such as my words, rushes here without worrying about me.

    It was a beautiful athlete run like the Sandman. Yeah, is this labyrinth being trained like track and field athletes?


    “A,anyway! It was my bad in ignoring! I can hear you, and let’s talk about it!”

    “…… Conversation, useless ……”

    “You have no ears to listennnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

    “…… Ear, not from the beginning ……”

    “Then why are you talking even though you have no mouth!? In the first place, you can’t even hear my words!”


    “You ignore me when it’s inconvenient!?”

    “…… Die ……”

    “Let’s play word catch!?”


    It’s too one-sided to the treasure box. I greatly hate this treasure box. Even now, the treasure box doesn’t stop rushing.


    “…… Let’s have a conversation, and calm down once!”


    The Sandman couldn’t talk, but this treasure box can understand the language of human, and can have conversations.

    Then, it would be best if this could be solved peacefully without having to defeat it unnecessarily.

    I who thought so, in order not to repeat the same mistake I did to the Sandman, decided to cast the magic that consumes the least amount of magic power among the water attribute magic.


    “Stop! 【Aqua Bullet】!”


    I hold my right palm towards Treasure box. Then, like the 【Water Laser】 that I shot at the Sandman, a small compressed water ball appeared in the center of my palm, and flew toward Treasure box.


    It was for a moment.

    The 【Aqua Bullet】 that I released, pierced the body of the treasure box at a tremendous speed.



    “……Mor …… tified ……”


    As it is, the treasure box becomes particles of light and disappears.

    The silence dominates the whole area. Meanwhile, Saria, who had been watching the series of exchanges for a while, after a short pause, opened her mouth.




    “It’s gone, is it.”



    I screamed unintentionally.

    And then————


    『You have leveled up』


    The inorganic voice which couldn’t read the air, sounded in my head.


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